Hearts v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:45.

CQteN St Patrick’s Dinner on Friday 14 March at the Kerrydale Suite will be showing the Kilmarnock-Celtic game on big screens and TVs during the meal. Dancing, singing and merriment after the full time whistle.

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  1. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on




    Standing at Glasgow airport waiting on my bags … put my phone on and a 3rd so happy with that



    Lilys Grandpa



    You share the same initials a Leigh Griffiths so he will definitely score in edinburgh today. . On the park I mean ;)

  2. I am have just found out I will be in Aberdeen on Tuesday night and we are playing Aberdeen. Any one know of a spare ticket please.


    HH off out to watch the game enjoy it everyone

  3. Biton was superb last week on Celtic Park’s large surface. How will his angular frame cope with a stuffy Tynecastle pitch and onrushing midfielders?

  4. timgreen





    Matthews Ambrose Van Dijk Mulgrew


    Brown Biton Johansen




    Griffiths Stokes

  5. TBJ Praying for Oscar Knox on











    Unless I manage to get a Cheap flight back to goa as I’m using up my last weeks holiday then

  6. 50 shades of green supports wee oscar and his family.h.h.wee mhan on

    Come on you bhoys with Fraser in the team.



    Strong team out today.



    Hope they just go for the hertz throat from the off rather than trying 2 hold out for 32 mins .



    Anyway 5 nil to the champions .



    Griff hat trick just to rub it into the mini zombies .

  7. corkcelt- SUPPORTING THE DAM 5 on

    Timing may not have been spot on but BRTH made an absolutely outstanding post on last thread which given the proximity of the match may not get the attention it deserves. I sincerely hope its re-posted later tonight as it deserves to be read by all on here.

  8. The Battered Bunnet on

    One of the earliest ‘Bunnet’ awards went to the Anchor Inn in the Lincolnshire town of Bourne for it’s paysanne style soup, the original recipe for which was included in Escoffier’s great culinary Repertoire.

  9. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    From the last thread —



    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma


    12:12 on


    22 February, 2014


    Good Morning.



    It will come as no surprise to many of you that I have the occasional chat with Auldheid.



    At a fairly recent meeting, poor old Morrisey 23rd expressed his — well hatred is the wrong word as is confusion but the correct word lies somewhere between the two — because Hugh is forced to sit and listen and occasionally he gets a word in edgeways while Pat and I gab at a furious rate of knots.



    Anyway, I read Auldheid’s post at 02:39 and then the minutes from the meeting with the board, fans reps, supporters clubs and so on.



    I have also read the comments up till now.



    I have no doubt that the board of Celtic PLC do their earnest best to protect and further what they see as the aims and fabric of Celtic Football Club. However, they perform that function in exactly the order i have written them — protect and further —- as opposed to further and protect.



    If you look at many of the most successful and proactive companies in the world, you will see that one of the reasons that those companies are so progressive is because of…… YOUTH!



    The entire internet revolution is inspired by youth and new technology which changes the boundaries within which “traditional” businesses do business.



    Equally, many of those same businesses are referred to collectively as part of SOCIAL media, or the electronic ENTERTAINMENT business.



    Now, here are three bold words which require a business to run them.






    Again I ask which of those three words is most important?



    The answer, for me at least, is CLUB.



    There is a club, which plays football, and it is called Celtic.



    Without the notion of CLUB, there is no business for any PLC to run, invest in, buy or sell assets for, create income for and so on.



    CLUB — is all important in this business and the word CLUB has no significant social or even commercial value if it does not mean PEOPLE or MEMBERS.



    The Board of Celtic Football Club can build and develop all around the Celtic triangle till the cows come home– but unless what and how they build it is attractive to the “club” then all they are building is a white elephant!



    Buildings — Hotels, pubs, cinemas, museums, etc — all cost money and immediately mean overheads — maintenance, security, rates, electricity, gas, insurance and so on. They also need staffed and stocked. The only way you make money from any such buildings are if they are rented out and even then the tenant will only pay the rent if they are making money from the people who go there to spend on meals, tickets, rooms or what have you. If they don’t spend the building will eventually sit empty— costing someone money!



    So–Why would people go there — to this new Shangri La Celtic triangle?



    Well you go to a cinema to see a good movie, to a restaurant for a nice meal, to the pub because it is a good pub or because it is in a good location or handy for an attraction — although that then means the success of your pub is fatally linked to how popular the attraction is.



