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  1. Full Moon… lol!




    @ GlasgowRoad 6m


    If you see a 52 seater bus heading in


    the wrong direction its us


    @NeilMochanCSC convenor has lifted


    the Spartak tickets instead of tonight’s

  2. @ alextomo


    Rangers e-petition 27000 people pleading to parliament to support evasive tax-avoiders. Beyond comedy.

  3. Tonight’s Starting XI: Forster, Lustig,


    Ambrose, Wilson, Mulgrew,


    Commons, Kayal, Wanyama, Ledley,


    Lassad, Hooper.



    Front line to score at least two each.

  4. macanbheatha



    Delighted for you, I love to hear of the bookies getting a spanking.



    Aye, all could be draws, I would add St Johnstone and Everton as well, in fact I have :>)



    Enjoy the game, even better when it’s paid for.











    I did, you have mail, check your junk box as well

  5. Looking for a Positive showing tonight. Got some gubs to shut after Saturday. C’mon the Hoops. Paul67 a very sobering and realist article yesterday which put a lot of thing into perspective for me. Young Team still finding it feet. Not a glory hunter i just expect more effort from MY hero’s is all. Onwards and Upward. 3-1 to the Good Ghuys tonight in a Chilly Castle




  6. Any win tonight with no injuries will do me



    Collum will allow Hearts to kick us black + blue tonight. In spite of his inevitable cheating, lets try and keep the head out there and keep 11 men on the pitch at FT



    1-0 to the Bhoys

  7. Not surprised in the changes with Matthews and Samaras dropping out after Saturday.



    No concerns about Celtic defensively and it’s Lassad and Hooper this time, to try and make a partnership from passes that aren’t being created?



    However, we play better away from Celtic park and I expect Celtic to win because hopefully we will not playing against ten men behind the ball with five opponents in midfield.



    Hearts 0 Celtic 4

  8. Who is this mob now?















    G51 2XD


    Company No. SC437060

  9. TET


    Go raibh maith agat


    He has St Johnstone X in another wee bet, so gerat minds and all that



  10. Just walked into the house and a big fancy magazine – Wow, how do I now concentrate on watching the game.

  11. Very young inexperienced Hertz team ….



    No excuses tonight …need a decent performance to set us up for next week

  12. I think we might just see Big Efe flip-flopping all over Tynecastle tonight, just to add more gloom and doom to their miserable Edinburgh, salt n sauce soaked, coupons!



    There’s no love in their hertz.

  13. Neil Canalamar



    See telt ye! it’s the 12 man kinda thing we need, mon Celtic, mon the GB


    0-3 good ghuys






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