Hibernian 1-4 Celtic


Celtic eventually overcame Hibernian at Easter Road in the Scottish Communities League Cup quarter final tonight but not until they endured a fraught first half.  The game was 3 minutes old when Ivan Sproule gave the home team the lead off an unfortunate Daniel Majstorovic.  A Hibs corner was not defended at the edge of the six yard box and had to be cleared off the line by Adam Matthews at the near post but Sproule fired the clearance into the six hard box where is ricocheted off Majstorovic and into the net.

Celtic struggled to get into the game but after 19 minutes Beram Kayal broke free on the right and crossed for Gary Hooper, who missed the ball with his leading foot and saw it bounce off his left knee and behind.

The best two chances of the first half for Celtic came within four minutes.  Ki and Hooper combined before Kayal released Stokes on 23 minutes but the Irishman’s shot skimmed the outside of the post.

In a move that would have a more productive second half facsimile, Stokes was unmarked at a Ki corner but missed the ball with his head and saw his shoulder contact go wide.

On 33 minutes Sproule ran half the field and cut inside Ki of the edge of the area before shooting over.    Minutes later Sproule released Agogo, who dispossessed Celtic midfielders throughout the first half, but Forrest saved at the big striker’s feet.

Five minutes from half time Leigh Griffiths should have doubled Hibs lead when Celtic’s scourge in recent times, the long forward ball, returned to haunt them.  Griffiths ran unattended from his own half but Fraser Forster did his best gable end impersonation to narrow the angle inside his box and block the shot.

Things soon picked up.

James Forrest underlined his Most Valuable Player status to Celtic a minute after the break.  Ki played a forward pass to Hooper on the edge of the area, which was nipped onto Forrest by the Celtic striker.  Forrest cut inside, dropped the shoulder and shot home from 17 yards.

It was a remarkably simple goal but the strength of shot by Forrest was particularly noteworthy.  Being able to shoot from the edge of the area is a crucial part of a wingers play.

Beram Kayal was booked on 48 minutes for being kicked in the face by Ivan Sproule, who also saw a yellow card.

Forrest got his second, and best, goal on 57 minutes.  He collected a throw-in on the wing, beat two Hibs players, played a one-two with Stokes and finished with a well-placed left foot shot.

Celtic then went into overdrive as Hibernian faltered.  Forrest skinned his marker and crossed but Ki slipped inside the box when the ball broke to him.  A minute later Anthony Stokes make a good connection with a Ki corner to head Celtic’s third goal from the six yard line.

Gary Hooper was having an off evening but he timed his run onto an Adam Matthews long ball, controlled and scored to finish off the scoring.  Ivan Sproule received his second yellow card 20 minutes from time for kicking Mark Wilson as he ran through on goal.  On this occasion his victim escaped punishment.
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  1. playfusbal4dguilders on




    The quadruple is on – If you can’t be positive DO NOT PoST






    Hail hail




  2. The Ghood will prevail says:


    26 October, 2011 at 21:34



    vinibhoy – would this be the same pat nevin who went to the scottish parliament to grass on celtic fans for singing reb songs, the same man who hurled a pre-rehearsed rant against us at the cup final even though all that had been sung was the BOTOB and the soldier’s song, the same man who has been SILENT as the huns habitually sing songs of religious and racial hatred?


    NO – this man is NOT WELCOME! He can go to hell for what he’s done to further his media career at my beloved club’s expense.


    There aren’t words I can use on this blog to describe my contempt for that odious reptile, and I’d rather cut my hand off than shake his.


    Wee Gord – the converse of nevin in that he is a man who started out as a hibs fan but now truly adores our club and knows what it stands for – is on question of sport, think I’ll go and watch it.




    Reading back and I endorse evry word you say. What type of Celtic Supporter goes out of his way to announce to the world that he is no longer a Celtic supporter because some supporters were singing Irish Rebel Songs at a game which he attended with his son. They’ve been doing it since I was a boy, Pat. I used to sing the songs myself when I was younger but opt not to do so now because the make up of our support has evolved. I still sing the songs in privacy but not at Celtic Park. I wish the rest of the support would do as I do but I’m not going to go into print in a book or in the press or in the meeja and say that I am no longer a Celtic supporter. Pat, you are a pseud – with a face like a well-skelped arse.



  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    I wasn’t concerned greatly with the goal we lost. It was a fluke insofar as the ball being whacked off target, point blank at Majstorovic and ricocheting into the net. It happens periodically in this game. Saying that, Stokes walked away from Sproule as the corner was taken, allowing Sproule the time to touch and hit. Small things often make the difference.



    It was clear that whatever it was we were doing with our own corners and free kicks, we were presenting Hibs with opportunities to counter attack us, and we were lucky, given the lack of Striking by our Strikers (trade misdescription…) that Hibs didn’t have more to show for their first half than just the one goal.



    Wee Forrest demonstrated in the second half that he gets this Celtic thing, something that one or two others in this squad perhaps don’t. Both Ki and Kayal need to find the missing element to their game in this regard. For each of them, it’s the difference between them being Celtic players or mediocrities.



