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  1. Rolling_Stone on

    @ TINYTIM on 15TH MAY 2021 10:25 PM



    I don’t think he will be starved out, but a boycott could elicit change in their approach to the footballing department.



    If we had 60,000 supporters turning up during the Ronny era irrespective of how poor we were or how little ambition we showed, we would not have signed BR. The board wouldn’t feel the need.



    Only because people did not attend and consequently revenue dropped, did they feel the need to finally act and make a quality appointment to entice the supporters back.

  2. 8.24 A Fiver ……..



    Dermot won’t sell when the share price is down.



    It is naive to think so .







  3. ROLLING_STONE on 15TH MAY 2021 10:21 PM



    Two changes from the Liverpool game in the second leg



    It might be an approach that teams in the bigger leagues take but it doesn’t seem to be one he did. And in that case why didn’t Celtic do better against Valencia?

  4. DAVID 17



    100% correct. I am almost lost for words at some of the disgusting video images I’ve seen tonight. If Gerrard thinks that standard of behaviour is acceptable then it says more about him than anything I ever could.

  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    It’s something that isn’t acknowledged enough. Gerard is rabble rousing pond life scum.

  6. Rolling Stone



    Lawwell implemented a right sizing exercise in our business after Seville. That had to happen. Then Huns did not.



    Strachan and his incredible success owed a lot to the relationship between them.



    Rangers were exasperated. Trust me I had a foot in both camps. I was sat with Martin Bain when Murray approved huge further spend for them in May 2008. Money they could not afford. Bain was ecstatic as he was not accountable. Our man lawwell was. We took the medicine again for 3 seasons as they scraped home in 2 of them under Walter. They were a busted flush though. They all knew it. I was in Bucharest with them the night before they played the wee Rumanian village team in the Champs League. Alisdair Johnston was practically passing the begging bowl around their posh entourage that night. I went running with him the following morning and he told me they would struggle to see the season through. They did and lasted another incredibly. Our man played a steady but often unpopular hand. A balance which took us close on 2 of the 3 seasons ( the Tony M season we were robbed left right and Centre ) despite their huge largesse with Couzins and the big french centre back and Davies and many others they could not afford. Our man kept our balance sheet tight and the rewards came when judgement day fell on 14th Feb 2012.



    As I say I saw both sides from 2003-2010 as My company were very active with both clubs back then.


    Not Lawwell’s strategy but definitely his execution which saw us to dominate. He kept our business afloat and sustainable so for that he rightly could then claim the spoils. In my view.

  7. Rolling stone



    So is this guy who is coming in as manager not to your liking then ?

  8. Rolling_Stone on

    @CELTIC40ME on 15TH MAY 2021 10:33 PM



    Well Valencia were fairly good. Top 4 in Spain, Spanish Cup winners and semi final of EL.

  9. BURNLEY78;



    if you’re claiming to have an inside track at Celtic and are saying that Rodgers and the board had a good relationship and that all was rosy between them your friends inside Celtic are either lying to you or you are lying to us. Because I have myself first hand knoweldge of the situation and I KNOW it wasn’t rosy at all. And you don’t have to take my word for it either; Rodgers attacked them publicly on several occasions and they attacked him personally on at least one occasion.



    And on top of that they made sure that a lot of their friendly bloggers blackened his name every chance they got. I wrote extraordinarily negative series of pieces when he left but I’ve had the time to revise my view in light of more recent events and I have not the slightest doubt that Rodgers left in no small part because the situation between him and senior executives had become impossible.



    Just weeks before he left – WEEKS before – he publicly attacked the club’s signing of Maryan Shved. Whatever way you want to spin that, Rodgers and the board were nowhere near on the same page by then.



    And yes, Lawwell’s tenure is a failure. And I can easily justify that.



    Captain Edward Smith was a good captain right up until the moment he had to be more than that. How did his story end again?



    All this Lawwell lovin’ makes me want to vomit, honestly it does.






