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  1. Dbhoy.



    Just seen that SL list.



    Christ we’d be better going intae liquidation the punishment would be less going by whit happened tae the Harlem globetrotters!.



    This comes in time tae depart this cesspit.






    Straight shooter said how it was and followed tbrough on his promises.


    I bought into his vision 25 years ago like thousands of others.It was and still is the BEST INVESTMENT ive ever made both financially and emotionally.


    Have never sold tbose shares and never will.


    Along with big Jock he set standards on the park and off the park that will ALWAYS have the sevco zombie outfit forever in our shadow.


    Two images I have confirm my opinion.


    Walking up tbe Celtic Way on a game night and seeing big Ceasar in all him spendour holding up big ears on the London Road.


    Must be the most distressful sight as a member of the Hun hoards seeing these iconic images as they go about yer normal buisness in their daily lives.


    All Hail the BUNNET for your significant part in our pasr and our future as The Mighty GLASGOW CELTIC .

  3. There is a psychological condition of a self centred personality disorder which is accompanied by a total lack of empathy to the feelings of others. Now whilst that is an extreme condition there are people who have this tendency to varying degrees.


    I worked for a good few years with a Boss who I’d put in that category. The crazy thing is he was a fun guy, extremely witty & charming and much loved by all who met him socially however his own sense of self entitlement & selfishness was staggering. The really scary thing is that he didn’t realise he was in any way out of order. People in that category believe that putting themselves & their interests first regardless of the consequences, is perfectly normal human behaviour and they believe everyone else are doing the same thing,

  4. South Of Tunis on




    An absurdity . I saw off their faces guys in Valencia snorting what was presumably coke from the roof of a car . . Blootered , aff their heeds and bellowing about Orange B’s . ( Valencia is famous for Oranges ) Doing what they wanted to do – the only liability is theirs.

  5. Delaneys Dunky on



    Coke is pocket money price now. Scotland is awash wi devil’s dandruff. Sadly.


    Our support are part of a society problem.


    God rest Keith Flint RIP



  6. Delaneys Dunky on

    Saw The Prodigy and Keith 2 years ago in Spain. Glad I did see one of the best live shows ever. Keith Flint RIP

  7. South Of Tunis on




    Much of Scotland’s coke starts it’s European life in Palermo or Napoli . Mafia business . Huge money . Some of the we like violence nut job Ultras in Italy are seriously into coke and steroids . Culture means that they are not into bevy – It’s uncool / drunks are seen as slavvering arseholes..

  8. The club has now won 25 cup games on the bounce.



    Brendan Rodgers owned Hampden Park.



    Fond memories of 3 games in particular – LC final vs Aberdeen, his first trophy win – SC final that completed the Invincible Treble and the Motherwell victory for the Double Treble, particularly the scenes that followed at Celtic Park.



    The enduring image of Brendan Rodgers standing, drenched on the Hampden turf as the Invincibles celebrated in front of the Celtic support is what I’ll remember.



    HH. ?

  9. South Of Tunis on




    Saw a comedian on Italian tele last week . Did a routine revolving round the idea that Brexit would mean tomatoes from Sicily being smuggled into Regno Unito hidden in container loads of coke ( rather than the other way round as present )