    Delighted to see Hooper do everything right for his goal. Great curved run across the defenders, beautful control, touch, set, finish. Text book. I hope this drags him out of the malaise that seems to have settled on him of late.



    Forster continues to flap at the wrong time, but he had a couple of very important saves tonight which hopefully will encourage him and the rest of us that there is a sound goalkeeper in there.



    Couldn’t see much wrong with Rogne, and was pleased to see him back in the team and playing to good effect.



    Matthews showed up well too tonight I thought, particularly showing a bit of pace to recover his position when necessary.



    Ledley showed in the second half that he is a central midfielder. He was continually available for his team mates, great positioning, great attitude, especially after an anonymous first half out wide.



    Overall, I was really rather agitated in the first half that these players weren’t interested in each other or the team. There seemed to be too much self on the pitch, and not enough us, something that has been apparent for the last couple of months. Second half repaired some relationships I think. Let’s hope it carries forward into the coming months.

  4. I wonder just how better it will be for the Bhoys when there is a settled team and Neil can pick his best eleven?


    Sure, with a new management team and a fledgling team we’ll have set-backs but there is room for reasonable perspective………..



    The Hunderminers should review their tactics as often as the swap monikers.




  5. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    You only appear to support Celtic when they are winning or playing well.



    You are an imposter and you know you are an imposter.



    The game is not over until the referee blows the final whistle.



    You had chucked it in the sixth minute.



    Celtic need our support more when they are playing badly or losing.



    You don’t seem capable of that.



    Well done Neil and the team for achieving a suberb victory over the ninety minutes.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!

  6. As our jersey-selling, towel-throwing, Weary Willie FANS, ( God, how i hate that word) were berating our Bhoys at half-time I took the opportunity to avail myself of some of the 3.25 ( 9/4) being offered about a Celtic win by those friendly souls on Betfair.


    Thanks to those who contributed.


    God Bless Lennie’s Lions.

  7. West Wales Celt on



    I was indeed a Lenny fan when he played.


    I, sadly, could not play for toffee but nice of you to see talent where there was none…

  8. I think Sproule has been sent off in the last 2 games against us.



    He certainly stamped on Kayal tonight for the first yellow.



    An old Irish proverb that sums Ivan up.



    Cad é a dheanfadh mac an chait ach luch a mharú.



    What would the cat’s son do but kill a mouse – or once a hun always…



    Árd Macha

  9. Good second hand performance from Celtic.



    Wouldn’t imagine we’ve become a team after the first 45, we did improve again when Wanyama was introduced, and James Forrest found a finish,



    The back four (any back four) remains awful, and likely to concede, fortunately it didn’t matter after Hibs missed the chance to go two up.



    Do it again on Saturday in the league and it’s a start.

  10. Ten Men Won The League on

    Good to hear Bangura will only be out for a couple of weeks



    We will need as many players fit and available as possible, once the next international break finishes



    Winning breeds confidence. Long may it continue



    Oh, and prepare for a 4-6-0 Hibs formation on Saturday

  11. Must admit wasnt too happy with 1st half, felt lenny didnt put team out right (felt mathews shld have been on right with El K on left – WHAT DO I KNOW lol) and certain players didnt turn up



    2nd half though, felt we wld score everytime we went forward, it all clicked



    Was goin nuts in house lol mrs bb n bb ghirl telling me to stop jumping n screaming when the bhoys scored lol



    Anyway, what do i know lol



    Hail Hail

  12. Professor Green is with Neil Lennon on




    I know what you mean about how he was potrayed by this county’s media. It was sickening.



    Unsuprisingly he will have been affected by what went on last season, and it is still processing through the courts. I was delighted when I saw that from him tonight, and with his comments post match, regarding getting our/his mojo back. I think thats what they fear the most.



    If there was ever a manager in our history who deserves our support its Neil Lennon

  13. I thought Fraser Forster had a magnificent game tonight. He is slowly but SURELY growing into the Celtic jersey. I would also repeat what I posted recently about Neil being given time as Celtic Manager. There should be no discussion of a replacement while this season is in progress. He did very well lsat season and was unlucky not to win the League. The team played magnificently in some games. He did not lose that overnight. I will also repeat that we have suffered badly due to injury.



    The whole team – management and players are responding to criticism and adversity. We are turning up players who are fighting for the Celtic jersey. Let’s get behind them and cut then some slack.

  14. Fraser Forster apart I thought we played well tonight.






    Well played in the 2nd half Bhoys. 1st half I thought we were wasteful at both ends of the park and could easily have lost or scored 3.










    Take part in survey (4 questions) to gather the views of as many supports from as many Scottish clubs as possible re. Rangers FC 2012 and direct entry back in to SPL if/when the exist Rangers FC experience a liquidation event that sees the death of Rangers FC 1873 to 2011.



