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  1. Today’s official starting line up v Hibs ……



    Forster; Bauer, Ajer, Jullien, Bolingoli ; Brown, McGregor; Forrest, Ntcham, Christie, Edouard


    Subs: Gordon, ElHamed, Hayes, Elyounoussi, Rogic, Bayo, Sinclair

  2. For Melbourne Mick 11.37am



    Last article :-)



    Hello again all you young rebels.




    So glad to see my potted heid post was confirmed on here, was beginning



    to think my own heid was deteriorating to such an extent that imagination



    was taking over, suppose a bit like the stickies thinking they are the same



    team lol.



    Well, primed and ready for the game now on CTV, just like Trump” said i’m locked



    and loaded “, if it doesn’t come up live after all the updates and feckin fine tunin



    the ipad is going oot the windae.



    CTV here i come.



    H.H . Mick

  3. GFTB



    Thank you Gerry, again, you know me so well.


    Here’s a wee question for everyone, how many bhoys/ghirls have


    tasted potted heid lol.


    Not many i think.


    It’s an aquired taste from early Glesgy, suppose just like tripe with






    H.H . Mick

  4. A very strong team. A very strong bench. This is going to be fun.


    And remember, once the final whistle goes the real fun begins as you mull over our excellent performance and eventually decide on who our top 3 performers were today, by email please cqnpoty@gmail.com


    Time for a roll n skwerr….

  5. Oh and here’s today’s CQN Coupon –


    Jobo – Dumbarton


    TET – Cowdenbeath


    BMCUW – Cheltenham


    Lennybhoy – Coventry


    AWALK – Exeter


    GFTB – Swansea


    POG – Preston

  6. Strong selection. I am always a bit nervous when Broony and Ntcham play in the same side. They occupy the same area of the park and it can look unbalanced. Plenty of quality on the bench if Lenny wants to mix it up. Mon the hoops. Hail Hail

  7. Melbourne Mick 11.48am



    No bother, when I saw your post I expected a new article to be up :-)



    As for your “potted heid” my Da used to have it, thankfully I only got sent to the butchers for it and never had to eat it, smelt stinking, looked stinking but ma old man liked it… for younger punters it was like a cross between grey playdough & grey jelly… yuck 🤢



    Mon the hoops get the job done

  8. Mornin all -Looking forward to a strong performance from the Bhoys today.



    BOURNESOUPRECIPE – Was reading back while waiting on the game to start and lost some of my morning coffee down my chin at your Hoopy/Hailie comment on the last thread. Very funny.

  9. Potted heid – used to love it on a bit of toast.



    My granny use to make potted hough herself – luvly!




  10. Flip flops, green t-shirt, shorts and cap on to make the 500 yard stroll to the Parkhead bar Marmaris to watch the champions in a racaus atmosphere with fellow Tim’s, life’s not all bad.



    Hopeful we’ll be too strong with plenty of rested legs. HH

  11. My own heid’s a wee bit potted today after a stagger round Glasgow’s Celtic quarter last night. Grace’s, O’Neills and that other wan across the road. Melted.

  12. KT after wan game is being talked aboot as the best LB in the Premiership.



    If you are at Celtic – You are gonnae develop very well, that is sad to say, strangely Magical, but there is Nothing Celtic can do but be the very best we can.




  13. An Tearmann



    Hard Work is the bedrock of Every good Team.



    Neil wiz already a Legend @ Celtic, likewise Hibs, mair importantly, Managers in Scotland.



    He is a Dude we are Blessed to have.

  14. Melbourne Mick



    I loved Potted Heid, early 60’s – out for the messages with my Gran – along from Gibshill doon the Glen and into Jack Forsyth’s for the butcher meat – potted heid always on the list.


    Found an identical dish in a pretty classy buffet when I worked in Estonia at the turn of the century (makes you feel helluva old when you see that written down)


    Anyway – good strong team – get in bhoys



  15. Just heard on radio last time we won a league game at Easter road was 2014 they did mention Hibs not being in the league for a bit, but the goal scorers were interesting .. Kris Commons (2), Virgil Van Dijk & Temmu Pukki… Kris is on the radio and said wonder what happened to the other two :-)

  16. Ryan talks the Truth.



    I have the Feeling that he’d reject a contract 3 times his Salary, doon South.



    I know Nothing Howevaaaaaah.

  17. Well , as usual feckin CTV live picture is scrambled, despite all the


    updating there’s nothing , completely amateurish , need to rely on


    you ghuys now for updates.


    H.H . Mick

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