    The point here is that balance sheets, the value of bricks and mortar, and all the other headings you get in a standard set of business accounts does not tell you the story of a football club and certainly not THIS football club– which to a very large extent is about people.



    Accountants, lawyers and business types have standard practices which they follow when they go about their daily business of protecting and furthering any business.



    Entrepreneurs and Creatives have a completely different mindset — they are much more concerned about the result — the asthetic, the social response, the wow factor, the feelgood experiences flowing from both themselves and the customer — than they are about the balance sheet.



    The same goes for the philanthropist, the charity worker and dare I say it the saint.



    Balance sheets are not their concern — though they cannot be ignored completely for obvious reasons.



    It is when you marry these two mindsets successfully that you get a business and a social phenomenon.



    Celtic Football Club has a database of some 700,000 people. That is a far more significant statistic than any number of shareholders or season ticket holders.



    700,000 people paying £1/week to the club for something gives you an annual income of £36,400,000. That is turnover that is different to season ticket sales or existing merchandise revenue or advertising — though I admit these would be affected by proper “club” income — possibly for the better.



    What kind of club would you want to join for £1 per week?



    What could a club give you for £1 per week.



    No one would expect to get a season ticket for £1 per week, nor I suspect a TV subscription.



    Would you be happy with a strip?



    Or an annual meal for two at Celtic Park?



    How about a quarterly magazine?



    Or just about any other physical thing you can think of?



    Or how about just being treated as a member of the club??



    A member? Now what does a member look like, or sound like?



    Well in this day and age membership does not need to be physical, local, or even commercial.



    It can be virtual, international, charitable and most of all social.



    The minutes from the meeting seem very defensive, very formal, very rigid — yet when I have attended meetings at Celtic park about anything the actual people do not come across that way– so why are the minutes and perhaps the actions of the board that way?



    Take a look at the “Motherwell” issue.



    Damage to seats at any ground should never be tolerated. If a spectator damages a seat then they should pay for the damage unless there was something wrong with the seat. Deliberate damage to another’s property should result in a ban. If someone rents a holiday house then they are responsible for breakages — so it should be with a seat in a football ground.



    Yet, an examination of the minutes reveals that so many people were suspended for some reason, and then reinstated because the Police did not charge them! So — why were they they suspended in the first place, what would have happened had they been charged, tried and acquitted, and where in that whole sequence of events did the idea of those people being “members” of the club kick in — if at all?



    The whole thing looks as if it has been mishandled and that the club were afraid of reaction from the police and so jettisoned the interests of the club members to make sure there was no adverse reaction from the police.



    Is that a fair interpretation of events?



    I spent years dealing with the Police acting in a licensing and administrative capacity and there is a way to deal with such a body — politely, cordially, resourcefully, firmly and at all times maintaining a good relationship with them whilst at the same time occasionally challenging their views and actions and sometimes simply refusing to go down a certain line or following their requests.



    On those occasions, you argue the law knowing full well that Police Scotland are just as subject to the rule of law as you are.



    The business of the board is absolutely people dependent — and to engage with people in the 21st century still means meeting them, understanding them, talking to them ( not at them — though there is always a place for talking at an audience ) and listening to them — two ears and one mouth are not accidental proportions!



    Auldheid asks about TV rights.



    By 2017 there will be 1.7Billion broadcasters in the world — all broadcasting on the internet. These will range from large traditional broadcasters, through business of every size, down to kids broadcasting from their bedroom,



    This year, of all internet connected devices sold — 87% will be mobile and 28% of all internet traffic came from Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.



    Of the mobile phone traffic– in 2013 50% was video — the single biggest use of the smartphone is to carry video — not phonecalls, not texts.



    Yet that volume as you can see has plenty of room for improvement and growth, plenty of room for business — think of the branding and advertising opportunities that goes with the clever use of mobile technology?



    Not only that, you are about to see the introduction of mobile hubs — strategically placed units which will identify your phone and send you information (text, video, audio) which you are likely to be interested in —– scores, goals, substitutions as they happen, signings, interviews, articles whatever — the kind of thing you might just pay £1 per week for if you felt like being a member!



