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  1. It’s only an insult if you put the snp and indy before reason no matter what.

  2. Great comments by First Minister.No matter what some Unionists on here say,she went beyond the norm,with her comments about the scum,and their Sectarian singing and chants.Who has done so before.

  3. If our FM is so good, why did she not ensure that the march did not take place? Why did she appease them after their original march? Why did it take the likes of Patrick Harvey and Willie Rennie to name them? Until today, whenever they caused mayhem, she dished out the old whataboutery. If she is now prepared to take the necessary action, good for her. It’s not long before time.



    By the way, I am sure the current Church of Scotland are every bit as disgusted by their behaviour, as every decent person is. And I, for one, don’t lay any blame on big bad Proddies. That is a nonsense.

  4. Go tell the Spartim on




    I might have been referring to the first time they marched it’s difficult to keep track with the statue security mob as well

  5. Rolling_Stone on

    “I hope @RangersFC will also reflect on what more must be done to tackle this behaviour by fans, albeit a minority.”



    Ahh yes, Nicola thinks it is only a minority. Little caveat in there. Same old, same old.

  6. Think its down to the Councils to ban marches.I know this for a fact,as I remember in the past,the Labour councils were always banning Orange marches.


    Surely shum mishtake. Ed.

  7. GENE,


    Why should she.?To please you?She said more than anyone else has ever said.Where are the rest of them today,Ross,Ronnie,etc.

  8. 67 European Cup Winners on

    English FA Cup final yesterday:


    2 Things –


    Delighted for Brendan top coach and we (PL) let him go


    Jamie Vardy I think 12 or 13 years older than Edouard – he never stopped hassling Chelsea defenders all day non stop – When did Eddie ever harass a defender this season




  9. If the First Minister had gone to George Sq yesterday,and emptied a full magazine from a Kalashnikov into the scum,they would be on here saying,”Aye,only one magazine,she could easily have taken two”


    Pathetic,nit picking.

  10. Many posters questioning the use of `minority` when condemning the Huns` behaviour yesterday.


    There are hundreds of thousands of supporters,fans and sympathisers of and with the Ibrox club. The numbers in George Square WERE very much a minority of those of a Sevco leaning.



    Also, Nicola Stugeon did what very few people in positions of power have ever done in Scotland. She strongly criticised Sevco`s supporters AND did not shy away from mentioning the sectarian/racist nature of their behaviour. In spite of that, some on here still criticised her because her criticism took place AFTER an Election, and so, coincidentally, did the behaviour which she was criticising!

  11. We have people on here nit picking the First Ministers words on the scum mob yesterday,meanwhile,Glasgow faces at least,another week of lockdown,because of a bumbling Unionist PM,who waited 17 days before banning flights from India.Putting thousands at risk,but nary a mention on here.


    Excuse me,I mentioned it,and someone backed my comment.Think that was it.

  12. In case anyone is in any doubt,wait till you see the reaction from the scum,to Nicolas remarks.

  13. Stephbhoy67


    good post



    Much more interesting that how horrible are the Huns/SNP/Police Scotland



    Gk – Barkas (1 year to prove self), Hazard (loan), Bain (sell)


    We also have some good keepers in the academy



    = Need 1 new gk – Agreed 1st choice



    Rb – JJK (return), Ralston (release) O’Connor (understudy)


    Need 1st choice rightback and a young prospect( maybe Rooney}



    Cb – Jullien (1st choice) welsh (understudy), Hjelde(pre-season chance/ development loan), Ajer (sell), Hendry (sell)- I think Julien is one of the want aways- i would sell, Welsh would be 1st choice.



    = 2 x centrebacks needed. 1st choice -agreed. I like Porteous of Hibs



    Lb – Laxalt(return), Taylor (backup), Montgomery ( pre-season chance/ development loan), Boli (sell) – agree


    = 1st choice leftback needed. Josh Doig and 1 other



    Wingers – Forrest (1st choice, Johnson (understudy), Dembele (sign contract keep/ no contract sell), shved (sell)- Agreed but word is that Dembele will not sign.



    = 1st choice left winger needed- agreed



    Mid- Keep McGregor, Soro, Turnbull, Connell (bring into squad), Shaw, Brown (sheep), Rogic (sell), Bitton (sell), N’tcham sell, Christie (sell), Henderson (free % back), Robertson (development loan) Elynououssi (return)- Sorry McGregor has to go for me. Loan Henderson



    = 1st choice cm needed – I like Ferguson Aberdeen his dad is a Hun but as rejected by Huns would come in a minute. Campbell (Motherwell) is worth a go



    Forward-Keep Ajeti and Bayo, Eduoard (sell), Griff (release) – Agree but would sell Ajeti if any buyer



    = 2 forwards needed, 1st choice – I like Nisbet (Hibs)



    We still have Okoflex, Afolabi, Otoo, Paterson, McInroy, Cofeey and Wylie in the reserves



    We need to meet UEFA regs and have 12 Scottish academy graduates a minimum of 4 for our academy



    We need a 1st team pool of 30

  14. Turkeybhoy


    When the Ballymurphy verdict was reached and Boris issued a written apology the rightful criticism was that a statement should be made by the government in Parliament – which it was. I was only asking for the same.



    I welcome her tweets but that’s to a limited audience.



    Boris has been consistently late on decisions

  15. The First Minister has failed at every turn in her recent handling of all things football in the last 18 months, so this weekend should not be a surprise to any of us.


    Her faux-outraged, ghost-written tweets condemning yesterday are just spineless reactionary nonsense, playing to the gallery when we all know her government is complicit in allowing it to happen.


