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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    MARTIM1980 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 10:49 AM


    The players were passive yesterday.



    He says it every time we have a bad result.



    “Lack of hunger” was used yesterday as well.



    How can a team on the brink of making history lack hunger? Who is to blame for that?

  2. One night I have written all morning about what the players faced yesterday. Please read back. The cheating officials and hibs taking full advantage left them in the merde.

  3. I’m not a beating man and bookies stuff generally tends to run over my head. However, on the basis that bookies tend to look at things dispassionately and strip emotion from the equation, I had a peek earlier at the SPL odds. Sevco are now 4/11 with us at 5/2. A very, very long time since those odds were available.



    If – and it’s a big if – we are to turn this around then cold, calculated, decision making by the club hierarchy needs to be taken now. I’m not holding my breath. Lose it and the huge marketing opportunities afforded by the “10” will go down the stank and season book sales (whether we are back in stadiums or not) will also, in my view, be subject to a nosedive.

  4. I would love the players to complain more but we’d likely get banned going by over 1000 years of sfa trends.

  5. Good morning, friends.


    As I messaged my weans last night, “As your Dad I take full responsibility for bringing you up as Celtic fans. But like it or lump it, being a Celtic fan “through and through” means just that. Please never turn into being like those from the dark side of the city who think they have a God given right for success (they are the people?). In football you have to EARN success. If we don’t win the league this year it wont detract from my enjoyment of winning the last 9. To do 9 in a row (legally!) twice in my lifetime along with (hopefully) a QUADRUPLE TREBLE is quite unbelievable. So, Keep The Faith and let’s see where we are come May 2021. HH and XXX. Old Man Jobo”


    I awoke this morning and realise that we are 8 points behind, have a game in hand and still to play Sevco 3 times. So, it is still in our own hands. And, of course, there are more important things in life. Mon the Vaccine!



  6. Well, a few beers and a couple of ‘golidies’ last night and some time away from twitter and CQN and I don’t feel amy differently about Celtic this morning.



    Change required. How we do that I don’t know.



    Reading back on the blog I am reminded that arguments often get distilled down into one or two narrow points. Not wise. Things are always broader and more nuanced than that.



    Celtic have been neglectful in many respects. I can’t claim I’ve always agreed with that idea. It isn’t as bad as sone paint it but it has left us with a coaching set up which, from the outside looking in feels less than impressive if I am being kind about it.


    Some of the players are frustrating the life out of me at present too. I don’t care if you don’t like the manager, you do your job to the best of your ability. If you feel your own fitness has dropped since the last guy left then surely that is something you discuss with the fitness coach when looking at your stats rather than just saying ‘the new coach isn’t working me hard enough.’ For that matter what are the fitness guys doing if that is happening and as some claim we are not as fit as we were? It doesn’t wash with me. Do the job you are very well paid to do and take your complaints to the senior staff at the club if there is a lack of focus from your immediate line manager. Don’t let down the people who pay your wages.



    But also, and here perhaps is the ‘other’ that is going on. It is not an excuse, it is a fact, the club who are currently ahead of us in the league have done what the club who played on their premises did before and put out a team on the field and a coaching staff they can’t afford. They have been incapable in both incarnations this century of winning titles or coming close to it honestly. I include the lower leagues in that.


    It isnt just Celtic who suffer either. Hibs and Aberdeen could have a realistic shot at a CL spot this season if the ibrox franchise was living within its means. Those facts need dealt with.



    The referees, well, we knew that. To be honest a better organised team playing to its strengths tends to negate them more often than not too. Still we should ca them out when we need to.



    Celtics self inflicted wounds are those we can do more about in the immediate future. It should be the focus. But we need to talk about the other stuff too.



    Have a good day. Unless you’re a zombie. In which case GTF.

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    MARTIM1980 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 10:54 AM



    The cheating officials…..no longer cuts it for me. Just more excuses for another poor result.



    If Brown’s penalty had been at the other end would we have said it was soft?



    If they had been given our penalty would we have complained?



