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  1. Posted this morning by Bada Bing


    How many allowed inside to party ?


    How many allowed inside to have a drink ?


    How many allowed to attend a funeral ?


    How many can attend a wedding ?



    What’s the rules again 🤔






    What will the police, Glasgow council and licensing body, or Scottish Goverment do with the rule breakers here ????

  2. Gordybhoy, that’s nonsense, and deep down, you know it. I don’t share your unionist slant on things, and in a wider context, i tend to agree with Sturgeon on most matters. However, she deserves little praise for her tweets earlier.


    If she backs them up with action and prosecutions, then I’ll gladly apologise, but i find it difficult to praise her for speaking after the event when preventative action was what was required.




    I’ve got a note to get you, Fairhill Bhoy, DESSYBHOY & Go tell the spartim for a game.


    I’ll come up with a day/date, probably a Friday afternoon and get 3 of you down for a good pumping (at golf)

  4. “31003 on 16TH MAY 2021 10:12 PM




    Got it in one


    As from next season a points deduction for misbehaving fans


    That would relegate them”



    Trouble with that is that we would be relegated as well because, as you know,one side is as bad as the other,so we would have Celtic supporters arrested for walking with our hands in our pockets and for scuffing our feet as we walked.

  5. Tontime


    My post at 10.24, is inside a stadium, fully under control of an organisation above the laws of the land

  6. 31003 on 16TH MAY 2021 10:25 PM









    I’ve got a note to get you, Fairhill Bhoy, DESSYBHOY & Go tell the spartim for a game.





    I’ll come up with a day/date, probably a Friday afternoon and get 3 of you down for a good pumping (at golf






    🤣🤣🤣 Look forward to it




  7. Hairlikespaghetti,


    absolutely not,you and others would have been demanding comment


    from her.


    Unionist slant ???,jeezo ive heard it all now.

  8. RC on 16TH MAY 2021 8:05 PM


    Dont know about jullien wanting to leave, no chance that will happen next season following injury. Is our best centreback despite some poor games at times. Get another year out of him (like a new signing and badly missed all season).



    some poor games!!!! , another reason why we are in the position we are in ,he’s hopeless.







    have you tbe source that told you? the report? thanks




  9. Have Sevco lifted the ban on BBC’s Chris McLaughlin? Heard they were inside Ibrox on Saturday for Aberdeen match and Sevco’s title presentation.

  10. Park Road 67 on



    I think the Blane Valley hoot is 28th August all being well I hope to be there alongside my big comrade TONYROME and other fantastic company !! 💚🇮🇪☘🍺🥃🍷

  11. Piss Up In A Brewery…………..







    shortie treat hun berserking like normal…………………..





  12. marspapa on 16th May 2021 9:32 pm



    SCULLYBHOY on 16TH MAY 2021 9:22 PM


    I wish you would all stop complaining about the behaviour of those people yesterday. They will only get more angry and extreme – so be warned!



    JHBlogic CSC





    It begs the question ….How would they have reacted if we had won the 10 .





    Well let’s just learn our place. The big lie of 55 is now in the MSM whilst we in the North of Ireland are looking forward to our annual community celebrations where only the 60% of Catholic / Celtic supporters, or dafties as Ernie the Ego prefers to call us, will get annoyed. So, we have to stop that, and appreciate that things could be worse.



    JHBlogic CSC

  13. SCULLYBHOY on 16TH MAY 2021 11:07 PM




    BBC reporting on Six County news. Covid laws broken on the Shankhill Rd, Saturday. Congregating Sevco fans to blame.


    “PSNI may take further action against guilty parties.”


    Aye, right :-)

  14. I really hope there is Good News coming soon regarding Celtic.



    The Huns are Huns. They haven’t changed one Iota since the Liquidation. Lockdown City for sure for the forseeable.



    They are despicable.



    Thanks Broonie for yer Awesome contribution to Celtic.



    Another Genuine 9 in a Row






    4×3 Trebles – You cannae argue with that.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Thanks all



    Towns and cities wrecked by Ibrox supporters …..



    – Barcelona


    – Wolverhampton


    – Valencia


    – Chesterfield


    – Newcastle


    – Manchester


    – Glasgow




    Any more?

  16. Looking at tomorrows Record,for once no punches pulled.Photos of injured cops injuries,Debris littered George Sq.Medical staff,interview,,two females attacked at Coatbridge station,one in hospital.Celtic shop.Police saying worst violence in 20 years..Nicolas comments.Glaswegians disgust.


    Its all there.

  17. squire danaher on




    Birmingham 1976 when they played A Villa



    The game that led to the Ian Archer “permanent embarrassment and occasional disgrace” article.



    “This has to be said about Rangers, as a Scottish Football club they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist.”


    Ian Archer (journalist, 1970s), for full article see: link



    “The incessant bigoted chanting by Rangers fans at Hampden was shocking. Unarguably the most socially-backward fans in British football. The really damaging thing for RFC is, it’s not the mythical ‘small minority’. There appear to be 1000s upon 1000s singing these songs.”