    Everyone has known for weeks that this would happen. It was easily preventable, but she chose to do nothing. Police should have been at the airport, turning back the hundreds who flew in from Belfast to cause a ruck. The Onion Bear ringleaders should have been arrested midweek and charged with incitement, planning to endanger public safety and generally just being huns. A police cordon could have been in place around Ibrox from 9am yesterday, shutting down all roads and preventing access to all non local residents for a half mile radius, cutting off the Ibrox meeting point and foiling any chance of organising the march. Similarly, police should also have been manning the streets immediately around George Square, confiscating any drink and lifting anyone with fireworks or flares.


    But instead, all we got was an escort into town, a blind eye turned by a complicit police force, shops and pubs forced to close and Scotrail discouraging customers from travelling to avoid social unrest. Oh, and a five tweet twitter fist shake from a cowardly, ineffectual First Minister….that’ll tell ’em!

  16. spikeysauldman on

    i’ve never voted snp – never will


    have been pissed off with snp attitude to celtic/covid/huns


    not convinced either about the enabling of yesterday by polis and or gov


    and now that the election is over, no need to try and sway any potential less hunnish huns



    however…wee square heid’s tweet hits the mark imo



    one more big day out for that lot to come tho…..



    (just listening to radio – who to dislike more – some of that lot from yesterday or matt hancock !)

  17. SPIKEYSAULDMAN on 16TH MAY 2021 5:32 PM


    “(just listening to radio – who to dislike more – some of that lot from yesterday or matt hancock !)”



    Now, that is a hard one! por cierto

  18. Turkeybhoy



    Your post at 4.48pm is bang out of order. Ask for that to be taken down

  19. Don’t normally praise our First Minister but I will do so today. I think she should have said and reinforced restrictions etc in lead up and I think she dumbed down on a few targets today but I do welcome and applaud her quick statement and I think the anti-catholic references are significant. She must follow this up with actions rather than words.



    Also the Bishops Conference should be applying pressure at Police and Govt and at the highest level in light of the anti-catholic vitriol.



    Lastly we need to be on our best behaviour as any small misdemeanor will give folks the ammunition to load us in same bracket as that mob.

  20. Kelvinbhoy


    In the BBC’s report which references her tweets there is a reference to sectarian behaviour but not specifically anti Catholic. So the msm can selectively report.

  21. hairlikespaggetti



    playing to the gallery!



    Are you suggesting Sturgeon is anti rangers. That’s what that sounds like. Her comments only play to a gallery that would like the traditions of that club sent packing with the dodo and dinosaurs.



    It is a phrase which you seem to have, in a lazy journalist way, just knee jerked in there. Doesn’t match the rest of your prose which seems to post an alternative viewpoint. Don’t know what your talking about proved by counter example so to speak – but what do I know?



    Just saying – I might be getting sun stroke. It is quite burning in the garden here.




  22. Kelvinbhoy


    No news on the Camino yet – can see it being delayed until next year.


    The problem is our parish priest is doing the entire Seville to Santiago in stages – he’s done 4 of the legs and has got 2 to fit in before we join him for the last 2 legs. So he needs to get them in first.

  23. Can anyone help me out here. The last time Rangers fans messed up George Square, some weeks ago there were photos of cops posing for selfies. Does anyone have any links to these?

  24. Gene – hope you get something sorted. As I said before keep us folk on here updated as am sure some would like to contribute or at very least be kept updated on progress.



    I saw the BBC website earlier and thought same but BBC Scotland still has her “anti-catholic” quote further down in report.



    Also Michael Stewart in The Sun speaking of sorting this out specifically mentioning anti-catholic racism in Scotland.

  25. A quick google search tells me there are just over 17,000 cops in Scotland. Given they cover 8 hour shifts, there can only be 5,666 cops working at any given time (not allowing for o/t)


    Allowing for sickness/holidays and so on, I’d guess around a maximum 4,000 are working throughout Scotland at one time. Allowing for drafting in cops from outlying districts, Glasgow would be doing well to get 1500 to 2000 cops working over 8 hours. Again allowing for shift patterns, that number could realistically be halved to cover 16 hours. So in real terms, getting 1000 cops to police that clusterfuck yesterday would be doing well. Bear in mind, by doing just that you’d have to ignore every other possible police situations within those timescales. In other words, it’s impossible to police 10,000 boozed up rampant animalistic huns intent in causing mayhem. Only option would be is to let them run out of steam THEN kettle them out of the city.


    You could of course call in the army…..then you would be treading VERY dangerous waters

  26. Kelvinbhoy


    You are correct – reference is there – so apologies for my error.

  27. MARTIM1980 on 16TH MAY 2021 3:55 PM


    AN TEARMANN on 16TH MAY 2021 3:52 PM



    Sorry none that makes any sense or relevance to what was being discussed.





    of course it doesnt.


    your attempting poorly and really badly to suggest i am partaking in any narrative you are attempting to set.


    i am not.


    You wish to stay within the union.


    i do not.


    if you have insecurities i dont share them.


    but hey ho we differ.

  28. Taking over the streets – complete disregard, contempt & unbridled hatred of anyone not of their particular persuasion – an expression of total entitlement.



    Anyone who cannot see the close parallels between the ‘no surrender’ Ibrox hordes and the ‘blood & soil’ SNPcult, is just not looking.



    Respective hatred of Catholicism & England are the drivers. Independence would embolden, indulge & inflame.

  29. No worries Gene – as we are saying, it’s actions we need from all sides now

  30. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    ..and in other news…every time they mention their ‘invincible season’ rite, its an open invitation for us to lecture them on what the criteria is for an actual invincible season, they were dumped out of the League Cup by St Mirren then bundled out of the Scottish Cup by St Johnstone, not invincible enough I’m afraid….when bragging rights go wrong.