    Time for a reality check. The officials, the huns, lack of a crowd….we are sleepwalking to failure and our custodians don’t give a flying ****. Lawwell and Desmond will be first to congratulate Sevco if they win the league. Job done. “Old Firm” parity back …

  8. Oops – ‘I don’t feel amy differently’ is quite the typo. Amy and my missus will be very upset. ‘I don’t feel any differently’ is of course how it should read.

  9. Broonie, Awesome Leader, he handed the baton over Yesterday.



    Dinnae expect Scott to play much mair.



    When Neil said he would build a team around Scott?






    This has been in the Last Post.



    Our Almighty God can get Anyones attention in the blink of an Eye.



  10. TIMBHOY2 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 10:40 AM



    John Kennedy, nice guy but absolutely not.


    Responsible in no small degree for the sieve “tactics”.


    If he is the answer, I’d hate to ask what the question was.

  11. One night in Lisbon- you know, the thought that DD and PL and indeed any of the clubs staff or owners don’t feel hurt by this really really peeves me. I hope you are wrong but I’d like to see the evidence to the contrary.

  12. onenightinlisbon on




    I know but remember they don’t look at Celtic as we do.



    I honestly don’t think that they care either way whether we get the ten or not.

  13. If your is point good it will stand. Saying the same thing every day looks like agenda driven. I’m sure the majority of readers/lurkers see this. Especially when people disappear when Celtic win.

  14. Jobo Baldie – brilliant. I’m stealing that. My own are too young to know anything but success after success and they are late teens. Had to try not to do too much of the ‘you should have lived through the 90’s’ patter but they do need to learn how to handle adversity in the Celtic way. Defiance, fightback, a wee bit if good humour and just knowing that life is better for being a Tim!

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    Agenda driven?



    The agenda is we have the best manager/team on the park and win the ten. Is that not yours?




    Hope we are wrong. One way or another they aren’t this club. Long term id like to see a very different ownership model for our football club – the one our forebears built and sustained through good times and bad. Celtic is the last vestige of professional sport I watch with any feeling. It would take something seismic to rip me away from celtic but I get the guys who walked away from man United and those who support junior teams and the like. If I wasn’t what I am I think I’d be one of those guys.

  17. First time around as manager my biggest criticism of Neil was that he didn’t seem to know his best starting eleven. i think that is the same today.

  18. That first touch is crucial to Every fitba player.



    I like wee Gordon but…….. Neil cannae be free to go a bit Crazy.



    Frankly Mr Shankly. Neil became a Yes Man.



    Horrible to say.

  19. One night- as far as I can see you want, in the middle of our attempt at 10 in a row season, to get rid of the coaches, players, board and chief exec. Have i missed anyone?

  20. If anyone thinks Celtic Plc will change strategy for the sake of a row they have another think coming.


    Big bhoy/ghirl pants on.


    Suck it up.


    Ave Ave

  21. onenightinlisbon on

    MARTIM1980 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 11:15 AM



    Apologies if I was unclear.



    The removal of board/Chief Exec would be for another day, not a simple task.



    The manager however would be easy but the two are interlinked. Lawwell and Desmond want a compliant puppet and they have one.

  22. Shocking Neil wisnae Allowed ANY dugout staff.



    Treated like. Maybe the Great reset isnae such a…… no



    God Bless Neil Francis Lennon.




    A real hero.

  23. One night, I admire your continued pursuit. I want the manager to have a voice but, also expect a chain of command.



    The idea of a manager running the entire club and calling the shots is fantasy. I think you know that.

  24. onenightinlisbon on

    MARTIM1980 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 11:24 AM



    Many thanks. I’m not being cynical/critical for the sake of it.

  25. Lawwell’s appointments have been Strachan, Mowbray, Lennon, Deila and Lennon.



    That’s shocking recruitment – Strachan aside.



    He either doesn’t know how to appoint a good manager or he doesn’t want a good manager.



    Lennon will be his mudguard for the rest of the season and come renewal time, there’ll be another Lawwell no mark in post and a case of sure it was a great run, had to come to an end sometime, now pony up.



    Not me, Peter. Not this time. I’ll be back when you’re removed from your post.