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  1. Hi Bhoys



    Re the shop if we all knew it would be a target then the polis knew too. Indeed the fact it was closed proves that, but what would have been wrong with posting two polis outside it.



    Also in regard to the ammount of polis available why not just bus them in from forces down south don’t they borrow our polis from time to time when the heat is on.



    Wee Nicola’s tweets can only be seen as a step in the right direction if she follows them up with actions and ensures that these scenes are NEVER repeated. I do feel however someone will have to point her in the right direction starting with the polis.



    Did anyone else see the tweet regarding the ammount of polis sent to break up a family’s first holy communion celebrations. Sorry I don’t have the link and cannot confirm it is real but it certainly looked real.




  2. ON Policing numbers


    In the past and they never seemed to be short when any industrial action needed their attention

  3. Their DUP press chief will be working on his rebuttal to all the criticisms aimed at them. It’s that mentality and failure to properly and unequivocally condemn such sectarian-driven loutish behaviour that has resulted in a “rinse and repeat” down the years ; for example, Newcastle in 1969, Barca in 1972, Birmingham in 1976, Manchester in 2008 , and Glasgow in 2021.

  4. fairhill bhoy on

    TONYROME-Remember they used to guard the goalposts to stop grif .


    Everyone knew what was going to happen.


    Hope you’re well mate👍

  5. BIGBHOY on 16TH MAY 2021 5:26 PM





    Elly is a strange one, good for a few games then youd be troubled to find him on the pitch for a month (position maybe an issue), lacks pace.



    Ferguson is energetic think aberdeen would want a good few million but if the price was right maybe. Campbell does similar job to Ferguson and he is on a free.



    McGregor has been poor, if he wanted to go I would not be to upset.



    Dont know about jullien wanting to leave, no chance that will happen next season following injury. Is our best centreback despite some poor games at times. Get another year out of him (like a new signing and badly missed all season).



    Ajeti like bayo will get on the end of things in the box and will score goals, but we dont currently play to their strengths, I.e. no width, no crosses, slow build up. Nisbet has looked like a decent goal scorer over a few years now, he would score for us too. Of going for a few Scots then easily one you would take.



    Leftback from hibs seems to be doing very well, but at this stage I would prefer someone who is a bit more experienced and proven.



    Dembele might stay if given more game time. He may be small but it’s all there for him.



    Dont know about all the kids in academy but given the number of bodies away I would have no problem having a strong 15 first team outfield pool of players supplemented by the best of the academy, it’s the only way to ensure progression into first team really.



    I hope howe is the manager and he brings in Smith rb, cooper cb, king, sf and mccarthy sm. All positions that need filled being filled by good experienced players that know the score. Half the rebuild done without a transfer fee in sight. Those guys would give us real value on the pitch only, but worth it. That would leave us with a big chunk of change to get several quality additions into the team who are more in keeping with our current approach I.e. Eduard, ajer etc. No loans unless there is a realistic chance of signing the players when it ends.



    Also let’s not hold onto want always if at all possible




  6. Joanna Cherry QC




    In a society where women are visited by police for chalking slogans & threatened with arrest for tweets why is anti-Irish racism & anti-Catholic bigotry allowed to run rife on our streets? I’ll be taking this up on behalf of my constituents & my community.

  7. QF – not ‘lazy journalism’, we get enough of that on this site as it is without me adding to it. She is playing to the gallery, giving them the ‘appalled/shocked/horrified’ soundbites, telling everyone what she thinks they want to hear, when we all know that the more difficult but right thing to do would have been to put measures in place to prevent it in the first place.

  8. Dont know about jullien wanting to leave, no chance that will happen next season following injury. Is our best centreback despite some poor games at times. Get another year out of him (like a new signing and badly missed all season).



    some poor games!!!! , another reason why we are in the position we are in ,he’s hopeless.

  9. the long wait is over on

    The BBC’s and Stvs coverage of yesterday’s events is a disgrace.



    In a piece yesterday on the many thousands of Rangers fans who broke lockdown rules (with impunity) the BBC indulged in whataboutery of the worst kind in mentioning “hundreds “of Celtic fans breaking the rules in November – yes , six months ago. They threw in a line about Liverpool fans too but they’re kidding no one.



    Today , while the websites refer to the trouble there isn’t a single picture or video on either site – that I can see – of any of the brawling or police assaults widely shown on social media. Are we to believe all their photographers and camera crews had gone home ?



    Is it any wonder , between them and the “light touch “ policing , that rangers fans clearly consider themselves untouchable?



    Let’s see how many more of the promised “many more arrests” actually materialise.

  10. Park Road 67 on



    Great post pal as usual telling it as it it is ! Enjoyed your and A’s company as usual yesterday, pity it hadn’t been today it’s been tropical in Wemyss Bay today 😎🍺👍🇮🇪💚


    FAIRHILL BHOY how’s things wae you ?