    “This is what the hero left on his way out the door.”

  10. Latchford



    Glad we agree on something for once.



    He is a despicable horrible type.



    Really at lower end of even their levels.



    Brendan despised him.



    I love the story that Chris Davies would not shake his hand in the Chinese one night…..saying it’s business here and we are rivals not friends.

  11. ROLLING_STONE on 15TH MAY 2021 10:40 PM



    Valencia are a perfect fit for your description of a team in a big leagues that prioritizes domestic league positions over Europa success, and field weakened teams as a result.



    By your logic we shouldn’t be going at as meekly against them as we did. The defeat is an even bigger black mark against them in that case

  12. Burnley78


    You are obviously a huge fan of Lawwell and his ways.


    Would this include him signing players for the first team that the manager didn’t want?

  13. I realise that it’s fashionable right now, and has been for a while; tae cast aspersions at the Kaiser and sharp suited mhan.



    Some of that is fueled by personal feelings, especially where big gas meter is concerned, but most is the propaganda propelled by our haters in which our fhans have picked up in, as the old saying goes if you throw enough scheitd at the wall some of it will stick, goebbells would be proud of them.



    As for the fraud, I’m not going tae deny he was good for us initially and we were all delighted when he arrived, but don’t forget back then he couldnae buy a job and it worked out great for both him and the club.



    Also unlike MON who replaced the hapless barnes, he took over from Ronny assisted with John Collins, they were anything but failures with 2 Titles and 1 LC and as we all know he was robbed of doubles and trebles by “honest mistakes”, we were a proper coached and highly fit side with fraud just having tae tweak a bit here and there and too be perfectly honest sevco were absolutely scheitd.



    He has a couple of traits with MON, both come fae the black north and left there at a young age tae play the game in England. Both were not initially Celtic supporters but at least the Blessed Martin has the decency tae admit that it was his da who was the Celtic mhan as he himself favoured Sunderland as they played in the same colours as his beloved Derry, also one of his favourite ever players Cork born Charlie Hurley was a legendary Black Cat.



    The fraud however, even though he came fae a Celtic minded family, was NEVER one of us as confirmed by his cousin Ballymena born Nigel Worthington who played for Sheffield Wednesday who he follow followed instead.



    After guiding Watford to safety he quickly became the favourite tae replace Steve Coppel at Reading where he had played as a lad.



    He initially distanced himself from this saying that his “concentration (is) fully on Watford”. However, he eventually agreed a deal to become the new manager of Reading on 5 June 2009, after a compensation package worth an initial £500,000 with Watford was agreed, which later rose to £1 million.



    The Watford Supporters’ Trust stated that Rodgers’ reputation was “severely damaged” in the eyes of the supporters as a result of the move, but they nevertheless “thanked him for his efforts last season” and “(wished) him well for the future”.



    Within 6 months he was given the sugar lump and a further 6 months on he joined the Championship Swans and in his first season he led them intae the Premier League.



    He won the Premier Manager of the Month for January 2012 and then the following month signed a 3 ½ year contract. Within 4 months he had bailed oot for Anfield replacing Kenny.



    We all know how that ended up and until we came along he was unemployable.



    IMHO with his track record including bailing oot on us Leicester is as big as it gets for him.



    Some on here and other sites when mentioning future managers say that managers talk all the time and none will want tae come here under present conditions.



    Well so do CEOs, Directors and millionaires so it cuts both ways and our main mhan is a not just a millionaire but a billionaire and a well respected one at that.

  14. fourstonecoppi on

    Just seen some of the outrageous footage of the rioting……………surely to god this should finish them!

  15. This is a good as it gets for them.



    Our new man will be appointed in next 10 days and tge momentum switches.

  16. ScotRail








    NEW: Due to reports of trespassers on the railway, train services between Partick and Scotstounhill may be subject to disruption. We’re working closely with the emergency services at this time and will update you once we have more information.

