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  1. So I checked and Porteous of Hibs played for Scotland under 21s during the week and he was on the field against us yesterday.



    Now we were told about 11am yesterday that Tuurnbull had to self isolate so I presume the rest of the Scotland squad would have been the same Porteous included. No?


    So why was he playing.



    What a shit show from the sfa.



    Celtic should not let this go. There is something fundamentally wrong with the sfa testing system.



    I think we should be refusing to let all players go away with the sfa until after the pandemic.



    D :)

  2. There WERE players with a lack of urgency in our first half yesterday. We were dominating Hibs and they were forced on to the defensive and the players believed it was just a matter of time till the breakthrough. Jack Ross would not have been too worried about that- he foresaw it and set his team up to use the pace of Boyle & Murphy on the counter.



    It was no tactical master class; it was just an inevitability. He will do the same against Sevco. Hibs will be FORCED on to the defensive because the opposition has superior players. He will HOPE that his defence holds out long enough for the opposition to doubt themselves and he will then fancy that the opposition defence will become more nervy when they haven’t scored.



    I said, before the game, that neither defence was that capable and that the best way to win was to outscore Hibs. I suggested 3:5:2 but accepted that Neil was likely to start with 1 up front. I thought it would be Edouard and not Ajeti but that was one of two selections I called wrong ( I had Duffy in for Bitton too).



    I don’t trust the current Celtic when we go behind. Yes. we fought back yesterday to draw but a draw was not a good result when we had played so much better than them.



    I started saying we had players who were not forceful enough and people have picked up on the “players who want away ” line from the manager but I see no overlap between these two groups. With the possible exception of Chris Jullien, if his injury was “invented”, the “want away” players have been amongst our better players, e.g. Christie & Ajer, and the “want to be here”- Duffy – among our poorest. Laxalt has not made any statement about wanting to stay at Celtic but he has performed admirably. Edouard WAS off form earlier but, to me he was always trying, it just wasn’t coming off for him, and yesterday he helped make us more of a direct threat. And, Ntcham & Elyounoussi were always enigmatic- brilliant in mostly bigger games- strangely difident (passive) in the bread & butter games.



    The defence CAN obviously be made tighter but there are no personnel, currently with us, who can strenghten it. So, for me, our tactics are clear, for team identity.



    We need 2 up front , home and away, which means trusting 3 at the back. It’s not ideal but it may be the best we can do till the transfer window. I don’t believe it will make us more of a sieve (how could it?), and I worry that the cost of replacing Frimpong with Elhamed to make a back 4, loses us much needed attacking potency.



    So, for me:- Pick your 3 from , Ajer, Duffy, Jullien, Elhamed, Welsh and Bitton. ( I would choose them in that order) and let’s go and outscore the rest, whilst improving our defence a little bit.

  3. David66 11.36am



    David Turnbull was one of the three players who tested positive for COVID, think another 8 were close contacts of the 3 who tested positive …



    Hope DT is ok, on a football front am a bit gutted about the lack of time on the park DT has had … maybe Neil is sticking by the players he thinks he can depend on … like most workplaces :-)



    Westcraigs 11.36am



    Cheers, I hadn’t realised that wee fact, maybe since Fraser is not here the refs are more confident penalties are a game changer this season



    Never Paranoid Enough CSC

  4. GFTB on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 11:49 AM



    The players he can depend on?



    I wonder if they’re the same ones he’s said didn’t want to be here and should leave? The ones who aren’t getting messages? The ones who are lazy?



    By the way, these are Lennon’s words, not necessarily mine.

  5. The battered bunnet – good humoured, well thought out defiance in the face of adversity is ‘Being a Tim 101’ as far back as I remember.



    Used to live the stories of my own ‘Celtic Da’ and his brothers and my mums side ofvthe family even more so, who lived through the pre Stein era. Grew up on tales of battering them but getting done by sucker punches, dodgy penalties, narrowed pitches, overgrown grass – everything to stop our footballers from playing football. Unfulfilled potential of great players in poor teams. Crying my lamps out after losing a league cup final to them and a Scottish cup final to aberdeen, not eating my dinner after getting beat by the deceased devils 11.



    For the quick on the trigger types, let me say, I’m shooting the breeze here. Sunday morning Celtic feeling stuff. I’m not justifying the keystone cops formation of our current team.



    However, if we lose the values and the positives that have seen us through many a set back over-the-counter years then we also lose a little something of our Celtic soul. We should never just accept second best or defeat but when it happens that is when we find out most about where we really are as a ‘people’ and a ‘culture’ i think. The honest mirror of self reflection is never comfortable. But it can be a great teacher if you are open to learning.



    On reflection, I may still be drunk. 🤣

  6. I’d give Sevco the points now. Today we could have had the focus and pressure on them had we gained three points.



    They fold every time pressure is exerted but we’re now so bad we can’t even do that – they’ll canter to the title.