    Please pass to friends/relatives/other football clubs supporters (we’re getting a bit top heavy with Celtic viewpoint and it be good to get more views from other supporters including Rangers supporters), websites via facebook, twitter, email, txt etc.



    Take the survey

  15. Forrest should bin the white boots he wore in the first half, what a difference the new pair made. Not sure if it was James himself or Neil Lennon who ordered the change but a remarkable turnaround in form for the guy whose crossing was simply appalling for the first 45.



    Stokes is on fire.



    Hoping these threads of form since half time at Kilmarnock soon become a massive green and white blanket to smother everything we come across!



    Talking of blankets, g’night.

  16. We were rank first half. Thre seems to be a lethargy about us sometimes. Much better second half. I can’t wait for the day when there is a long ball punted into our half and I don”t have to peek between my fingers.

  17. Great win in the end, absolutely wonderful when we contemplate how things could have turned out.



    I wont forget that 1st half performance because im reminded it of it almost every 1st half I watch the Celtic.



    We have a chronic lack of characters and leaders.



    We have no one, seemingly, who is capable of dragging the team by the scruff of the neck DURING the 1st half and AS things are going pete tong.



    Typically we go from bad to worse – with everyone, support included just hoping we get in to half time still in the game.



    But for a the feintest touch too heavy from Griffiths towards the end of the half we might not have been.



    The one thing which did change for us, was we came out of the blocks flying at the start of the 2nd half.



    Neil Lennons half time team talks have been something of a bug bear of mine because of how frequently we seem to ‘just carry on as is’ with no variation or fire in the belly.



    Today we did.



    Did the team talk change – did we simply get the rub of green at the right time – or did that 2nd half start come from within each player?



    I am not sure.



    However, if that can be harnessed and channeled into positive energy right from kick off – we will blow most SPL teams away BY half time.



    One last point of note – is I accept we scored a 4th goal as Wanyama was being told to go on, but when Celtic go 2 goals up I would like our management to be sniffing for blood and thinking of ways to attack the weakness; not to be looking at ways to protect what we have. When you are on the crest of a wave – ride it. Dont disrupt it.



    Utrecht was one example, Udinese is another; where we sat tight.



    Anyways, off to bed a mightily relieved man.



    C’mon Celtic – a game lasts for 90 minutes.



    p.s. Hamiltontim – I am glad we managed to give Hibs that doing.

  18. eric_olthwaite says:


    26 October, 2011 at 21:19


    Was about to comment on how we have recently been coming out a weaker team in the second half when young James proves me wrong.



    Also about to mention how bad we were at heading,defensively and offensively……….


    and Stokesey proves me wrong!



    Apparently a lot of noise coming from the away dressing room at half time.


    I have been critical of lack of tactics and game plan,but Neil certainly knows how to “motivate” a team.



    Mathews outstanding;Ki always to step up as attacking mid when required,not Kayal.Defensive mid only,as is Vic 67.



    Always liked the Stokes/Hooper combo.Anthony is working harder,Gary is obviously not fit and lacking a yard.



    Great result.Lets have some cosistency!



    (p.s.Fans brilliant as usual).

  19. West Wales Celt,



    Luvvin your modesty :)





    Professor Green is with Neil Lennon



    Posted responses to you both on prev thread, last page. Didn’t want to c & p as i feel like i’m talking too much :)



    Actually Prof Green, where did you get your blog name if you don’t mind me asking? Knew a Prof Green and a Doc Green in my time…

  20. at half time i new we were going to win i could just sense it in the players



    they were starting to do passes that reminded me of last season and then in the second half it was a joy to watch



    i love celtic



    i have faith in neil lennon



    i just cant get enough



    the quadruple is on lhads! :-)



    HH + KTF



  21. Brilliant result. We need to build on this.



    Hope big Dan watches their goal again a few times. When sproule pulled the trigger he was watchin and could have stood his ground and tried the block, moved instinctively back to defend the goal, or panic and run forward. He was unlucky but….



    Beginning to think that James Forrest could play in the front 2 of a 4-4-2.

  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    Just back from the game, need to stop this “not playing in the first half” nonsense. However once we scored you knew we would do it and the players came alive. Pity they didn’t bother in the first half……………….

  23. playfusbal4dguilders on




    No worries it’s hard typing and watching the Telly and feeling frustrated



    Got to keep a balance and allow free speech otherwise we can end up swallowing everything like der Hun



    Let’s do the 4 ;-)




  24. Eyes Wide Open says:


    26 October, 2011 at 22:23



    Samba of Blackburn would be a good leader/captain

  25. Professor Green is with Neil Lennon @ 22:21



    Well said. Think i’m happier for Lenny than anything else tonight :) Knew he’d turn it around. Now, cue the hun implosion. Their good luck on the pitch will run out just about….now. :)

  26. What chance does big Fraser have when his detractors keep on at him when he lost a goal to a fluke, he kept us in the game first half, if it hadn’t been for Fraser, we could well have been 3 down.



    Maybe if Lenny could chose a settled back four, only saying like.

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