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  1. TURKEYBHOY on 16TH MAY 2021 4:57 PM


    If the First Minister had gone to George Sq yesterday,and emptied a full magazine from a Kalashnikov into the scum,they would be on here saying,”Aye,only one magazine,she could easily have taken two”





    Pathetic,nit picking.




    The last time Sturgeon appeared in George Square she was the chief rabble-rouser in a anti-English hate -fest every bit as obnoxious as what went on yesterday – only difference was that not so many benches were pushed over. The sense of entitlement and disregard for the majority was every bit as potent.

  2. JHB on 16th May 2021 6:10 pm



    Taking over the streets – complete disregard, contempt & unbridled hatred of anyone not of their particular persuasion – an expression of total entitlement.



    Anyone who cannot see the close parallels between the ‘no surrender’ Ibrox hordes and the ‘blood & soil’ SNPcult, is just not looking.



    Respective hatred of Catholicism & England are the drivers. Independence would embolden, indulge & inflame.





    In other words, lie down and say nothing – just in case they get really angry. Same logic that has been used in the North of Ireland since it was forced into being.




  3. Not the biggest fan of the first minister. However, her comments are interesting.


    Sevco pr guy must be tempted to pause his creationism dvd and pen a response.


    Will the response be contrite? Aggressive? Dismissive? Whataboutery?


    Can hardly call it a one off when its clearly not.

  4. Her comments are a step in the right direction. Anti Catholic and sectarian.


    Well done to her in saying that.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Towns & cities destroyed by fans of Ibrox club that I can recall offhand



    – Barcelona


    – Chesterfield


    – Manchester


    – Glasgow



    Any CQNers remember any more?

  6. Yes; their “history” is appalling. They are what they are…………………….Huns.

  7. JACKIEMAC on 16TH MAY 2021 6:18 PM


    Pie and chips for tea followed by a curly wurly; thing’s will get better.







    Beans on the pie would be a step in the right direction.



    Especially with a bit of vinegar on them.



    And I think ditching the curly wurly altogether would help.

  8. 31003 on 16TH MAY 2021 6:02 PM


    One Saturday in the 1980s Michael Foot was in Glasgow on a ‘March for Jobs’. An Orange Walk and a Celtic vs Rangers game also took place on the same day. All police leave throughout the west of Scotland was cancelled.


    Nothing like yesterday’s occupation took place.

  9. TURKEYBHOY on 16TH MAY 2021 4:58 PM


    67 ECW,





    He has harassed me all season.






    By ‘harass’ I take it you are referring to me reminding you of your post about selling bananas to Celtic fans to throw at Mark Walters.

  10. The BBC reporter designated to report on the proceedings last night said at one point that the “Rangers” supporters had often brought pride to Glasgow….Try telling that to the citizens of the likes of Newcastle, Manchester and Barcelona.

  11. TURKEYBHOY on 16TH MAY 2021 4:52 PM


    Think its down to the Councils to ban marches. I know this for a fact,as I remember in the past,the Labour councils were always banning Orange marches.




    What about the Labour councils in Turkey?


    What about councils in Turkey?


    What about free speech in Turkey?


    What about human rights in Turkey?


    What about ex-pats getting wealthy under a dictatorship in Turkey?


    What about ex-pats feathering their own nests under a repellent regime in Turkey?

  12. Fritzsong



    I take your point, but, if you look at the numbers available, which I think I e factored in, it’s an impossible job. The limited number of cops would need help to break up 10,000 drunken headbangers. Or like I said, let them run out of steam then move them on

  13. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    FAIRHILL BHOY on 16TH MAY 2021 6:54 PM



    Rtb-why should the shop be boarded up ffs






    to prevent the sevconians from trashing it?

  14. Uncle Jimmy:



    “Sevco pr guy must be tempted to pause his creationism dvd and pen a response.”




  15. Jamie McIver was the bbc correspondent of bringing pride comments at least their presenters a weather forecasters have toned the colours down a bit , the girl last night called smart appeared to have an orange dress on, maybe it’s pure coincidence though.

  16. CaddingtonCommon on

    Centre back problem solved. Sign the Liverpool GK


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Angela Haggerty



    “I’ve said this before but it is utterly exhausting to have to keep highlighting the anti-Irish, anti-Catholic hate on display on Scotland’s streets when so many politicians try to dismiss it as a football thing. Orange walks aren’t a football thing. This problem is embedded.”



    Bang On.

  18. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    FAIRHILL BHOY on 16TH MAY 2021 7:16 PM



    I know your a good guy so not keen on arguing with you, lets put it this way, if it was my shop I would definitely have had the joiners out on Friday night boarding up everything that could be boarded up, it was always going to be a target for the brain dead sevconians.

  19. fairhill bhoy on

    Rtb-no looking for argument either.Just canny see how you turn this round to be Celtics fault.


    I’m glad they left it without the shutters.


    It let everyone know what they’re like.


    Brain dead scum

  20. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on




    It’s not a football thing?



    Surely she’s not implying Scotland is a bigoted backwater?



    Where’s O’Brien today? He’ll soon be on telling us the stuff we saw yesterday was imagined.



    Room 101CSC

  21. Michael Stewart is another brave man. He is just about the only one on the BBC Scotland Sports section, apart from Willie Miller, who is prepared to tell it as it is.

  22. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    FAIRHILL BHOY on 16TH MAY 2021 7:29 PM



    Rtb-no looking for argument either.Just canny see how you turn this round to be Celtics fault.






    innocent guv, never said it was Celtic’s fault, just surprised that it wasn’t boarded up.

  23. Out the east-end all day,



    Seen a nice wedding at st lukes. normality almost.



    the galllowgate inn former bairds almost cafe culture, sophisticated.



    then along duke street from the louden to the far end, looked like the shankill, the bristol bar has a mural of phil the german on the front shutter, how very undignified.



    doon to dalmarnock, more jacks and 55;s, shout out to the family in the middle house with garden decorated for a first communion.



    past celtic park, doon to brigeton, omg, ugly ugly sights. In particular, a big banner on the sideof a pub.



    We the members (aye you are) of Brigton Loyal RSC wish to accept the complete abject surrender of Neil Francis Lennon.



    Got to be a hate crime.



    down to dalmarnock the same

  24. FAIRHILL BHOY on 16TH MAY 2021 7:29 PM


    Rtb-no looking for argument either.Just canny see how you turn this round to be Celtics fault.


    I’m glad they left it without the shutters.It let everyone know what they’re like.


    Brain dead scum.




    Spot on, why should we hide our colours, back of the bus is not for me.


    As you said it highlighted the vermin.

  25. fairhill bhoy on

    Rtb-maybe after their last March there could’ve been more police presence around the store this time 🤷🏽‍♂️


    And whoever said I’m a good guy need watching 😉