    We’ll go into the Non champions route next season with a new management team and a recently assembled squad.



    We’ll do well to qualify for the Europa while they have two ties to make the CL group stages.



    They won’t play Arfield as a lone striker or play Davis at left back so I’d expect them to qualify.



    The generation of domination will be lost because Neil Lennon is a Celtic man and above punter criticism.



    Sure we can read P67’s thoughts and their accounts and be delighted about our balance sheet cup win.

  7. AN DÚN on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 11:59 AM



    Sevco are a half-decent team in Europe. I’d expect them to beat the likes of Ferencvaros and claim the £35m prize.



    We won’t even be able to gloat about balance sheets in a year’s time…

  8. Duffy has clearly been struggling so far at Celtic and we put that into context. But are the defensive issues more structural?



    Watch (includes shiny diagrams) : The Huddle Breakdown | EP2 | What’s going wrong with Celtic’s defence | Shane Duffy stats – YouTube



    Listen : In Duffy’s Defence – what’s going wrong with Celtic’s back line? | The Huddle Breakdown | Spreaker

  9. glendalystonsils on




    That would be great but unlikely . 3-0 Sevco is a more likely score including an early Tavernier penalty to set the tone .


    Aberdeen taking anything would buy us a bit of time but it wouldn’t in itself improve our performances .

  10. AN DÚN on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 11:59 AM




    ‘The generation of domination will be lost because Neil Lennon is a Celtic man and above punter criticism.’







    No. If it happens, the generation of domination will be lost because the entire ownership and managment structure of the Club is dysfunctional.

  11. Geebee 11.52am



    Yip, can’t disagree again ..



    But, the starting 11 yesterday was the same starting 11 that won 4-1 at Fir Park, my comment was players who have delivered trophies and Neil’s summer signings which I think many of us thought were terrific signings when they signed

  12. I’m offski. Dont want to know anything about their game. I’m assuming they’ll win. So I will enjoy my day off in peace without them annoying me.



    Have a good one Timland. Zombies, GTF.

  13. GFTB – I know he has tested positive but that was after he got told to self isolate it’s the timeline I’m talking about and the lack of planning from the corrupt sfa.



    Of course I hope DT gets well as anyone else contracting this horrible virus.



    How can Celtic as a club trust our players to a body such as the sfa if they are not testing and tracing properly.



    No more players to sfa until after the pandemic I think that’s a reasonable stance.



    D :)

  14. Now that Julian is back, we need to go to a 3 .Our two wingbacks are not equipped at playing fullback. JF is proving a liability when he does and Laxalt is like Emilio on steroids..



    Eduoard must start every game, c/w ajeti or Griff,



    We need to play Barkas and hope he is as good a quality as his transfer fee would suggest.



    We now have to remain unbeaten domestically til the end of the season

  15. An Dun – Good post.



    Some will say harsh but it more than likely will be reality.



    For us the old saying ” the definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting different results” spring to mind.



    For all the stand by yer man poster’s, I will say it again “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”



    We might have time under a new manager who can get the best out of the players and consolidate things aka go 4 – 4 – 2.



    D :)

  16. GFTB on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 12:03 PM



    Delivered trophies in the past? So are we talking sentiment which holds no water for me?



    He’s already said certain players don’t want to be here and aren’t taking messages on board.



    He pursued Turnbull for over a year….why can’t he get a game?

  17. For all you guys who have amazon prime or iptv try El Presidente.



    About football and the corruption in it.



    D :)

  18. David 66,



    I know that you purchased the Hibs PPV. Was the coverage good ?



    I decided that I would watch hes goal. The coverage was pathetic. I cast it from Android, possibly I should have used a HDMI cable direct from a device right into the TV.



    I am wondering if the Hibs server was up to the task.



    If so, I should have paid the £15.



    Thanks in anticipation.

  19. David66 12.04pm



    I wouldn’t let any player board a plane for Scotland or Celtic during these times … as for stopping them playing for their country … am afraid nearly every player probably loves playing for their country far more than their employer




    The stream from Hibs TV was spot on, although they did say you could get the Celtic commentry rather than yon dour Edinburgh lingo, but it wasn’t to be.

  21. Geebee 12.18pm



    Again, no argument here, I really like Turnbull and was over the moon the first time when I thought he had signed, again, I am not saying Neil is in the right … just trying to suggest why he is sticking by players who have constantly won him (& us) trophies .. no room for sentiment … again agree but nothing is actually lost …. yet :-)

  22. A year ago Neil Lennon’s team won vs Lazio in Rome. They were top of serie A at the time.



    What a difference a year makes.



    The board freed up a huge amount of wage Bill to fund resource for this year.



    My own sense was that recognising Neil had got us to 8 and was not the best to take us to 10 was the mistake they made. The good habits from Brendan took a while to be undone but it has been now.



    Sadly jam today does not always lead to more tomorrow.