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  1. My own Celtic Trinity must include Jock Stein.


    Ostrachised by his own community for just signing for the club, his friends turned their backs on him.


    It was bigots and nothing else.



    The scene in the documentary of his “pal” not coming into the mothers house until Jock left ,



    I never heard a story of celtic players, the catholic players ever complaing about him as a player in the 50s, a winning captain mind, or as a coach of the kelly kids, or as a new manager,



    so the creed never mattered, the jersey did

  2. St Stivs 12.10am



    Celtic have gave us many terrific times (funnily enough the 90s might have been no the best but the most games home and away I attended)



    Without preaching, we should enjoy every trophy ..,



    Roll on 20th December



    Neil Lennon = 🏆



    Since the day he left Leicester for Celtic for less money … the Lurgan Legend has delivered … one day he might not, until then



    Neil Lennon CSC



    Head Happy in Sand CSC

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    The club is being run in the interests of Peter Lawwell. The rest of us are just donors. Lennon in such a weak position he isn’t permitted to bring in his own staff. He’s there because he’ll accept his place.



    A precipitous drop in standards across the club since Rodgers left. A price worth paying for unchallenged control.



    Can’t wait for Monday’s blog. I predict a puff piece about the Foundation.




  4. We all know Lawwell is done, he has taken it as far as he can, an old west of Scotland type who thinks he can do a job for half the price.



    Lennon similarly is out of his depth.



    Both of the above have had rings run around them in Europe to the point we are now a laughing stock. In domestic football we are dining out on a diet of lets hope our better players will carry us through.



    Evidently it’s not enough. This season looks difficult but not yet impossible. The old stalwarts, Lennon, Lawwell and Brown are all on borrowed time. All three should be away before a ball is kicked next season. The main question for now is can they get it over the line or is it a step too far? I fear its the latter.

  5. Let’s All 12.16am



    MacGregor & Messi come on …



    Surely (international) bhoys earning terrific amounts of money are at the top of their profession … that’s all I was saying .. I could disagree that Messi & Ronaldo are in a different profession as then make more money without even kicking a ball

  6. lets all do the huddle on

    The club is being run in the interests of Peter Lawwell. The rest of us are just donors. 





    of course it is



    like every other plc



    gets run for the benefit of the plc execs



    nothing more

  7. Let’s all … 12.32am



    It always has been … it’s the fans like the Celtic foundation & the Kano foundation that are charity orientated .. not one Celtic board member care about the charity stuff .., that’s the Celtic fans … it always has been

  8. To my eyes, it’s not really getting any better, is it?


    Yes, we dominate possession – with better players/better skills that’s given – but don’t convert that supremacy.


    Instead, a skittishness sets in and other teams spring us on our evident and predictable weaknesses (limp midfield and leaky defence). We look fluid to the point of casual disarray.


    As the saying goes, ‘If nothing changes, nothing changes’. But it needs to this year, of all years.


    Forget the Quaddie, the League is all I want. But we’re not going to get it on current evidence.


    Positives? Broony looked better til Boyle suckered him. Energetic by Ryan and Diego! Great pen save by Bainy.


    DENIABHOY’s list of unemployeds? Spaletti and Rangnick would be dream picks.


    Shame tho; we prob wouldn’t be theirs.


    Over to you Peter…?



  9. Jackiemac 10.16pm



    Apologies for not replying ,.. i missed your post 🍀



    We will win this league

  10. Quad 1.06am



    Nothing changes … trophy after trophy after trophy for season after season after season …



    Hard work being a Celtic fan these days

  11. GFTB


    Your ironic snip misses what I thought was a pretty fair observation about our performance and issues.


    Read again and you’ll see I noted some positives too, but mibby you see positivity as solely your domain?


    I know we fans live in a time of winning privilege; it doesn’t blind me to critique what are clear shortcomings.


    Stay positive but allow others not at the rose-glass end of that continuum to have their tuppenceworth, too.

