Hearts v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.

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  1. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Forster ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Matthews ::::::::: Rogne :::::::: Wilson :::::::::: Mulgrew



    Forrest :::::::::::: Brown :::::::: Wanyama :::::::: Ledley



    :::::::::::::::::::: Hooper :::::::: Samaras :::::::::::::::::



    Subs: Zaluska, Brozek, Cha, Majstorovic, Ki, Commons & Stokes

  2. I am Neil Lennon... Larrybhoy on

    Estadio Nacional says:


    8 February, 2012 at 18:40



    Might well have been posted before but well worth watching again :-)



    Made me think about the story that there might be some infiltrators in the Celtic crowd tonight – singing that song might just weed them out !






    Happy As

  3. Clyde don’t like people talking about Rankers history of hatred — It’s a football prog – caller cut off – Bankers all

  4. I’ve had to give up my Hearts ticket tonight because of circumstances.



    Means I have a rare night in with CQN comments tonight



    I can’t feel fully confident in Neil’s team selection for tonight until I’ve heard Kojo rubbishing it before having his erse handed to him.



    C’mon Kojo, you only have 25 mins to have a go at Neil.

  5. Feeling confident- but after watching Gollum at the weekend I’m more worried about mibbery than anything else. I hope the bhoys can play well enough as to take his incompetence/corruption out of the equation.

  6. Paddy Gallagher on

    Very confident tonight, I feel we can win easily as they are going backwards and we are cruising. A strong Celtic team against a weakened Hearts team. I plan to relax and enjoy watching this very special team that Neil is building.


    Have a bet on Celtic winning -1 goal, long as they win I will be a very happy bhoy.

  7. tommytwiststommyturns on

    SOAL – cheers mate, appreciate that. An unopened bottle of Old Pulteney I got for Christmas is whispering sweet nothings to me from a cupboard in the itchen! Enjoy the game.



    jimtim – all well and good mate. Hope you are keeping busy now that us taxpayers are supporting you! ;-)



    SFTB – please God we don’t have to put up with your insufferable negativity tonight….!






  8. CELTIC (4-4-2): Forster; Matthews, Rogne, K. Wilson, Mulgrew; Forrest, Brown, Wanyama, Ledley; Hooper, Samaras


    Subs: Zaluska, Majstorovic, Cha, Ki, Commons, Stokes, Brozek




  9. sftb,



    Kojo said earlier he would not be posting during the game. He was watching the game with friends.



    His target earlier tonight was captain Broonie.




  10. tommytwiststommyturns on




    Any kind of 3 points tonight and no serious injuries please Celtic.




  11. Ten Men Won The League on

    It will be a tight one tonight. Collum will be Hearts biggest threat along with Driver. We have a very strong bench to change it if it’s not working



    Keep our discipline and we will win this



    1-0 Celtic



    Mon the Hoops

  12. Oglach 19.19


    Just heard that as well.Why do Celtic fans phone in,though I am as bad to listen.Not anymore,unless the skint mob go under.Slan

  13. Lubo



    Thanks for that.



    Knowing Kojo has had a go at Broonie has filled me up with confidence for a win tonight.



    2-0 to the good guys







    Negativity from me????



    No Nay Never


    No Nay Never No More

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