    Graham Spiers (Journalist) on his Twitter feed commenting on the Huns in their league cup final appearance (March 2011) (match)



    COMEDIAN Andy Cameron was barracked by fellow Rangers’ shareholders yesterday when he asked the club’s chairman Mr John Paton to “come out and be honest” about the board’s policy towards Roman Catholics. Mr Cameron, whose earlier remarks about the calibre of the Rangers’ team had drawn laughs and cheers from the floor of the club’s annual meeting, was heckled and told to sit down. Minutes later, a number of shareholders milled round Mr Cameron and exchanged angry remarks with him.


    The Herald (Oct 2010); the above happened in 1985



    “Celtic came from the poorer classes from the East End of Glasgow, to a certain extent Rangers had gone the other way because they had become popular with the aristocracy with managing directors for example, magistrates who came to Ibrox and there started to become a division between the two. So Rangers were seen to be the club of authority of the union, and Celtic had their Irish which to some extent was suppressed as well. So that’s what started to create the divisions.”


    David Mason – Club historian for Rangers/Sevco; From “Football A brief history of the game”



    “There’s nothing worse than sitting in the dressing room at Celtic Park after a defeat, not a word being said, listening to them going mental next door.”


    Ally McCoist (ex-Rangers striker)



    “Rangers like the big strong powerful fellows, with a bit of strength and solidity in the tackle, rather than the frivolous, quick moving stylists like Jimmy Johnstone, small, tiptoe-through-the-tulips type of players who excite people.”


    Willie Waddell, Rangers manager 1972



    Brian Clough: “What team did you say you support again?”


    Man in the studio audience: “RANGERS!”


    Brian Clough: “That’s not a football team! That’s a gang of villains.”


    The irrepressible Brian Clough on “Sport in Question”



    “In every hick town in Caledonia across the pseudo nation, you can see the most ****** up scum who were shat into creation, where a blue McEwans’ lager top equals NO imagination!


    “Think you’re a success?


    “Your psyche’s a mess!


    “Your economy is in distress, you’re HUN-believable!!!”


    Irvine Welsh, the irrepressible novelist on his opinion about Rangers fans (1996)



    “We are the biggest club in Britain and people had better realise it. There’s no limit to our ambition.”


    As an example of hubris, this statement from then Rangers chairman David Murray(1993)



    “If Celtic never won another game it would be a source of enormous rejoicing to me.”


    DeidCo vice-Chairman Donald Findlay (Mar 1996)



    “Rangers fans are different from Celtic fans in the respect that they take it badly when they lose. Celtic have gone public, many of their fans have stumped up hard money to buy shares, which in turn has helped finance their stadium. As a result, I sometimes think that their supporters feel greater loyalty to the cause. Rangers fans basically got the stadium for nothing, and some of them have had it too easy for too long.”


    David Murray (1997)



    “You can sing ‘Live Forever’ and get a good feeling. I don’t know whether you can get a good feeling out of ‘Follow Follow’.”


    Alan McGee (Creation Records founder, 1998)



    ‘It’s not that they weren’t penalties – it’s just that they’re the kind of penalties nobody else gets!’


    Not the View fanzine in 2003 after Rangers were awarded three penalties in their 2-2 draw with Dundee in May 2003



    “I’d just come from Italy and France which are catholic countries,very warm and friendly,and here I was in Glasgow with some of my team-mates [i.e. fellow Rangers players] hating catholics. I just couldn’t understand it and frankly found it ridiculous.”


    Ray Wilkins on an ESPN documentary said about Rangers (June 2007)



    Walter Smith, a two-time former manager of the club and now manager of Scotland, once said to me: “There is a Protestant superiority syndrome around this club . . . you can feel it.”


    Graham Spiers quoting Walter Smith (taken from his book on Paul Le Guen’s time at Rangers, 2007)



    “When I came here in 1964, we had no Catholics,” he said. “Not just the playing staff, anywhere. There was no bit of paper, it was an unwritten rule. David Murray changed that and it moved on significantly in 1989 when Maurice Johnston signed. You cannot clear up 80 years of sectarianism in eight months, but we are a huge way down the road.”


    Sandy Jardine



    It was not until the 1960’s that the burning issue of sectarianism reared its ugly head at Ibrox. A former player, Ralph Brand, made the sectarian policy at Rangers public knowledge and around this time the behaviour of Rangers fans was a real problem for the club. In 1963, Rangers fans jeered during the minute’s silence for assassinated Catholic U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Then, in 1967, then vice Chairman Matt Taylor was questioned about Rangers no Catholics policy and he stated that he felt that they policy was “part of our tradition….we were formed in 1873 as a Protestant boys club. To change now would lose us considerable support.”


    Vice-Chairman Matt Taylor of Rangers from 1960s



    “I was reluctant to entertain exposing my family to the risk of a recurrence of the bigotry that I had encountered in my playing days… Cathy’s religion [she was Catholic] would probably have been enough in itself to convince me that returning to Rangers was not a good idea.”