  12. Quad 1.18am



    Apologies.. I just replied to your post without actually reading



    But just read back and it does read like me going on the defensive … maybe CQN wears some of us down :-)



    It’s been a long day …

  13. Stil hurting as I head for bed.



    I can block out the white noise of those who wanted Neil Lennon sacked because of a slow start to the campaign or go over their favoured pet theory or take an oportunity for revenge at a poster with opposing views. I can rail against Boyle’s cheating dive to win a penalty but it does not help explain the game as we got a soft one too.



    What I wanted was for us to keep on winning and keep the pressure on Sevco. It was important that we did not blink first … but we did….. for around the 3rd time in this league campaign.



    I have no expectations that Sevco will drop points today but even if they do, I will be conflicted, because we dropped too and gave them another layer of safety netting. No league is lost in November but we are nowhere near where we want to be in the challenge. Yes, we can close the gap but we have made it doubly hard today and that is what hurts.



    No matter what the club decide to do about our legendary manager and our legendary captain, they will always remain legends and anyone throwing personal abuse at them, are diminishing whatever sensible point they have to make.



    The hurt will stilll be there tomorrow. in my long time of supporting Celtic there have been many periods of hurt, but I have never felt shame or disgust or hatred for the club, managers or players (Maurice excepted).



    The pride in being a Celt will always trump the hurt that happens…. but I would still like to see us start a lengthy league winning run and really test the team from Ibrox as they enter their complacent phase.



    Goodnight CQN

  14. GFTB – as you wish (especially the ones who aim abuse and vitriol at (as SFTB says) our club legends).

  15. Some things are just so obvious and assuming the kind of NL quotes we get in the media are not fake they are even more obvious:



    Players can’t be having so many off days, some of them need to be replaced.



    The defense has been awful for a long long time only spectacular goalkeeping and poor opposition finishing have kept things looking better than they are. Now that there is no spectacular goalkeeping the real situation of the defense is becoming more apparent, particularly in Europe.



    After the Hibs game NL was quoted (with reference to Brown’s brain fart) as saying “He needs to get that out of his game” – the man’s coming to the end of his career for God’s sake, it’s not as if he’s got lots of time to improve. These kind of mistakes are part of his game until he retires. Calmac too is rash but perhaps he has time to “get it out of his game”. Perhaps, with good coaching.



    I believe a lot of the fans are perceptive and have a good understanding of the game so their comments shouldn’t be dismissed. When does NL or the players for that matter ever say anything truly insightful? They can’t because they can’t talk about coaching or about team selection – it’s left to the fans to do that. Is NL happy with the coaching? Are the players happy with the coaching? Why does NL continue to play Frimpong (who ca’t defend) alongside a very slow centre back who can’t make up for Frimpong’s deficiencies because of lack of speed? Why rail about Turnbull having to self-isolate when he hasn’t even been in contention for a place even from the bench. It was pure deflection. Fans: keep the comments and insights coming and don’t be deterred by accusations of disloyalty.

  16. Quad 1.43am



    As you post we all want Celtic to do well …



    Am gutted when we don’t win but the eternal optimist in my thinks we will still win the league … my real life won’t change because even though how much I live Celtic it’s way down my real life priorities … as ma maw used to say often … “Celtic don’t put food on our table or pay the bills” …



    But … Celtic is still a terrific constant for us all



    Hail Hail 🍀

  17. BROONIE done what he did for a reason.



    The most idiotic challenge ever.



    No worries The Great Reset is coming.






    WEF are in control.



    Billionaires messing with me & you.



    The Middle Class, intelligent wans are being wiped out.



    We urnae facing an actual physical Enemy.




  18. There was some drama down my way earlier…lots of sirens and wheels screeching…couple of cop cars in the street, with more patrolling the area…heelo buzzing the area…and foot patrols picking the dark areas…but none of thum could find Lennys tactical nous…lol




  19. Tho all the pigs’ were here…all for a stolen car who’s pursuit ended near mine…dramaless drama

  20. Fitba has had the life sucked out of it, with covid empty stadium’s.


    Indeed, since the Hillsborough disaster, and L/pool fans agree, even after the loss of 96 of their supporter’s, that football terraces didn’t cause those death’s, bad policing did that. But, Thatcher saw an opportunity to rid football terraces of, working class supporter’s, and an opportunity to swamp the game with capitalist vulture’s, were “greed is good” would be the mantra that would seep into all club’s, turning supporter’s into customer’s, with all seating sucking the soul, and atmosphere from stadium’s, as Desmond White said it would, 7 year’s before Hillsborough, tragically took place.


