Helsinki to heaven


So how many of us checked the fixture schedule a month or so back and thought, “We can win the league on the St Patrick’s Day weekend”?  Then came Motherwell and Ross County, now we will do well to win the league on the same date as Gordon Strachan’s team did in 2006. This seems to exercise Neil Lennon more than me.  I’ll take the win anytime, although where it’s won is far more important.

Having said that, anything other than a victory tomorrow would be a sign of something gone wrong.  Aberdeen have been wretched in recent months and the Celtic players have benefited from a rare free midweek, allowing rest and preparation.  They will also have more than sufficient feedback on last week’s capitulation to ensure muscles are itching to go.

This month’s edition of CQN Magazine has just launched, some have said the best yet!  We take you from Helsinki to heave, these have been special times for Celtic and we know how to enjoy them……….

It’s written by the CQN community, for the CQN community, and is absolutely free to read online (special thanks to those who voluntarily subscribed, the lights have been kept shining as a result).

You can read the Magazine by clicking on the double headed arrow at the bottom right of the graphic below.

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  1. I would like a few good performances, tie the league up ASAP, then we’ve earned the right to play some of our emerging youth and send the main players on early holidays.



    The Scottish Cup can look after itself, we MUST be ready and win the CL Qualifiers.


    I thought I’d let someone who was good with words have another say.



    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~





    11:49 on


    15 March, 2013


    RIP mr Kane


    you were a true gent


    my thoughts are truly with the kane family today


    me and martin are right now saluting you with some vodka


    thanks for letting me be part of your wonderful family


    hail hail





    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~



    Much better than I could ever say…….

  3. sorry if already posted



    phil mac giolla bhain has a new post on mr longmuir



    was looking for a league cup win on sunday for the hoops paul67


    alas it was not meant to be


    never mind my wee baby girl is 3 so plenty of jelly and ice cream


    lime and vanilla ……mmmmm






    great news…..never give up…..with some luck i hope you see 10 iar




  4. Expecting a positive reaction to last week’s defeat and justifiable criticism. Lustig, Izzy & Sammi back, Brown, Matthews & Forrest (again) out, Victor suspended.



    4-1 Celtic

  5. MrZ


    I always pass on your thoughts. .you are noted


    CRC….I wish I could have been there…I asked my dad to be there to represent my family….unfortunately he was also fighting a battle….


    my silver lining has a wee dent in it….bit its still a silver lining….and that is what really matters


    big hat also doffed to VMhan…vinny….cant wait to meet you again…..on my home turf..


    hail hail



  6. Team



















    Yer right,I was watching my Gold Cup horse come a cropper.



    Had a fair old run this week. Mustn’t grumble-nobody’s effin interested,haha!



    Day off for you,or summat?

  8. pogmathonyahun aka laird of the smiles



    15:21 on


    15 March, 2013



    only 1 refresh


    had just sat down and read back ….then read phil mac article


    total luck bud


    normally paul67 posts around noon/1pm


    was way to busy around then



    hail hail




  9. ….PFayr


    15:35 on


    15 March, 2013



    Won’t be far away from that. I would prefer Stokes and Hooper up front given what they have done to Aberdeen in the past, Commons playing just off them as well. Put Charlie in central defence with Kelvin, Rogne is leaving so why bother with him. Would rather see a youngster given a chance ahead of him.





    Reflection is always good.



    Introspection-never good.

  11. Kayal



    I’ve been far fom impressed with Stokes of late …seems to have reverted to the shoot on sight non team player ….after a few decent performances since his return fom injury



    Re other defenders ….young Fraser the CB is injured ….so not much choice in defence …re Ambrose …needs a few weeks off IMO

  12. James Forrest is fast becoming the ‘Darren Anderton’ of the Celtic squad.



    I’m sure Lenny and the boy are as frustrated as the rest of us as to what the root of his injury nightmare is.

  13. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Miki67, I just read your post on the last blog. Good news bruv. Hang in there. We’re all with you.



    Hail Hail

  14. ….PFayr


    15:45 on


    15 March, 2013



    I’d just play Mulgrew beside Wilson, keeps him out of the midfield but still in the team for his dead ball delivery.


    Once the league is won I would like to see the young lad Findlay who played v Norwich at the end of last season, could be the future whereas Rogne will be gone in 3 months.

  15. mr winklepickers


    humbled by your post…(dont remember ever being copy and pasted…)really just want to highlight someone elses plight…


    nothing more and nothing less


    we live, we love, we die….what we do during that defines us


    I hope I have definately nailed my colours to the mast..


    without “us”…”we” are nothing….simples


    hail hail CQN…..again …a realm of decency



  16. Miki67,that’s good news.Been there myself when you look to anything for a lift of the spirits.By the way—Epiphone Caballero,1983,(pre-Gibson),all mahogany “parlour” 3/4 size guitar, damaged late 70’s and a cedar soundboard replacing the old mahogany one and the rest all fixed up by George Loudon.Well played,and it’s going up on Ebay shortly.Any ideas on value?

  17. weet weet weet on

    The wee oscar cyclists (guys)



    the scouse comic John Bishop doing a charity cycle said he was advised to get a sack and crack wax,said the pain wisnae real and that he ended up looking like a giant ten year old.



    fess up guys,any of you do it.



    bless you all




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