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  1. the long wait is over on

    Ckr putting in A shift



    Probably the strongest cf we’ve had since Hartson.

  2. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    The Tim Reaper



    Going forward, Calum is an excellent player







  3. the long wait is over on

    Apart from all of his obvious attributes wee Tierneys positional sense is terrific

  4. McGregor having major influence on game


    He is a good pass and mover


    Just needs better positional sense

  5. Our U17s throw-ins are fine, quick and accurate; our 1st team throw-ins are s-h-1-t and have been for yonks.



    But, who cares! One up on diet huns and heading for the Championship again.