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  1. GFTB



    All about opinions.



    I thought our first half was dire. Much like the bulk of the season.



    Game played at a walking pace, loads of possession and no end product.



    I lost count of the number of times Brown ran back to go between the CBs, receiving the ball and promptly passing it 6 yards sideways to the other CB.



    At one point I thought CalMac was playing left back as he filled in for Laxalt that often – our defensive shape has gone from being an embarrassment to shameful.



    We’ve been dire all season and at this point I suspect any fan on a Celtic forum defending Lenny has to be either related to him or a hundercover.

  2. I don’t think a starting 11 should be selected because the manager thinks they deserves it , but starting 11 should be selected depending on the analysis of the opposition set-up /formation style of play etc , there in lies the problem with our current manage/coaching selection process

  3. Had to have a wee chuckle reading back when Duffy came on…. The abuse was hysterical 😂… Of course if we wanted to change the shape and go to a three with wing backs and two up top… That was the obvious way to go!!!.. And it worked!…… And the reason lennon started with that team is because it was the team that was a Ryan Christie sitter away from a 3-0 half time lead…. Jeezo.. Sometimes the criticism is justified other times its ridiculous beyond belief.

  4. David66/Fred C Dobbs


    in my view its a penalty every day of the week,


    no need to even make a challenge,


    i guarantee had it happened at the other end we would all be screaming for a penalty

  5. PITYMEVIN on 21ST NOVEMBER 2020 10:11 PM



    I don’t think FF was just about money. He wanted to play in the Premier League and thought he had a chance of doing that.



    “An offer he can’t refuse” could be in excess of £100,000. Do we really need to spend that to get an adequate goalkeeper? This is where decent recruitment comes in.



    For me, David Marshall was one that got away. Good enough for our needs and within our price bracket.

  6. Bankiebhoy1:-)



    Always nice to see you .. although it takes me a while to understand some of your posts … by the way in the very most Celticness way :-)



    Bada 10.10pm



    I think many things haven’t been right from the start of the season (and yet we are still not that far away from the Champions elect) … like you and many other Celtic fans on here … things aren’t the best the now … BUT in my opinion they are far from as bad as some will make you think … Mark Wilson on SSB today with 15mins to go .. if Celtic can get something today Neil will make them believe … his words “I was in the dressing room 3-0 down to Kilmarnock and Neil told us get something and we will get more (I paraphrase :-) … 3-3 … today was our Kilmarnock … I put my trust in Neil Lennon for one reason and one reason only … he wants what we want … if Neil fails, which I don’t think he will so be it … am not on the “in Neil I trust brigade” am in the “Neil will deliver brigade” for me he has delivered since signing in December 2000 🍀and still delivering

  7. An Dun 10.10pm



    Just read your post .. can see what your saying but again how bad we were and still take a point … I still want us to be better but don’t think we are bad as some of “us” think

  8. Watching back and forward ‘Nae Pasaran’ on BBC Scotland about the workers at Rolls Royce in East Kilbride who refused to work on parts of Chilean fighter aircraft from 1974 to 1978 following the Pinochet led Coup in 1973. The contribution of the SFA? To play a friendly in Santiago in 1977 in the same Stadium used to imprison, kill and torture opponents of the Fascist regime, and where folk singer and musician Victor Jara had his hands cut off. As shameful an act now as it was then all those years ago.

  9. We could have even kept Craig Gordon then and you maybe correct, but our recruitment policy has been a shambles long before lenny turned up.



    The question to ask is, why did BR leave and please don’t tell me he wanted to go back to the EPL because of his agent. It was because he wasnt willing to damage his brand the same as MON. We have had ample opportunity to establish ourselves as a ECL team over the last 2 decades, but the board have failed with a true lack of ambition.



    £35000000 in the bank, a lot of zeros playing all over the park. If I want to support a bank balance I will pick BP as the colour are the same.



    Hail hail.

  10. Still reading back… Comedy gold… Some still calling Ajer a midfielder 😂.. Tho he’s not played there since he was about 16!!… Comical really….

  11. Last 8 games



    Lost 3


    Drew 3


    Won 2



    Conceded 17 goals



    We’d be pishing ourselves laughing at the huns with that run…Caxinha-esque.