    He also warned that putting too much football on TV would leave thousand’s of seat’s empty, but he said that in an interview where, it seemed like the SMSM were trying to ‘trap’ him into agreeing to show our home return leg of a Uefa Cup tie, with Nottingham Forest, at Celtic Park in November 1983, they wanted DW to agree to a ‘live’ screening, ‘after’ the ticket’s had sold out, then they would’ve said he was trying to ‘stiff’ supporter’s who’d already paid for ticket’s. But he outsmarted them, so then the SMSM started running article’s that screamed “Are Celtic supporter’s being shortchanged by the board, with a lack of seat’s inside, Celtic Park?”


    This was all that the SMSM could throw at the club, as RFC with John Greig as manager, were dismal.


    In terms of the stadium issue at ‘that’ time, all that I would’ve changed was, to bring both the Celtic end, and Rangers end, closer to the goal’s like it is today, only with terrace’s, no additional seating. Then Hillsborough happened, and the supporter’s in the Jungle area of Celtic Park, were split up and spread to all area’s of the ground, and destroying the atmosphere, as Desmond White said it would.


    There’s talk that it could be another year at least, until covid is overcome. How many of us will survive it?


    How many of us has it already taken? How many will it continue to take?


    How many of supporter’s who subscribed to season ticket’s last season, will still have a job next season?


    How many supporter’s will be made homeless?


    With all of the above going on, will player’s still be so highly paid?


    Will club’s pay exorbitant fees for player’s?


    Where will they get the money?


    Or, will football return to where it was before Hillsborough?


    Will Lawwell expect to pick up £3 million a year, whilst supporter’s lose their Job’s, and home’s, and some supporter’s may no longer be with us?


    I hope the nut cases are correct, and that covid only arrived on the scene, worldwide, to crash the global economy, and to get rid of Donald Trump, because he hasn’t started a war, in 4 year’s.


    Donald Trump might not be a favorite on here, but he didn’t create the swamp, that Joe Biden has resided in for the past 47 year’s. Celtic supporter’s believing that the USA MSM swamp, have the ‘right’ to declare who is USA President, that really is a worry.


    Thought’s, and prayer’s, to all bereaved, and suffering Celtic families. 🙏

  21. Clearly, Celtic aren’t where we want to be. Personally, I don’t think we’ll win the league with our current coaching set up.



    I haven’t read any counter argument on here with any real substance.



    Readings for doing nothing and sticking with the status quo seem to be



    NFL has been a Celtic legend


    Treated shamefully by opposition and press alike


    9 IAR


    Huns may implode


    We’ve won the league from similar positions before



    None of it is relevant for the next 7 months for me.



    We should’ve made the change before now. We’re approaching the point of no return.



    Very very poor leadership, dating back to the massively arrogant shower appointment. I remember that moment clearly. Everyone in the bar was a little surprised as the news filtered through.

  22. _NAPPER TANDY on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 4:18 AM




    Dress it up anyway you like, President Donald’ Trump is a Nazi piece of shit that has made the USA into a laughing stock the world over. Everyone, including ourselves alone that love the USA are hurting that decent Republicans, God fearing people, some of no politics whatsoever, could vote for a human degenerate in such high proportions. There is no excuse for voting for a unavowed fascist. None whatsoever.


    The only good fascist, is a very dead fascist.


    God speed., Ave Ave

  23. Napper Tandy…how dare you…Trump is the swamp…how much can I make by pandering to the lowest common denominator…you’ve got to be a racist, fascist hun to hild those views…get yerself to fuck out of here ya cunt

  24. TLT…..I’m a sinner. Far better than me will say what you already know is true. Your language wasnt necessary.

  25. Henry…we’re al all sinners…my language was necessary…or at least wont damn me more ;-))

  26. TLT….Antifa? Pronounced “Antafee”. Like the Brits renaming Provies, “Provos” back in the day. Anything socialist in the US is a bad thingwy ……oh! apart from their beloved military and polis!