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  1. mike in toronto on

    1-1 is probably fair, given the play …. we’ve had more of the ball, but lack any sort of cutting edge up front … Hearts saw less of the ball, but seem to do a bit more when they have it.

  2. Just before their goal I said we can’t switch off as we usually do when that board goes up and that’s exactly what we did from allowing the cross to go in to the poor defending by lustig

  3. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    About fair on the balance of play



    Gordon keeping us in it with two good saves before a well taken Bitton goal put us ahead



    Unfortunately another defensive lapse …our defenders( with the exception of Teirney ) seem to be taking turns at cocking it up

  4. Enjoyed the first half, Celtic unlucky to have lost two players already but a decent game of football.



    We’ll have to up the tempo in the second half again like we did in the first 20mins..




  5. How the f***k was that a good goal??? It’s was disgraceful defending from someone who has been crap for over a year

  6. Captain Beefheart on

    GMS, Blackett, Cifci, Cole etc.



    Dud after dud. Tough times ahead. We will win the league but Europe will probably be another freakshow. We need some excitement.



    Whoever is responsible for the striking shambles should be dumped.

  7. Terrible defending by Lustig for the goal. First fifteen minutes we looked like we would run riot. Haven’t kicked a ball since then, goal apart. Boyata’s hamstring leaves Efe as first choice centre back for at least six weeks. Already hesitant in the ta Jule and in the air.



    Need to step up the pace in the second half or we will lose this.

  8. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Started well then fell out the game,injuries didn’t


    help scored a fine goal and tried to nurse our lead


    to ht,Lustig needs a rocket up his erse, unforgivable


    for a senior pro.

  9. the glorious balance sheet on

    Being level at half time isn’t the worst position especially considering the disruption caused by the two enforced substitutions



    Ciftci needs to up his game though. Caught on his heels when Forrest – despite being hacked at – got to the bye line and cut the ball back.



    If ciftci is more proactive he gets there and makes it 2-0. Instead a hammer thrower hoofs it away, hertz go straight up the park and it’s 1-1



    We can still win this though. Get Forrest switched to the right hand side and I think he will have that oshinowa on toast

  10. 1:1 is an ok outcome for that half.



    We had 10 minutes of inventive slick passing then we went into our shell. We had two enforced substitutions as Hearts started to dominate the middle part of the half. Craig made 2 very good saves for us. Then we got a goal against the run of play only to give it back straight away. Nicholson was lucky to score as Lustig got there first but Mikel was slow to react and should have been in position to clear easily rather than stretch for the ball.



    We need more to join in and help Rogic and McGregor who have, at least, tried to be lively.

  11. Hopefully Forrest steps up, perfect time to earn a new contract. The guy appears to lack any heart or fight, hopefully he rams that down my throat and wins this for us :O)

  12. Disappointing to lose the goal. Get in their face second half, get a goal, 2-1. So simple when I put it down.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Oh well at least Lustig will be happy.



    He has been concerned for the well being of Hearts players throughout the first half.



    We need a right back not a doctor.

  14. Celtic opened up very well but failed to score mainly due to the lack of a striker.



    When Hearts survived the opening, they gained confidence and we dropped tempo, and lost two players


    to injury, and Hearts physical



    Then we score on the break, only for Lustig to get caught at the back post, after some McLean leniency.



    More goals to come, the mineshafters sharpening their keyboards don’t know whether to cheer


    or boo.

  15. Forrest not making much of an impact yet. He is not a youngster anymore and should be looking to impose himself but always ends in literally pulling him socks up. Besides he should be on right wing, another round peg in square hole tactical move from the manager.

  16. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Cambhoy …. Calm doon, bhoy

  17. A wee bit unfair on Lustig – watch the slow-mo replay.



    Lustig got his foot to the cross-ball and deflected it on to Hearts player.



    Tight game – there to be won!


    Several of the guys in the hoops have been MIA first half.



    Sorry to say it but I’d be encouraged if I was playing some of this lot.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    The two sides of the current Celtic team shown in that first half. Some quick, slick passing , bossing the game for the first 10 minutes.


    Then Hearts start to come into the game and you can sense the nervousness creeping into our defence.


    We need JF to make an impression second half. Not sure where the goals will come from though. I’ll be surprised and relieved if we take 3 points here.


    Successful football teams who score first are successful because they then are very difficult to break down (see Mourinho at Chelsea and Inter, the 70s Leeds, Arsenal under Graham). Alternatively, they go for the jugular after the first goal and try to bury opposition- Barcelona, Dortmund, some Real Madrid sides, Liverpool in the 80s, Man U in 90s, O’Neill’s Celtic). Occasionally, teams come along who can do both- AC Milan in the late 80s/90s, the Lions.



    We have neither the ability to defend nor the killer instinct up front. Without at least one such strength, we are going nowhere

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