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  1. Spartim…………






    We could start a list……….







  2. If anyone was so inclined a list of the individual offences “over-looked” at the mostly peaceful “celebration” could be helpful for Celtic Supporters to use any potential defence.



    The lack of people being lifted from the videos was weird, albeit not surprising.



    Apparently assault on a Police Officer is fine going by the evidence……….Can you imagine the response if Celtic supporters were hurling bottles, cones, barricades at Police Officers.



    Drinking in public.


    Urinating in public.




    Assault on a Police Officer.




    Attempted Murder.







    Btw I’m clearly being pedantic but how can you average football fan take the police seriously after this? Particuarly when one of their inspectors was encouraging it on Twitter last week. (A particulary ugly hun)




    All of that could be quashed by detaining and charging those previously involved instead of taking selfies and escorting them to terrorise the city.



    I think there has to be a public enquiry.

  3. The racist, bigoted, sectarian singing is also illegal hate crimes but we all know that creates a “fantastic” atmosphere…

  4. Everyone knew what would happen in Glasgow yesterday, yet it did happen.


    I’ll be writing to Nicola Sturgeon and I’d urge everyone to do the same.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on



    All Scottish journalists and media outlets.



    Operation “It Never Happened” has been announced.


    Repeat “It Never Happened” has been called.



    You know the drill…


    “It was a fun family day out.”


    “I didn’t see a thing and I was there all day.”


    “It was Chelsea fans.”

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    TINYTIM on 15TH MAY 2021 10:25 PM



    With parts of the top tier shut then the solution was BR to the rescue, blows away that argument of yours😰

  7. Celtic Mac


    Whether or not you agree with VAR (and I don’t), it was clearly demonstrated that the Chelsea player was offside. Leicester players, or indeed most football players on the pitch, are hardly the most neutral – or credible – judges of offside either for or against their own team.



    Oh, and btw, I am very glad it was ruled out as I collected on my bet for the result! No bias here…😉😉




  8. Much of the media still referring to events yesterday, rather euphemistically, as a ‘celebration’ following a ‘title triumph’


    Why do they choose to enable criminal activity?


    Once again, the police got it spectacularly wrong.


    To allow a crowd to form and ignore 5 hours of drinking? What the hell did they think would happen?


    Inquiry into the policing operation needed

  9. Paul The Spark on

    Uncle Jimmy


    After the last debacle at George Square the police appointed a QC to look at the policing and surprise surprise he said they done everything right. As they say who polices the police. I think we need Ted Hastings from AC 12 to catch these corrupt officers.

  10. The SNP must condemn this latest embarrassment and disgusting behaviour witnessed yesterday on our streets.



    If not I shudder to think what the walk will be like. The emboldened and entitled orange scum can do no wrong in many peoples eyes (media)

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on 16th May 2021 10:09 am



    At the end of Brendan’s first season in charge, the Celtic Board’s view was that “he was a pain in the arse.”



    Can only guess what Rodgers thought of Bankier?

  12. Why all the outrage.?


    We all knew what would happen yesterday. Dissenting voices will not be tolerated.



    But we endorsed it and our leaders will not give a monkeys.

  13. 81 days since Neil Lennon left Celtic


    We were 18 points adrift


    We finished 25 points behind


    There is nothing inevitable about us retaking the league next season.


    Complacency didn’t help us this season. We need to ensure no repeat

  14. !!BADA BING!! on 16TH MAY 2021 10:14 AM


    TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on 16th May 2021 10:09 am




    At the end of Brendan’s first season in charge, the Celtic Board’s view was that “he was a pain in the arse.”




    Can only guess what Rodgers thought of Bankier?




    A relative, close to the higher echelons at Celtic Park, told me this at the end of our Invincible season. He didn’t have any info about how BR thought about the Board. However, I thought st the time that it didn’t augur well for the future and so it eventually transpired.

  15. I do not claim to know any inside info about Brendan Rodgers time at Paradise.



    What I do know is that BR was the best fit possible for Celtic. His media communication was excellent as was the level of professionalism he brought to the club.



    From top to bottom this has deteriorated to alarming levels.


    We need to get the next managerial appointment right.




  16. Green pinta



    Completely agree. We also need to get the timing right. We must be considering several options. If there isn’t already a sense of urgency, there should be.


    Celtic40me was critical of those demanding an immediate appointment.