    But you won’t want to be a member if the people running the “club” do not engage with you, are not seen to engage with you, are not perceived as being on your side, or one of you, are not approachable and are not part of the club itself but are more like wardens or lifeguards who will blow their whistle and wave a finger if you make too much of a splash in the pool.



    The business of Celtic PLC is in Celtic Football Club and its “members” and the modern technology is there to connect to that membership like never before whilst at the same time offering the club fantastic financial opportunities which any Board PLC cannot afford to ignore.



    80% of all the clubs in the English Premier League have nothing like the potential commercial pull that Celtic Football Club has. Spread the net over Europe and the figures get higher still.



    The only thing that holds Celtic back is the regulation of broadcasting AND the collective league agreement that in part specifies that broadcasting rights are to be a league or association concern.



    The internet, in many respects, does away with that situation in reality, because Celtic can broadcast their club — their membership, the merchandise, their games, their hospitality, the uniqueness, history, romance and all that should be a key asset of the club ( though never mentioned in any set of accounts ) to anyone with a connected device — and they can do that without the consent of anyone at all!



    Yes the club should build the triangle and the hotels and the bars. It should create a destinational museum with all the interaction there is ( The Camp Nou museum has more interactive screens than anything else and utilises all the club’s digital assets ), it should have a huge shop which you have to pass through to get to the ticket outlet and oh so many more things that the “traditional” conservative business person would think to build.






    It should also exploit the digital age for commercial and social purposes with the intention of putting the word “Celtic” on the lips of as many people as possible– grow the brand, expand the market, create an image — all the buzz words—- but in so doing speak to and LISTEN to the club members — the ordinary Joes, the people who have Celtic at their core and in their daily lives and don’t make them feel like outsiders staring in, or people who have to don a shirt and tie just to have a word with one of the “officials” of the Club.



    Don’t ignore the economic effect of the “feelgood factor”, the asthetic, the emotion of those who follow Celtic Football Club — and the only real way to do that — heading up the developed buildings, the use of the net and all that technology, and all the social structure that spreads from pole to pole and can connect you to all those folk who might just pay the £1 per week — is to build up and maintain a bloody good football team who plays great football on the park which takes the breath away and makes you leap out of the seat.



    Do that — and if you have the right business types on the board– and more importantly in your club — and the rest will follow.



    The club is very proud of the fact that it is one of the very few who have been awarded “Investor in People” status.



    That is a great phrase —- but does anyone actually stop and think about what it could mean and what the results would be if you did it properly?







  10. The Battered Bunnet Guide is a series of annual guide books published by the TBB company for more than one hundred years. The term normally refers to the TBB Red Guide, the oldest and best-known European hotel and restaurant reference guide, which awards Bunnets for excellence to a select few establishments. The acquisition or loss of a Bunnet can have dramatic effects on the success of a restaurant. The Battered Bunnet also publishes a series of general guides to countries.

  11. From official site


    Mulgrew returns for Celts


    By: Mark Henderson on 22 Feb, 2014 11:45


    CHARLIE Mulgrew returns to the Celtic side for today’s Scottish Premiership clash away to Hearts as Neil Lennon makes one change from the team that put St Johnstone to the sword last week.



    The Scottish internationalist replaces the injured Emilio Izaguirre in the starting XI as the Hoops am to extend their unbeaten league record this season to 26 games.



    Should Fraser Forster keep the hosts bay for over 31 minutes, then he will surpass Bobby Clark´s long-standing Scottish league shut-out milestone and make history once again.



    Kick-off at Tynecastle is 12.45pm, with live updates on the club’s official Twitter feed: @celticfc



    CELTIC (4-4-2) Forster; Matthews, Ambrose, van Dijk, Mulgrew ; Brown, Biton, Johansen, Commons; Stokes, Griffiths


    Subs: Zaluska, Samaras, Boerrigter, Balde, Pukki, Fisher, Herron

  12. Like the look of the line-up today. Great to see Charlie back, we miss him when he is not in the side. Kris has to get used to playing behind a front 2 again, hopefully he gets back on the score sheet today.

  13. *** IMPORTANT ***



    In order to allow any blogger to come on after the final whistle and say what went wrong, please post any dissatisfaction with the starting line up now please. ;-)



    Me – delighted with the team chosen.




  14. Good morning from a balmy eastern seaboard. Well 25F is a big improvement.


    It’s going to be a nervous first 31 minutes for. FF.

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