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  1. tomtheleedstim on



    Been lurking but had to pop in to say how sorry I am to hear of your news.


    I hope you find strength from your loved ones to meet the challenges ahead.








    good to see you back on.still recovering from bike ride.was it you who fell in canal???

  3. theglasgowcelticway on

    Watched the game with guys from work in a pub. The day had been organised weeks ago and I said I’d go as long as we weren’t playing at home. Two zombies were in the company,managed to be late and miss the game surprisingly enough. Sitting talking to them and their expectations are through the roof. It was utterly hunbelievable.

  4. Guy dreich here in darkest Lanarkshire this morning. Got to be at it early today, gym then family duties followed by a chance to watch my niece play football locally. She is a very good wee player and today will be the first time I have had to watch this season, under 12’s I think she plays.


    Then home to get on with some cooking.. Galician Cod Bake, Calamari, patatas bravas, Serrano ham , chorizo and bean stew. Can taste it already, better get some graft in at the gym.


    Here we go…

  5. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Good Morning Timland.



    EDB……..to my knowledge I’ve never met you or


    had a chat on here with you that doesn’t matter,


    you and your’s will be in my prayer’s.

  6. the long wait is over on




    So sorry to hear your horrible news.



    Just hope the warmth of feeling from your fellow CQNers provides some strength and comfort to you and yours.

  7. Good morning and fáilte go Lá Bealtaine, one of the most important dates in the Gaelic calendar.


    Although no longer a regular contribitor I want to congratulate our precious club on achieving 5 in a row.


    I have lost a lot of passion for football since it became a product and we became customers. Nonetheless, the heart strings still flutter when the green and white take to the field.


    So much so, that I jumped on the web and got three flights for my comrades and I leaving our capital city at 7am next Sunday morning for Glasgow. It means leaving The Home of Hurling at 3am and getting back Tuesday morning at 2,30am but sure feck it, lets party like its 1998.


    In the meantime there is a National Hurling League final to win today. C’mon the Banner and C’mon the Hoops !

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    EDB. Sorry to hear your news my thoughts and prayers are with you fella. H.H.





    So sorry to read yer news pal.


    That is just, well….tragic!


    Thoughts & Prayers for you


    and yer two lassies. So, so sad.


    You’ll Never walk Alone.





    I hope the hoops provided some


    comfort for yer young cousin.


    Thoughts & Prayers for all who


    are close, so sad.


    You’ll Never Walk Alone.









    Cowiebhoy, posted a powerful piece


    last night(I’m trying to find it)……..

  12. Jobo Baldie on

    Good morning friends from a wet and windy East Kilbride. The first of May was surely meant to be a bit better than this?

  13. thetimreaper on

    El Diego boy



    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  14. ELDIEGOBHOY – EMERALDBEE….hope this helps.





    COWIEBHOY on 30TH APRIL 2016 11:21 PM


    Just catching up


    Eldiegobhoy, very sorry to hear your news,


    Please take strength from the knowledge many will keep you in thoughts and prayers to see this through


    I personally do not know you, but will pra for your recovery at Sacred Heart Cowie tomorrow


    if you don’t mind here is a wee prayer to St Peregrine, the patron saint of cancers sufferers


    Dear St Peregrine, you spread good news by your word, and by your life witnessed to its truth. In union with Jesus crucified you endured suffering so patiently, as to be healed miracoulsy of cancer in the leg. If it is God’s will, obtain relief and healing for ” Eldiegobhoy” and keep us all from the dread cancer of sin. Amen


    And I always pray to St Jude in May for other reasons, so


    Dear St Jude, you taught us to love the faith handed to us. Life is very difficult for us because of “Eldiegobhoy”. Help us in our need and ask God to deliver us from this evil. Amen








    Absolute respect fella.


    Magnificent, just Magnificent!


    You’ll Never Walk Alone….in the Jungle.







    God Bless you fella


    and all who are close.


    You’ll Never Walk Alone….in the Jungle.

  16. thetimreaper on

    Brown put his 5 finger hand into the camera yesterday. In 5 years time, we can dream of seeing Keiran with both hands raised when we clinch the 10.

  17. Well done to the Celtic yesterday and


    always the bhoys & ghirls of the match…imho


    the amazing Celtic away support.



  18. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Kevj……..did you notice young KT at FT yesterday,


    nae somersaults,the bhoy was too naggered after


    giving his all during the game, I’ve got serious high


    hope’s for the young Celt.

  19. thetimreaper on




    Are you still for giving the keys to McGhee??



    Personally, I’d rather see him get lost in the jungle.





    Hail hail fella, hope you and yours are well.


    No, I didny see any of the game just the goals


    on the news before I went to work.


    KT, looks a guid yin.


    Ye see, there are a ‘lot’ of guid players at the Celtic


    right now, at the club, out on loan, youngsters ready


    to break through….it looks guid….imho.



  21. Morning all, how’s the heids?


    I had the pleasure of meeting Tony d and his compatriots Masty and marakkesh yesterday, as is the norm anytime I meet a cqner I’m never let down…Tims through and through.



