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  1. @CelticFC v Hibs



    Barkas, Kenny, Ajer, Welsh, Taylor, Brown, McGregor, Christie,Turnbull, Elyounoussi, Edouard



    Subs:Hazard, Ralston, Soro, Murray, Forrest, Griffiths, Ajeti, Dembele, Montgomery

  2. Butchers aprons flying from lampposts in my area this morning , never new we had so many patriots.


    Keep out of glasgow today guys Huns spreading this virus through the city

  3. No condemnation, just a sort of thats all right then reporting.







    Hundreds of Rangers fans arrive from Northern Ireland for club’s title day


    Packed planes have taken off from Belfast and arrived in Glasgow to see the Ibrox side lift their first silverware,




    Rangers supporters have jetted across the Irish Sea with hundreds leaving Belfast to watch their team lift the league title today.



    Packed planes have taken off from Belfast and arrived in Glasgow to see the Ibrox side lift their first silverware for years.






    Rangers play Aberdeen today in Govan in their final league clash of the season with kick-off at 12.30pm- although the undefeated Light Blues have had the league tied up for weeks.



    On social media, videos and pictures have showed the packed flights filled with singing fans, thought to have been taken on the EasyJet 5.20pm flight yesterday from the Northern Irish capital.




    An 18 second clip from Twitter user Hugh Searle, shows a cabin full of blue-masked supporters singing on the flight.



    Bosses at Glasgow Airport have confirmed that police were called to the arrivals gate but say this practice isn’t uncommon and no arrests were made.



    Supporters have already descended on Ibrox today ahead of the big game, with pictures showing huge crowds gathered outside the stadium with some letting off smoke bombs.



    The gathering has come despite stern warnings from senior politicians, police and bosses at the club.



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    Cluster of ‘unusual infections’ among patients at Scots children’s hospital sparks investigation


    The warnings came as coronavirus cases in the city are rising and the Scottish Government is keeping Glasgow in a stricter state of lockdown than the rest of the country.



    Last night Blues fans turned the River Clyde red with a huge pyrotechnics display.





    More than a 100 supporters lined the banks of the river with flares.





    Steven Gerrard greets jubilant Rangers fans as punters descend on Ibrox early for trophy day



    Police vans have been deployed to the south of the River Clyde in Glasgow as the red flares erupted on both sides of the river near the ‘squinty bridge’.



    The pyrotechnics display could be seen across the city.








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    Regards TASMAN BAY trainer SIR MARK TODD ex showjumper/ title suggest has a few bob says he’s looking for a breakthrough horse hope this is the one will invest a sheckle or two



  5. What message does Kennedy send out to play like Montgomery,Dembele ,the last game of the sea season and he is to frightened to play these young good players ,Mind you what do you expect when you had Lennon picking the team ,be glad to see the back of him ,terrible coach,

  6. onenightinlisbon on

    Let them show the world once again what being Scotland’s shame is all about.



    ( league titles in a row, did they have to shut up shops and bars?



    God bless Celtic and it’s diversified support.

  7. here we go, why doesnt john kennedy do what i want, terrible coach, no wonder lennon got the sack



    blah blah blah blah.

  8. quadrophenian on



    Cmon; in fairness, what’s wrong with questioning a selection that sees 2x loaners, 1x transferee and 2x wantaways get a start, when there’s a heap of young peripherals who’d benefit from the experience of a run out.


    Nobody needs to diss the coach’s ability, but just questioning the philosophy of what we really get out of it?


    Course, if our loans are structured around x-number of appearances as mandatories, or we’re still trying to shop window a couple of pieces of merch, well that might explain it.


    Meanwhile, kids get splinters fae all that pine.

  9. QUADROPHENIAN on 15TH MAY 2021 12:07 PM



    I will be happy when we kick our last ball today.


    I might give CQN a close-season break, the negativity on all things celtic is just so tedious,

  10. quadrophenian on

    SAINTSTIVS – I hear ya.


    It’s the endless politicking that grinds on me.


    Hoping next season finds us all in better fettle.

  11. DAVID66



    be on Hibs tv if youve got firestick(sure you know that anyway mate but just in case)



    Got firesticks if your looking

  12. St Stivs,


    Have to say I am very dis appointed in the team line up.Dembele should have played before Moi.I wanted to see the wee man get a full game.Something for the fans to look forward to.Apart from that,LG playing alongside Eddy..

  13. TB,



    I have to believe there is a reason the kids dont get picked, for all the skills the wee dembele has he is just not ready. We have been waiting 2 years now for him to burst onto the scene, Jamsie out for most of the season, Frimpers gone, a poor performing team, and still he didnt make it.



    Has to be on him, not the coach not picking him.

  14. Montgomery looked to have more pace than we will get with Taylor


    If up against Boyle

  15. The scened at the edwardian toilet block are digraceful.



    We will be back in a total lockdown in 2 weeks.



    They are out for blood, stay out the city.

  16. If it doesn’t their way today (doubtful sadly) look out for more weird decisions.



    Maddhun is 4th official at i-broke thereby in ref’s ear.

  17. Another unimaginative line up.



    Why play players who will not figure in our rebuild. ?



    We have the perfect opportunity to try our youngsters and we decline again.



    Puts to bed the argument that we should participate in any lesser league.



    Poor Poor ” management ”




  18. If we were only select players who will be here next season we would have a weak team.


    We need a complete rebuild next season.

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