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    Jesus wept. I’m slugging it out with you. A no mark that’s changed his own narrative in a whisper of a second.

  2. Napper Tandy 4.18pm



    As An Tearman pointed out the other day your writing reminds some of oor Kev …



    Good to see you back in whatever guise (there has been many, maybe even circa 49)







    It’s that kind of complacency and the constant mantra of “Sevco are pish” while they hurtle towards us in our rear-view mirror that’s put us where we are.

  4. Geebee



    Our defeat against Rangers at home was as bad as I have saw us play, so can’t disagree with you there …



    My optimism comes from the fact that how bad “our” team are that us our only defeat in the league … I think Neil & more importantly the players can turn this around … yesterday we all wanted a victory but at 2 zero down, I think 2-2 wasn’t a bad point … if Neil does get replaced then I will back the next man in charge … but I still don’t think we are as turgid as some think, as for Europe, maybe it’s just me, I dint think we have done well enough there since I have started watching Celtic … the odd result apart or even the odd season 2003 … which was typical Celtic, the majority of fans loved that season where we won the square root of zero, would Neil get away with a season like that ?

  5. DESSYBHOY on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 8:59 AM




    Hostile takeover? Players and staff not being paid on time and for less than agreed?


    Radio Scotland/Clyde both on board with der hun for now

  6. onenightinlisbon on

    HENRY JOY on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 9:07 AM





    Maybe if you posted coherently we might be able to engage.

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    HENRY JOY on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 9:07 AM





    No mark? So eloquent….

  8. onenightinlisbon on

    GEEBEE1978 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 9:09 AM





    It’s that kind of complacency and the constant mantra of “Sevco are pish” while they hurtle towards us in our rear-view mirror that’s put us where we are.



    100% agree, a mantra often repeated on here by the bury your head in the sand/HWG10iarow brigade….

  9. Phil repeats the fact that sevco are in financial trouble because they are, just like the last time, no one in Scottish mainstream press and media questions the new club because that’s who they support or, if they did, they’d lose their job.

  10. Bada Bing



    Big Judith is the guest on “off the ball” 12pm-2pm today, think you might get pictures on Facebook/Twitter but not sure if Cosgrove/Cowan are even enough to endure actual pictures



    Housework to be done before the Mrs gets home from the early shift so I will love you and leave you ….



    Here we go 10 @ row



    If you don’t have belief… what’s the point :-)

  11. GFTB on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 9:16 AM



    So when will the players “turn it around” because if we’re honest, time is running out?



    We’ve won the occasional game well which was supposed to “kick start our season” before we revert to type. Lennon has said messages aren’t getting through; certain players don’t want to be here; he even hinted yesterday that some have downed tools.



    This is what concerns me more than just a couple of bad performances. There seems to be a malaise in the squad. The post-match comments are as concerning as the performances and I’ve watched football long enough to know this usually spells the beginning of the end.



    As for 2003, that was a very different footballing landscape – our rivals were spending beyond their and our means and they had genuine world-class players. We are facing a rival with a rookie coach and a financial disadvantage bigger than we’ve ever seen between us and yet the truth is Aberdeen are as close to us as we are to Rangers.

  12. MARTIM1980 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 9:29 AM



    It means nothing to me when we’re staring down the barrel of an 11 point deficit, we can’t lay a glove on them on the field and they’re buying and more importantly retaining decent players.



    Yes, financially they’re sailing close to the wind….they’re gambling but if they win the league this year and get their hands on £35m worth of CL cash they’ll argue that their foolish and wreckless gamble paid off.



    Let’s worry about our own team….

  13. Fluctuating between a lack of coherency and eloquence?


    I want to change my user name to Celtic.

  14. There was a post yesterday stating that 3 or so years ago our turnover was circa £120m and the Huns circa £27m.



    Next season our turnover will be less than their’s.if they win the league and get auto CL qualification.




    Peter Lawell and DD should hang their heads in shame if that occurs.



    At the start of the season we had circa £48m in cash .


    We were repeatedly led to believe on here and by the likes of Phil Mac, that they could barely keep the lights on.



    Their directors have more desire to stop the 10 ,than ours have to win it.


    They are risking their own money as well.



    We have taken 2 points out of a possible 9 against the Darnel,the Dons ,and Hibs.



    This gap will only get wider unless decisive action is taken to improve the playing staff and football management team and its trusted scouts.