    I do not consider 80 odd days to be immediate.

  17. celticforever on

    If you include all the days where most fans reckoned we needed


    a new manager from maybe last October then its a damn lot


    more than 80 days probably more than 200 days



    Total neglect by the board and they will wonder why the ST uptake


    will be slow when they are on sale

  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    Bada, she’ll be nursing a hangover and cleaning up her firework debris, as for Yousef I couldn’t say



    If it walks like a hun, acts like a hun …….. no surprise at a) their behaviour b) plod enjoying the party too and c) how many COVID rules get broken as we all know it’s important that The Rangers get to celebrate their first title win



    To the victor the spoils but there is no justification for allowing the hordes to descend on central Glasgow not even if things were normal but then I’m not shocked at their behaviour or the support for it they get from govt and of course coordinated by the Police



    It’s over now it’s up to us to give them nothing to crow about.



    In response to a few responders I know PL is neither the messiah nor the antichrist but I’ll be glad when he’s out the building (think it was Tontine and Bankie 🍀🍀🍀)

  19. Go tell the Spartim on




    That louden theory didn’t stand up to fact checking even the GCC denied it.



    This will be consigned into the unsolved mysteries file, along with our season and why we didn’t act sooner (though I suspect it would’ve meant even longer with JK in charge. I’m hoping for his sake he proves himself elsewhere)

  20. SIONNAIGH on 16TH MAY 2021 12:59 AM




    ‘I’ll take it as read you acknowledge the UK is not one country, you just pretend it to be.’






    Scotland is a country.



    The UK is a state.



    I’d suggest that if you’re going to carry on spouting pro SNP propaganda on here that you at least try, for your own benefit if for no one else’s, to clarify what is meant by the terms: state, country and nation.

  21. Anyone remember the shame game?



    How long did it take Salmond to get involved?



    That involvement ended up with legislation that was intended to ‘even up the score’, which was a strange and inappropriate outcome to an event which involved the huns losing the plot and behaving like huns on the pitch.



    I wonder what the SNP’s response will be to yesterday’s events and who their target will be this time.



    One Scotland, One Dominant Kulture.

  22. Now I’ve heard it all. Police spokesman says there would have been the same situation whoever won the league. Even excuses the few arrests, although he claims there will be many more.

  23. celticforever on

    Only 2 months till the orange walk and then we need to go through all


    that happened yesterday again



    probably back in level 4 again by then though

  24. See when some folks question the term Hun – pause for a wee moment and consider the latest series of defining moments……………….



    thuv defined thumsels by their actions words and attitudes.



    Huns then, huns now.




  25. Mr Salford……



    Polis sleekitry epitomised.




    Thur at it , they know we know thur at it – and they couldn’t care less.


    Scotland is happy enough to let thum carry on.






    Excellent post.


    Kennedy and Strachan should be shown the door tomorrow before the restructuring starts.

  27. celticforever on

    Yesterday in my opinion is what us tims have to look forward to


    if Scotland gets Independence



    Obvious differences how we and them are treated by the Scottish


    Government and Police Scotland that has never been clearer


    than in the last year

  28. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Now I’ve heard it all. Police spokesman says there would have been the same situation whoever won the league. Even excuses the few arrests, although he claims there will be many more.






    The spokesman wasn’t Derek McWhinnie was it?



    If defies belief – a law enforcement officer whose Twitter account had an impromptu map of George Square.



    The perfect personification of the problem.

  29. I am not sure how often I read on these pages that our players weren`t trying. That being so, is the quote below from a player a lie?



    “We gave it everything we could, but we’ve just not managed to get that 10.”

  30. Scotland is not going to change anytime soon. That being so, the only solution to scenes like yesterday plus the obvious bias throughout the season ( SFA;SPFL;MSSM;Referees;Scottish Parliament et al) is to make Celtic a much better side than any other in Scotland. Unfortunately, that would rely on our largest shareholder sharing that viepoint.I have not seen much in the way of evidence that he does.

  31. Hot Smoked,



    Sadly I agree.



    I was always of the opinion he was playing to the scoddish gallery. A cute hoor in local patois, but I now doubt that.


    I also doubt Dom will be allowed to address our “currant” concerns unless Dermot has had a radical and total re-evaluation of the product he is responsible for.



    ( my view can change quickly given encouragement from our custodians, but I now have nothing to base that hope on, nothing)




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