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  1. Henry..you missed out the free healthcare for those in the house of reps,senate or presidency…but that’s socislism for evey1 else…

  2. This is the America that characterized Communists as pledging allegiance to their flag as brainwashing…but to their own flag as Patriotism…that’s an ironic dichotomy that they can’t come to terms with

  3. Seems there’s peeps on here who can’t or won’t accept the difference between national and nationalist…

  4. “Seems there’s peeps on here who can’t or won’t accept the difference between national and nationalist…”




    Vis-à-vis republican

  5. Morning all from well it’s dark so unsure of the weather as yet 😉



    I still cannot get over the refereeing yesterday. They pushed off the ball the whole of the first half (in the box too!) and left something on us. No decisions and as commentators wrongly say it appeared the ref has woken up in a lenient mood. Not so. Broonie simply stood his ground (i think yoi can forgive into thinking the ref’s allowing a physical tie- look at the first half- all they did was push) and that’s where their pen came from. Hibs played like sevco, foul consistently and claim for everything almost as if they knew Madhun, his pal and Alan f*ckin’ Muir would let them away with it. Combine with such a big game not being on mainstream satellite you have the storm.

  6. FRANKTERRY on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 7:18 AM




    No it didn’t……you’re welcome mo chara :-)

  7. MartinTim @7:31



    Totally agree, Madden, his best pal from school and Dobber Muir played a feckin blinder but that just takes me back to my post yesterday about the cowardly shitebags that run our club – should have cleaned out the SFA and Referees post 2012 but no, we’ll just head to the back of the bus and take our medicine. Unforgivable!

  8. Sid- his name’s Madhun and min’s not Martin.



    Agree but challenging for the club to go against institutional bias.

  9. So Lenny is still in charge – onward into the valley of the death we go. For God and Country, keep the faith lads…

  10. Good morning g cqn fro a very, very col but dry Garngad



    Martim1980 @ 7.30am – Spot on.



    We are being cheated left right and centre by a cabal of secret handshakers, all this in 2020 Bonnie feckin Scotland.



    Hibs from the off yesterday were cheating and you do not do that unless you are sure you will get the majority of these decisions.



    Our custodians are a total and utter disgrace.



    None and I say again none of them should be anywhere near any of our boards. They are spineless to a man and woman.



    This season would be bordering on criminal if we dont win the league from our so called position of power over the last 9 years. Absolutely CRIMINAL



    D :)

  11. Just a few observations from yesterday



    When the assault took place on frimpong, not one Celtic player lifted a finger.



    After brown gave away the penalty, not one Celtic player said a thing to him



    After the penalty save and subsequent goal, 4/5 turned on frimpong. Bitton stood right beside him. And hes one of the 4/5



    The players confidence shot to hell. Have a guess where the next goal comes from.



    After the match Lax is the only one to put an arm around the boy and he isn’t even our player, but a true team mate and consummate professional.



    Pick on the wee guy, don’t protect your team mates. Somethings no right.



    Hail hail

  12. onenightinlisbon on

    Lennon again used the stock word “passive” yesterday and also that players “were not hungry enough”. Imagine in the most important season for decades he allows players to be either one. Buck stops at him.

  13. Lenny said we lacked omphh yesterday. That clears everything up. On you go, Neil.



    Neil’s post match comments are now more worrying than the actual performances – he doesn’t know if he gives the players too much detail or too little.



    He deflected criticism onto the individual players at every opportunity yesterday to defend himself.



    If this was Gerrard, tomorrow P67 would be taking apart those post match comments and telling us all how utterly out of his depth Gerrard was.

  14. I would agree that “hatred” towards Lennon is out of order. However, I’m not seeing that. I’m seeing people who are desperate to see us clinch 10IAR watching it unravel before our eyes and want something to be done about it.



    I love Neil Lennon….I named my son after him. However, I love Celtic more. Wanting a manager who is overseeing a potential end to our dominance to be replaced doesn’t make me a hun. That doesn’t mean I hate Neil Lennon.



    I didn’t think he should’ve been appointed in the first place. I was delighted to eat humble pie last season but chickens are now coming home to roost. Those defending him and saying we’ll still win the league remind me of that knight on Monty Python who has his limbs chopped off but still insists he’ll win the fight – there’s nothing on the pitch to suggest we’re as good as Sevco right now and they are opening a big lead.



    The problem is, Lennon can’t be criticised because of what he has done for the club; he’s “one of us”; we should be “grateful”. I’m seeing exactly the same problem at Manchester United with Solskjær. People are thinking with their hearts and not their heads. This is why I’m against appointing ex-players or “one of your own”. If we’d had a relatively unknown Scandinavian in charge right now, those defending Lennon would probably be singing a different tune.



    As much as I like NL, it’s getting untenable for him now. If he loves the club and wants us to have any chance of winning the ten, he must realise that the players he’s admitted to not trying for him need a new direction. He should walk while the season is ever so slightly salvageable.

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    HENRY JOY on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 8:52 AM



    So it’s not important then? Assume you are having a laugh.

  16. Doubt any major changes can happen until the stock exchange opens as big changes can effect share price, maybe I’m getting this wrong

  17. And right on cue, Phil produces another “Rangers mk2 are going bust” article.



    Has he allowed for the fact they’ll be gifted tens of millions of CL money next season and the financial scenario of both our clubs could be virtually flipped on its head this time next season?

  18. Adi 4.13am



    I sleep during the week :-)



    Mon the dandy dons …



    Is there any other Celtic manager in our history that has delivered so much but yet gets so much grief ??



    You (plural) might not buy the papers, you might not listen to the radio, you might not watch the tv … but they all do their job and portray our very successful manager in a snarling, angry way … so job done



    A few weeks back I read on here … “he sits on the bench doing nothing” … that was the camera man actually making you (plural) think like that … if Neil was out encouraging, coaching his players would the Sky tv guy show that ??



    We will win this league



    Still one domestic defeat … for a rubbish manager and a rubbish team that’s some going



    Adi 4.13am … maybe I should go back to sleep :-)

  19. You know, reading back theres a lot of anger directed, quite rightly so, at the masonic cabal, our board etc etc. But do you know what, at the end of the day we couldn’t beat Hibs on the pitch, the team are poor and strangely uninterested. I’m trying to come up with and excuse ie we have a shitload of tired players coming from international duty ( most other clubs have none)….covid cases….and no fans, we really thrive on our fans being there, they shite it in front of theirs. Whereas others have none of this we still couldn’t beat the team in front of us. I think also the team could do with a run without Broony, (as much as i love him) i think hes stiffling the team. When hes not there i think this team love to go forward…..they are being shackled. Anywho todays a new day and all is not lost, we’ve been here before but there is real concern as this is a historic year!.

  20. onenightinlisbon on

    GEEBEE1978 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 8:59 AM


    And right on cue, Phil produces another “Rangers mk2 are going bust” article.



    He repeats this almost every week as we know.



    We should be concentrating on ourselves in the most important season for decades.

  21. GFTB on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 9:01 AM



    No, it’s not “some going” if you allow for two draws, two humiliations in Europe, the fact many of our wins were turgid affairs with late “get out of jail” winners and the fact we played our biggest rivals and failed to register a shot on target for the first time in nine years.



    Are you honestly happy with our form and can you explain what makes you think it’ll suddenly click when our manager has already admitted that some players don’t want to be here, messages aren’t getting through to them and some are “lazy”?



    Your optimism is commendable but not sure what it’s based on….and no, last season doesn’t really count right now.