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  1. Rainy day here in Arbroath so I will run the risk of indulging in a`You said;i said` type of `discussion`.



    HS “The RISK of trouble is 100% so it cannot be increased.”



    Macjay 1: Opinion expressed as fact.



    Rainy Day Response: That is not an opinion. The RISK of something happening is very different from the LIKELIHOOD of that thing happening.



    MJ 1:You feel that insulting and deliberately antagonising Lazio fans will make no difference to the safety of Celtic supporters in Rome ?



    HS: I feel nothing of the sort. I do feel that the behaviour of Lazio fans HISTORICALLY should make Celtic supporters concerned about their safety.



    MJ 1: Intentionally antagonising fascists may well have dire consequences . No ?



    HS: Of course it MAY WELL have dire consequences. Playing Lazio at any time MAY WELL have dire consquences.



    HS :” Should we never show disapproval lest it annoys ? ”


    MJ 1 : Who is ” we ” ?



    HS Anyone and everyone.



    My opinion In a nutshell:



    Antagonising a known , badly behaved support is not a good idea but it is not the reason said support is badly behaved.

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