  17. BURNLEY78 on 15TH MAY 2021 10:26 PM



    Clink Once in a generation for the Huns. We won’t see another major trophy for a time.



    *fully concur here, begging money every month tae pay the bills they truly are a busted flush, they will still be around but more of the late 70s early 80s version.



    All sort of reasons have been given for this season, Lenny, PL, Covid, mitb, smsm etc, however it should be remembered that early on the nephew of Monsignor Clancy stated “the officials know what they have to do” and that’s it in a nutshell, they were going out of the game unless entry to the Big Cup was made available.



    Just think of all those mitb’s who go off on jollys tae Europe, nae huns as they were known and their good life is over, similarly the other SPL teams know that as well so an easy passage tae the title is made available.



    For all they are the “invincibles” they exited both domestic cups against teams they should never have seen in their road given their League form.



    Like we celebrate Lisbon and 7-1 they’ll look back on this day and congregate singing “hullo hullo one in a row hullo hullo”

  18. Burnley78



    I hope you’re correct.


    However, 25 points behind? We need a helluva lot of momentum


    We’re certainly not giving ourselves every chance next season.

  19. Tontine Tim on 15th May 2021 11:16 pm





    Very well written and thought provoking.



    Being from the North – I know that BR is seen by many who really know him as a spiv. I was told in work by his brother’s best friend on the Friday before he got the Celtic job the following week, that I should bet on BR as the next Celtic manager (his whole family were doing so) and this was when he was not really mentioned as a runner for the job. Having said all of that – he was and is a top manager. I thank him for what he did for Celtic, but he is a spiv, and he used Celtic. How do I reconcile all of this? Very difficult – but I congratulate him today and just pray we get someone to give us their best and like Big Jock, really fall in love with us.




  20. James F



    The relationship worked fine for both.



    Naturally when it finished / was finishing both sides obviously wanted to protect their positions.



    Bonkers to think otherwise.



    As Tontine says Brendan was and is a mercenary. A professional who manages his career well. Lawwell has to manage a fan base with folk like you keen to criticize every move …… even though you have never walked in his shoes and only see the situation through your lens…… The last bit is not a corticosteroids of you James F it is simply a fact that we all have to face. None of us have held the poison chalice that lawwell has for 17 years and only 4 men held before him for an aggregate of less than 10 years. Easy to play the role of armchair CEO than do it for real.



    I have been fortunate to see some of it very close, on both sides of the city. I also know the efforts he made to gain greater leverage for our club v the entrenched bias we face. Best example was my direct involvement pre the Gordon Smith appt at SFA and subsequent. He may not be your cup of tea right now. I struggle to sense we would be in a better place now with another. He fires the bullets remember it’s the owners who make them. Maybe if someone like Chris T agitated for a different strategy then it might influence DD ? For me the biggest issue in past 17 years is complete lack of progress to get out of our bitter wee Scottish playing environment and stimulate structural change in our game. As a non big 4 league leading club that’s what we should be doing. That’s where PL failed for me.

  21. BURNLEY78 on 15TH MAY 2021 11:44 PM



    excellent insights and sharing tonight, ta for that.



    people with no high level business experience want to critique CEO, they type mince.

  22. Uncle Jimmy



    Sadly today’s ref was directly responsible for 12 of those points. 8 he gave to the Huns and 4 he cost us inc 2 toddy.

  23. Seeing the disallowed Chelsea goal again on MOTD, can only be one word for it, scandalous. Watched the reaction of the Leicester players, total shock and disappointment for them, linesman out of the picture so not sure if he flagged it. Football is not gridiron, and there are no laser lines out there on the pitch, so to allow some distant “refs” make that decision really is a disgrace. All credit to Leicester, but VAR is capable of destroying the game, and indeed has destroyed many a result in the EPL this season. More jobs for the boys. Ok maybe Bobby Lennox would have benefitted from it, who knows?