    Decisive action is required now.



    I and many others have been saying this for weeks/months.



    DD for Christmas sakes man .


    Take control.



    Your appointees are on course for a head on collision.



    It’s time to stop the bus ,and change direction.




  15. This is the perfect storm for sevco this season, no fans calling out refs at our games, their fans not booing them after 20 mins, sky pundits and sly scotland covering or not covering games (bt used to call out special/crap refeeing) , financial crisis at sfa so refs on a free for all. Their style is repetitive, however they are well practiced and they consistently get a confidence shot in the arm, foul away, dive away- wire in. And they do gleefully.


    Fair refereeing yesterday, we are confident going into second half. We get the opposite, we have to be mentally stronger, to not get angry but also motivate ourselves whilst concentrated on creating chances and playing football. They are fouling can we? Nope, they can but it’s a foul if you do. Imagine how that screws up your brain!



    They need investment so orders are out- sevco need to look dominant and we need to look second best.



    Change the manager, change the players won’t help imo. Everything that can be done to help sevco is being done and i wouldn’t be surprised if it was beyond even the previous wild, beyond belief levels of before.

  16. The Darnel fans are already planning a title winning party in George square.


    Just imagine tens of thousands of them partying in that square .


    We will have to live with the videos of that for the rest of our lives.


    Then r


    They get the £40 plus million income from the CL .



    The whole canoe turns upside down and we are the ones under water ,clutching for breath.Struggling to turn things around .


    Whilst the row off into the distance.



    Think that ,that is fanciful .


    Then you are delusional.


    Blindly deluded.



    It’ time Dermot .



    Get it done.




  17. To everyone talking about Jack Ross as manager, there’s an argument that Robbie Neilston is a better manager – he won the cup semi final between the two teams a few weeks ago.



    To others saying that there is no one out there – when there was complaints about our left back situation no one (I don’t think) was suggesting we buy Laxalt.


    There will be excellent options out there if you are looking.

  18. MARTIM1980 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 9:54 AM




    You don’t get it, thank God.


    Ave Ave

  19. Assimilated tim Scotland, One win out of three, penalty shoot out dependant. Manager’s a hero, if blue before green.

  20. Sevco trading while insolvent is illegal and should concern those in law and order, it should concern the governing bodies of football, it should concern clubs in their league primarirly and it should concern fans whose clubs take no interest in this situation , ours it would appear included.

  21. Henry Joy, honestly please, later read back on your comments. Tunes are good but i don’t understand the rest. Take care 🍀☘

  22. Lennys interviews both on tv and in papers are embarrassing.his answers are always the same.(although at least this time he didnt say we were outstanding in last 20 mins)he states the obvious.tell us something that will give us hope that you can stop these uninspiring performances.he singles out players.fgs he said broony had a rush of blood to head and needs to get that out his game.aye broony will change noo Lenny at 35.hes no a youth player ffs.

  23. onenightinlisbon on

    DREW1967 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 10:25 AM



    Stock “we were too passive” answer rolled out every time.



    He threw the players under the bus again yesterday, took no responsibility at all, we have seen this movie before and know how it will end, sooner or later.

  24. DREW1967 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 10:25 AM




    Lenny isnt making the injury list an excuse or bemoaning what’s between the sticks.

  25. Just reading back on some of the comments about the penalty, would just like to add my tuppenceworth Clint Hill , Leigh Griffiths, Bobby Madden .

  26. TINYTIM on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 9:44 AM



    ‘Their directors have more desire to stop the 10 ,than ours have to win it.’







    Entirely understandable if a consequence of Celtic winning the 10 is that the huns go bust.

  27. I’ve noticed on here and myself included,when the team get a bad result we seem to pick on players who one week are the heroes,the next they are useless,this weekend it’s been Ajeti,Bitton,Frimpong,Elynoussi,after Thursdays match against Sparta ,if we get beat,which ones will be the scapegoats,I Forgot about Broony coming in for some criticism,and by the way Lennon doesn’t help either with his comments about certain players ,as for him if he has any decency he should resign ASAP,he must know his time is up or is he to stubborn to leave,If he doesn’t resign the board need to sack him now not next weekend but now,So the £50 thousand dollar question is who do you replace him with,my choice which will not be popular would be till the end off the season would be make John Kennedy ,Broony player coach,and Mc Manus as another coach,that’s my opinion.