    At the end of Brendan’s first season in charge, the Celtic Board’s view was that “he was a pain in the arse.”



    *when he eventually left someone close to the boardroom remarked on here that there was lot of celebrations going on there now he and his ego had left the building.

  12. FRITZSONG on 16TH MAY 2021 1:04 PM



    I remember them winning in Barcelona. The inevitable riot led to them being presented with the Cup in a downstairs toilet. That riot spilled out onto the streets where fans desecrated religious statuary. Later the following day as said fans changed flights somewhere in England, German businessmen were startled to see these fans sprinting in pursuit of a departing plane and throwing bottles at it. It was, of course, an Aer Lingus Jet. Nothing changes here.



    *didn’t know about the latter but after all the Catholic institutions were desecrated with graffiti they tried tae blame the locals as an anti-Franco protest.



    Franco was a personal friend of Josemaría Escrivá the Opus Dei founder although I doubt the hordes knew who he was or what the order was about, it was just finger pointing at the Catholic Church and the opposition to it during the Spanish Civil war.



    It was then pointed out that aerosols as well as arseholes were not readily available in Spain at that time and had to be imported in.

  13. PARK ROAD 67



    Likewise, we nearly came back down but the bhoy doing our backdoor up was here and I had to pick up some materials. Give E a hug and look forward to seeing you both again soon.




  14. TT @ 8.26



    Interesting snippet about our exec level and their ability to deal with desire and ambition.


    We operate at the level of a particularly badly run bowling club.

  15. ERNIE LYNCH,at 6.55,


    The post was not about you.It was about Edouarde.


    The world does not revolve around your wee Pseuds Corner.


    Erra Bananas,4 furra pound.

  16. I wish you would all stop complaining about the behaviour of those people yesterday. They will only get more angry and extreme – so be warned!



    JHBlogic CSC

  17. marspapa on 16th May 2021 9:02 pm






    PARK ROAD 67



    You bhoys any plans for meeting up at the Blane Valley ?






    Not at the moment B but if you have plan let us know a Saturday would suit me and I think PARK ROAD 67. I am waiting on BIG JIMMY getting back to me about a beer garden in the merchant city for Friday if he can get a booking and he’s fit enough. Any news yet JIMMY.




  18. SCULLYBHOY on 16TH MAY 2021 9:22 PM


    I wish you would all stop complaining about the behaviour of those people yesterday. They will only get more angry and extreme – so be warned!







    JHBlogic CSC






    It begs the question ….How would they have reacted if we had won the 10 .

  19. Dont know about anyone else,but after the shit show of a season we have gone through,quadruple treble,excluded,the scum putting on a show,that even for them,dredged new depths,has been a rerr tonic for me.The vast majority of people ,of all persuasions,will be looking at them with horror.




    I’m not one for organising do’s ., im a follower/ joinerinerer person 🤣👍



    i’ll need to speak to BLANTYRETIM re the BV.



    Hopefully meet up again soon .

  21. Wonderful display by the Barca beauties,in the CL final,against the Chelsea clodhoppers.4-0.The English commentary teamreally spewing after the build up they gave Chelsea at the start.


    Fair enjoyable.

  22. Not a fan of Nicola Sturgeon,


    but those criticising her comments today


    would be screaming from the rafters had she not said anything at all.




    Did you mean the one in August, if so if i’m not on holiday I will try to make that one.



    Get a wee chat about some music. I got he new Black Keys disc delivered yesterday. If you like blues you’ll love it. It’s all covers from some blues legends and some magical slide guitar fom Kenny Brown. Also another guy guesting on it called Eric Deaton don’t know anything about either of them but it’s a magical guitar sound.




  24. TURKEYBHOY on 16TH MAY 2021 9:17 PM


    ERNIE LYNCH,at 6.55,





    ‘The post was not about you.’






    The post you made about selling bananas to Celtic fans to throw at Mark Walters?



    Yes I know it wasn’t about me.



    It was about you.



    I see you’re still at the pseuds corner thing.



    You started that when I used the words ‘peripheral housing schemes’. Most Celtic fans would recognise the phrase. You didn’t, and you continue to made an arse of yourself over it.

  25. GORDYBHOY64 on 16TH MAY 2021 9:45 PM


    ‘Not a fan of Nicola Sturgeon,





    but those criticising her comments today





    would be screaming from the rafters had she not said anything at all.’







    Are you suggesting that’s why she made the comments?



    I think you might be right.

  26. The SFA need to punish Rangers for the behavior of their fans. Nothing else will work to fix this problem. They behave like Neanderthals and are a disgrace to society

  27. MNCELT


    Got it in one


    As from next season a points deduction for misbehaving fans


    That would relegate them

  28. 31003



    I’m available most times during the week given a bit of notice, as for FAIRHILL BHOY he’s to busy making his second million 😀.



    Thanks for keeping me in mind.

  29. MNCELT, nothing will be done as like Manchester it was out side the stadium where they have no control.