    Deliberating here, carry on celebrating or be sensible, off work tomorrow ….mmm….☘☘☘☘☘

  22. EDB





    God bless you both and your families.


    I will pray for for you both and for your families today at mass.






  23. THETIMREAPER on 1ST MAY 2016 8:57 AM






    I’m not sure what happened yesterday with Big McGhee ?


    Did Motherwell get mibberied ?


    Did Big McGhee get mibberied and sent to the stand so that,


    he couldny work his usual magic ? :)


    Two years ago, I said give the keys of the Celtic dug out to,


    either of three names who I think could work some magic


    at the club


    1. John Collins


    2. Roy Keane


    3. Big Mark McGhee.


    Who knows what will happen next ?


    Did Ronny tick the final box of his,……


    Confidentiality-Clause-PLC-Agreement yesterday when,


    he said that John Collins should get the keys of the dug out ?


    Ye see, the names that I have mentioned above come with ‘one’


    guarantee….folk in the dressing room who don’t like it up them,


    would be getting exactly that….imho.



  24. Hamiltontim on




    We’re both incredibly sad to hear your awful news. If there’s anything we can do please, please just ask.

  25. Andrew Marr Show On BBC1 Will Be Worth Watching…



    Diane Abbott To Debate Israel Ambassador ,Mark Regev…



    Over Accusations Of ”Anti-Semitism” Within The Labour Party…



    ( Mark Regev Was Previously The Shameless Official Spokesman For The “Israeli Self-Defense Force’..)




    Then Lenny Henry Inflicts His New Blues Combo On Us…



    Singin’ Aboot The Wonders O’ Premier Inn Beds




    Ruby! Ruby! Ruby!….We Predict A Riot !





  26. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Away tae board up the widae’s and take the


    wummin folk tae safe ground….it’s the thing’s


    you’ve got tae dae when the hun come goose


    stepping into yer home town.



    Will check in laters ………..hopefully!!!

  27. Hoopy Birthday



    LondonBhoy 88



    Daniel Fergus McGrain




  28. The Donald Ar La




    Andrew Marr is oan the noo!!!


    Oan the big screen in the middle of the Jungle


    where awe the flags of the smashers of hunlike


    cliques will ALWAYS fly high and proud on the


    Ole Jungle Roof.







    Came out of vigil mass at St John Bosco last night afore work


    and, the orange walk were waiting at the top of the street in silence.


    When they caught sight of the parishioners…the tunes began to poison


    the air….they’re evil.

  30. —–



    Nye Bevan..



    Hearts Were “Skewered” Yesterday Like An M&S Chicken Kebab….?



    Hmmm….Very Tasty !








  31. EDB



    Just woke up to all the messages of prayer for you Jim. Took a wee scroll back…



    What can I say buddy. We met a couple of times and shared a beer, once with one of your beautiful daughters in your company, I believe she was training to be a DBBIA ( well a doc, there’s only one DBBIA :).



    So sorry to hear your sad news Jim. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and you.



    You are one of CQN’s happy clappers in the main and we do not always agree on all things Celtic.



    Your news brings perspective (once again) to life, football and Celtic. This thing we debate, argue, get upset about and celebrate every joyful moment together over. It is in the end just a game – an expensive one laced with cheating, over paid premadonas, less than adequate PLC members and a CEO I believe is less than capable, but alas it’s just a game. It’s not really all that shit that matters is it? The crap, the execs, the players. Celtic is us, those who have supported before us and those who will come after us – CELTIC that is what it is.



    It pisses me off that I lose sight of that, how lucky we are to be Celtic supporters, and that it takes your shitty crap kind of news to bring that perspective back.



    There are so many other personal levels your news kicks perspective into also. I’m sure for us all on some level.



    Anyway buddy I am rambling. God bless you and your family (still not sure if he exists either but I’m trying :).




  32. MOONBEAMSWD on 1ST MAY 2016 9:25 AM




    You say that Celtic is us.


    So, why is Celtic locked out of it’s own club ?


    Fergus, structured the club along PLC lines so


    that, it would keep the fans out – take they’re money


    but, keep them out!


    That has to change before incidental football manager


    appointments – surely ?


    Btw, sorry for interfering in yer tribute to ELDIEGOBHOY


    that was not the intention.



  33. ——



    bournesouprecipe on 1st May 2016 9:23 am




    Lenny Henry has been trying his whole life to be a comedian and he finally managed it when he started singing the blues.






    Mickey Most & Tony Hatch Hiv Much Tae Answer For…



    Especially ‘Gazebo Gal’ Hatch…



    He Inflicts Lennie & The Crossroads Theme Oan Us…



    Then Skee-Daddles Doon Tae Oz…



    Tae Inflict The Neighbours Theme Tune Oan Skippy An’ Sir Les Patterson..



    Oh The Humanity..!




  34. tomtheleedstim on

    Favourite Uncle.


    Cheers pal.


    It was the brother in law who took a swim. Broke his finger and had to have his wedding ring cut off. Some weekend in Belfast though and for a great cause.


    I haven’t been on a bike since.