    Denialism is one way of tackling it and nostalgia helps too I suspect. Both are nothing but coping mechanisms.




  12. pitymevin on 21st November 2020 10:31 pm




    Rodgers wanted to move to China after only 2 years with Celtic, some fan.

  13. St Tams 10.30pm



    Am never correct …



    In fact is it St Thomas of Aquinas ??



    Hopefully a former poster is still lurking with his good lady Stella 🍀



    Happy Birthday to Art of War who is a very young 50+ something today



    Apologies to the posters who think



    “this place is just celebrating birthdays” and low blocks :-)

  14. PITYMEVIN on 21ST NOVEMBER 2020 10:31 PM



    Personally, I don’t think Gordon or Bain are good enough. Funnily enough, nor did Lennon which is why he signed Barkas.



    Now, along with Soro, Taylor, Klimala, Turnbull and Duffy, Barkas is now considered not as good enough.



    Who’s signing these players?

  15. BW 10.35pm



    Hope you are well fella



    Can I ask if you have enjoyed any Celtic victory in the last 9 years … every day



    Duffy is slow and rubbish


    Callum overplayed and rubbish


    Broony too old and rubbish


    Neil no clue, no tactics and rubbish



    It’s the same post daily with different words … how the fluck did these players every get to the top of their profession

  16. pitymevin on 21st November 2020 10:39 pm



    How told you that PL




    I think it was Dembele that confirmed it (though there were plenty of rumours before that)

  17. After watching Laxalt’s great goal today, when he put the laces through it, I’ve been wondering why we don’t get to see rockets or pure skill like most of these on this clip. These women put our embarrassing weak efforts to shame.




  18. GFTB



    I’m great fella.



    Here’s a deal. When the management team stop making the same stupid bloody decisions every feckin week I’ll happily stop pointing them out.



    As I said, your coping mechanism is to deny we have a problem, have a pop at other posters and go with blind faith when all other facts present itself. That’s fine with me. Knock yourself out.



    We keep doing the same things, we’ll keep getting the same results.



    Professionalism? Our club looks anything but at this time. In my opinion.



    Take care of yourself as always.




  19. GFTB


    Do you think Bertie Auld is too old? Yes? But he was a brilliant player. Eventually, every player reaches, and passes, his sell by date. Broonie was pathetic today, and has been for a while.

  20. Today was very, very disappointing. But our first half performance and our last 20 weren’t our worst by any means. So solely in the context of our POTY thing (or should I just chuck it??) who were our top 3? CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM 🤔

  21. lets all do the huddle on

    so stats never tell a full story



    spurs v man city



    spurs 4 attempts on goal



    man city 22 attempts on goal



    final score 2-0 spurs



    and back in the day we lost games where we had played well but just couldnt score the goals



    this season we have been shit though so that excuse isnt there

  22. BW 10.51pm



    Hopefully am no daft .. but it takes a lot to write down in words day, after day, after day about how bad things are



    Your post today about behind the “sofa” was as false as a post on here … you weren’t behind any “sofa” if Celtic won today you’d be nowhere to read … we all have our own thoughts “fella” but I can assure you if “we” had managed a victory today .., not a hope in hell you’d be posting on a Saturday night at 11pm … drip drip drip your negativity post after post post after post … life is far too short mate … try and enjoy Celtic



    By the way this is not a new thing you’ve been doing it for months fella



    Enjoy the Tic 🍀

  23. Was that after BR left or during his glorious tenure. I could be wrong and am happy to admit it when I am , but this doesn’t alter in anyway why we have no ambition in ECL and if all the talk of China was true, then why didn’t he go instead of going to Leicester?



    I’m sure you have been brought up the same as me, to question everything and don’t believe the powers at be because they said it was so.



    Res 12, BR, the hun ban the press and we still take their shit, constant bias refs, assault on players ,the hibs should have had 2 men sent off today , but it’s ok frimpong, christy challenge and people wonder why frimpong went missing.

  24. lets all do the huddle on

    Duffy is slow and rubbish



    Callum overplayed and rubbish



    Broony too old and rubbish



    Neil no clue, no tactics and rubbish



    It’s the same post daily with different words … how the fluck did these players every get to the top of their profession





    they havent…



    or anywhere near it