  24. TONTINE TIM on 15TH MAY 2021 11:34 PM


    So you blame the refs for us finishing 23 points behind sevco.


    I’ve got 28 million stashed away and if you pass me your bank account number I will half it with you.

  25. meanwhile as I predicted,



    The same flies on a different shite rioted as soon as they get drunk enough , and mob handed enough, and orange entitled enough, and ALLOWED TO by the police and government.



    All those videos, I always wonder, at what point do supporters of the same team, turn on someone, on the videos, it is nearly always a group they pummel some poor guy, what have they done they dont like , why the victim ? I could make a guess they are not bitter enough and the others pick them off,



    In Bish, Dargavel tonight, plenty of young huns out.



    3 at the shops, they were loud and proud and shouty, and wrapped in the jacks.


    I got out the car with my Celtic Manhatten 67 t-shirt on, they all shut up and said “there is xxxxx dad”



    Got out the shop and they had gone. I guess 3 of them versus a guy from the port is not a fair fight.


    Old man me though ,, was kinda hoping someone said something,



    A seen a few really pished arseholes coming out the station, wouldnt happen in the port , that drunken swagger, then i thought, first time you saw youre new club win something,



    I picked my girl up in erskine, a huge celt supporter lives there, two neighbours of his had jacks and 55 and a paratroopers flag, they make me feckin sick.



    a dying underclass under educated mob.

  26. Celtic Mac on 16th May 2021 12:00 am



    Seeing the disallowed Chelsea goal again on MOTD, can only be one word for it, scandalous. Watched the reaction of the Leicester players, total shock and disappointment for them, linesman out of the picture so not sure if he flagged it. Football is not gridiron, and there are no laser lines out there on the pitch, so to allow some distant “refs” make that decision really is a disgrace. All credit to Leicester, but VAR is capable of destroying the game, and indeed has destroyed many a result in the EPL this season. More jobs for the boys. Ok maybe Bobby Lennox would have benefitted from it, who knows?





    It was quite clearly offisde, VAR did it’s job and made sure the correct team won the cup.



    Wish we had VAR in the Hartson offisde

  27. squire danaher on

    BURNLEY78 on 15TH MAY 2021 10:38 PM



    Genuinely a fascinating story



    To what extent therefore do you believe that Celtic PLC were aware of the Hun financial situation and, from the perspective of maintaining their own business model, kept them in the game?



    This approach need not necessitate you criticising Lawwell and indeed may lead to you further hailing him as a guru for protecting what he and Desmond perceived as Celtic PLC interests

  28. Another bizarre witnessing today,



    As the huns returned to bishopton , 2 kids that were in my kids class at school , wandering home with their scrafs on,



    One of them is a handsome black guy.



    I had no idea , ever, he supported rangers, maybe he doesnt, maybe he went along with his pal for the event.



    I was actually glad the boy was home.

  29. the huddle



    “It was quite clearly offside”


    Funny how the Leicester players never saw it that way.


    But you did.


    You just proved my point!


    Monday morning QB

  30. Celtic Mac on 16th May 2021 12:35 am




    I’ll trust the quite clear photographic evidence before players on the pitch that were in no way able to judge if it was offside or not.

  31. I predicted, and it was a fairly easy prediction, that the Huns would gather en masse today and that the police would enable themselves to be powerless to stop them. The media in this country, whilst basically saying this was not a good look, will add the caveat that they can understand the fans’ exuberance at winning a title after such a long time.



    There will be enough high profile instances of fans arrested for violent offences that the police can say they did their job concentrating on the high profile offences. And no-one, not one single person, who organised, agitated or encouraged mass gatherings and marches will be touched. No-one wll be done for singing songs and they will use the excuse that they no longer have the OBaF Act behind them, to justify this.



    I predicted this and it saddens me to see it come true. when Glasgow and neighbouring authorities have to endure staying in Level 3 or being placed back into it, we will blame plane travel from India nd not what happened today.

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