Hearts v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.

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  1. Even though we are 4 up away to the purple hun i can’t relax because collum is on the pitch.

  2. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    Starry Plough.. 21,07



    Thanks.. Mrs AB makes me pass a fitness test before every match now.. After the 2-2 at Ibrokes last year I ended up in the intensive care unit so passionate was my cheering of every hoops move..



    I learned my lesson..



    Just sing every second song!! Ha..



    Loving this tonight..


    Our goal difference is now 3 better than “the bankrupts”, with 5 more goals scored.



    That’s so far…..

  4. Dickie Davies Eyes on

    They just said our biggest ever win at swinecastle was 5-0 in our first league game.




  5. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!



    Give ’em hell Bhoys!




  6. see those advertising hoardings for the hearts lotto. is that for the players to see which one gets paid

  7. When the 4th goal went in I instinctively thought, “brilliant, this helps the goal difference”.



    Then I remembered, we’re probably going to win this league by at least 10 points. It doesn’t matter.



    Then I remembered the huns probably won’t survive ’til the season’s end. It doesn’t matter.



    Hang on. It ALWAYS matters. This is payback time to the scumbos. I want 5.



    We have been brilliantly clinical tonight. Hugely enjoyable.

  8. Sorry Kojo



    Brown has been outstanding all night long



    terrific performance