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  1. lets all do the huddle on

    what an utter shite penalty by fernandes.



    he didnt deserve to have that retaken even though it was the right decision



    but i had cash on him first scorer so im delighted!

  2. One Night 9.04pm



    Is your worry Celtic … or Neil



    Or scared of Rangers being so good



    I caught your post earlier that you are “sick” of “them” on here alluding to you were a Hun and “Big Low Block” making fun of punters on here acknowledging other posters birthdays … funnily enough I caught both of your posts on one post that one of you had copied … I don’t type for the blog (far from it) but is it coincidental the bravado from the “told you so brigade” appear after a defeat … I mean a draw …



    As P67 and the Mods go with .. stay within the rules and post away .. but believe it or not I still think Neil will lead us to more success and is the man for the job .. I apologise if any other posted disagrees but I will go on Neil’s proven record … which is factual

  3. Usual suspects on tonight I see…. We can bang bang bang the drum.


    … Lennon ain’t going anywhere… Its 3 weeks from a cup final ffs….. Easter Road… One win in the past 7 league visits…… In control until a wee rush of blood from broony who was expecting shoulder to shoulder… We lost it for 10 mins… Frimpong lost at full back…) waste of a Jersey today)…. Then finally showed a bit of urgency…… Not good enough but going on past form.. Rodgers included.. Not totally unexpected!!!

  4. And by the way … “if” or “when” Neil dies get asked to vacate the managers position he will still be a legend in my mind …



    Not so much “in Lenny I trust” more like Neil wants to do the best for Celtic as much as any other Celtic fan 🍀

  5. So FF leaves because we cant pay the wage and then we spend 4 mill on a bench warmer.



    The blame sits at one place and on place only. A good keeper is as good as a great striker because he give the rest of the defence confidence and that builds through the team.



    I believe big Eddie is away at xmas and that’s why lenny has to persevere with ajeti.



    Down size at every turn and every position.



    No God given right to win every thing and just happy to have been alive these last 9 years. Stop moaning and remember the strange circumstances we are living through.



    I do like the talk about the fans would be given the manager abuse, with the fans behind the team we may not be in the same situation, who knows.



    Its the board that need our focus and attention ( res 12 in mind) how can you let one of the best players leave even if he is a loanee and then fork out 4 mill. What must the rest of the squad think.



    Hail hail,

  6. winningemmell on 21st November 2020 9:26 pm



    After Prague we were told on these pages that we would definitely lose to both the Mothers and Hibs




    Who said that?



    I don’t think there was one post that thought we’d be beat by them 2. They are awful teams.

  7. Far from the ten, this season looks like a year zero. Come the summer, Celtic as we’ve known it will undergone significant changes at management level and the board room.



    I feel this season will accelerate downhill from here, I wouldn’t be taking a quadruple treble to the bank just yet. This won’t get better, only worse, as the huns canter to the league.



    Peter Lawwell can not appoint another Celtic manager next summer – he should be out the door alongside Neil Lennon and John Kennedy.

  8. I wouldn’t be overly hopeful for the sheep’s prospects at Megiddo tomorrow. They are seriously downmanned and, with MacInnes, are sheep without a shepherd.



    Hope they ram my words down my throat.

  9. Jackie Mac 9.24pm



    November to May is a fair wee while



    For a team who have collected medals after medals (manager included) I find it strange that so many towels have already been chucked into the ring … although I think a fair few were already ready to fling the towel before the first bell :-)

  10. Bankiebhoy1 9.39pm



    Scotland U-21 stuff … young Lewis isn’t shy about kicking a few Huns … I would take him for us in a heartbeat .. him & young Turnbull could deliver the 20 :-)

  11. JPH – 3 shots on goal for Hibs today and 2 scored.



    It’s been the same for most games.



    So either our defence suck or our goalkeepers could not keep weans oot a close or both.



    D :)

  12. By the way I thought Ryan Porteous played for Scotland under 21s during the week and played today against us.



    Anyone confirm???



    D :)

  13. lets all do the huddle on

    so instead of sacking neil lennon which many see as an insult to a celtic legend which he undoubtedly is…



    i would be happy to promote him to a new position of King of Celtic



    as long as he isnt in charge of picking the team or signing players anymore

  14. PITYMEVIN on 21ST NOVEMBER 2020 9:28 PM



    FF didn’t want to come. His agent told him the offers would come flooding in down south and he was wrong.



    Must be regret on all sides but that ship has sailed.

  15. lets all do the huddle on

    I wouldn’t be overly hopeful for the sheep’s prospects at Megiddo tomorrow. They are seriously downmanned and, with MacInnes, are sheep without a shepherd.





    the words of a towel thrower

  16. imo our captain was not expecting a shoulder to shoulder but what seems to be the norm is for a player to get in front of another player to block the ball (otherwise known as obstruction and used to be a foul) and broonie being the tuff man fell for it just as the Hibs player wanted, broonie wasn’t having it and barged the Hibs player to the ground just as he wanted to happen.

  17. WinningGemmell 9.44pm



    When we got beat… ah mean drew, I promised myself to stay off the blog, but I have the backbone of a newt .. am gutted about today but the Huns have beat us, Killie draw, draw at Hibs we are hardly as “rank” as some would imagine us to be … I do think the Huns “good” form has spooked some Celtic fans … and reinvigorated others :-)

  18. The hibs player cheated.



    Brown should have held off but the Hibs player put his leg in front of Brown and threw himself to the ground, I think it was Boyle he was cheating the whole game.



    Probably end up at the Huns as he is a cheating RAT.




    D :)

  19. David66 9.47pm



    Don’t get the fail to prepare .. I thought we played well the first half… Easter road should be looked upon as 3pts, never has been … Neil Lennon should be questioned all the time, Edouard & Griff up front for me .. but am pretty sure Neil played the same starting 11 that won at Fir Park because he thought they deserved it … again “better” managers than Neil haven’t won at Easter Road … still in November and we have a long very different season ahead …


    still confident CSC🍀

  20. GFTB…….


    Nice to see ye Bhoy.



    I hear ye.


    PS – just ignore the wee sleekit………….zero engagement, nada………



    Keep The Faith!




  21. Go tell the Spartim on

    Lenny just now is like a bald guy on a dating website using a profile picture of him with hair, whilst its factual Lenny has done most towards the 9 he isn’t cutting it any more.



    If that stat is true, 2 wins from 8 (I’m not saying it isn’t I just don’t know) then that is galling for a Celtic manager.



    The plain truth is that he’s not getting the most out of the players at his disposal. Players aren’t performing but there is no evidence at all that he is turning that around or has the capability anymore to do so.



    What you did last year has no bearing on what he’s doing this year and whilst it should be a one horse race and we should be cantering the blunt truth that it is a one horse race but we ain’t the horse.

  22. GFTB- I think it’s fair to say, there has been something not right from the start of the season, and we are seeing a malaise setting in, the longest ever Transfer Window, should have seen guys out the door, if they wanted to go.We’re not all on the same page as a team on and off the park,as far as I can see. Many said the biggest threat to 10 OAR,was Celtic, and its looking that way.