    Alex Ferguson (ex-Rangers player) on why he turned down advances to take over Rangers managers role



    “The principal muck-spreader was Willie Allison, the bigoted public relations officer, who clearly felt that anybody married to a Catholic was not a fit and proper person to play for Rangers. Allison was a religious bigot of the deepest dye. I had a thoroughly Protestant upbringing but, of course, Cathy is Catholic and so were my mother’s family.”


    Alex Ferguson (ex-Rangers player) on Rangers

  19. Not one condemnation from the Scottish Government or the UK Unionists concerning anti Irish racism. The former acknowledge anti Catholic sectarianism, the cowardly UK Unionists condemn neither.


    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.







    What lies beneath the Old Rangers and New Rangers,


    Sectarianism and racism,


    Rising to the surface,


    Time and time again.


    The Scottish Government and UK Unionists,




    Always sink below,


    Time and time again.

  20. You know in a strange way the Celtic PLC board have saved possibly dozens maybe even hundreds of innocent Celtic supporters lives by their calculated execution of destroying the 10 season.



    Imagine it this way.



    What if we’d won the 10?



    Then possibly tens of thousands of Celtic supporters would’ve congregated on the Celtic Way for celebration.



    The huns would’ve did what?



    Sit in the house watching jubilant Tim’s celebrating live on TV?



    Or would the huns supporters who would’ve by this time, because SMSM would’ve had to leak possibilities that would’ve arisen had Celtic PLC not played along with the establishment and gone full throttle for the 10 and all of the consequences that would’ve come with that achievement, and SMSM would’ve already more than alluded to the Ibrox clubs possible implosion, so huns supporters would’ve already realised that a Celtic 10 in a row win would have meant that their club would be facing financial collapse and possibly another decade trying to make a come back, would they have blown a gasket and laid siege to the Celtic supporters on the Celtic Way and elsewhere and brought about the Ulsterisation of the West of Scotland that has been mentioned elsewhere?



    I think that Celtic PLC board were more than aware of what the societal fallout would’ve been like, and Celtic supporters have to live within that society, and the social media bravado from Celtic supporters sites would’ve massively failed to properly calculate the consequences of the fallout.



    Imagine this, half the size of the huns supporters invasion of Manchester 2008 marching up London Rd towards the Celtic Way, and remember that the evil of these ppl knows no bounds, so what would’ve been the outcome?



    It doesn’t bare thinking about does it?



    Its for the above reasons that there will NEVER be an Indy Scotland.



    How long would Hollyrood be standing before it was raised to the ground if Indy won the vote?



    How long before the British Army would have be drafted in to relieve the burden of the overwhelmed police force? And then you have the Ulsterisation of Scotland.



    The only answer to ALL of the above is for UK govt and Irish govt to work out a deal were Irish descendant citizens in UK and on the island of Ireland UK/Ulster Scots descendants who own houses or rent, that your govt will offer to buy your home, then offer you a house in ireland, in fact it won’t be a take it or leave it issue, it’ll be your going to have to go but the govts of both countries will meet all of the costs rearrange employment, universal basic income UBI, which the Tory UK govt has agreed to trial in Wales in a matter of weeks, will serve as your building block, etc etc.



    Celtic Park would have to be unbuilt and resituated on new ground, Casement Park? all factored into govts “resettlement plan”? Celtic’s “repayment” from govt for throwing 10 in a row and preventing the Ulsterisation of Scotland?



    The 10 in a row capitulation at Celtic Park didn’t just happen because someone fell asleep at the wheel, or got complacent, or took their eye off of the ball.



    No. No. No. No.



    The 10 was sacrificed for the betterment of society, by a collection of very clever people who know that had then 10 been achieved and the Ibrox club would’ve financially collapsed as a consequence, the cost wouldn’t have been worth it.



    How many Celtic supporters innocent lives would’ve been seriously at risk as I point out above?



    Someone pointed out earlier that we should just sit at the back of the bus and accept our fate, sarcastically I think.



    This might sound like a cave in, but who among us would’ve enjoyed watching what I described above with half the size of the Manchester invasion marching up London Rd to cause carnage on the Celtic Way?



    I mean don’t misjudge what I’m saying here, if the buttons are pressed on these ppl who would stop them getting their way on the Celtic Way?



    A set of Celtic supporters who are incapable of standing up to their own board?






    A board who it looks like to me, have cut a deal somewhere to stop the 10 and the consequences of that achievement being inflicted upon innocent Celtic supporters, maybe even the raising to the ground of Celtic Park itself, as I point out above, and I outline the “resettlement plan” above which of course might and probably will be nonsense.



    But what if its not nonsense?



    How do we make sense of a govt Census?



    Where are the 3 million+ Hong Kong citizens going to live that have already been invited to come and live in UK by various members of Boris Johnston’s govt?



    Only last November the Scottish Tory MP Prof Adam Tompkins said in Scottish Parliament that…



    “There’ll be no need for Irish immigrants or descendants of Irish people to live in UK if Brexit brings about a United Ireland.”



    Where was the uproar about that? Or even Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross’s comments about Gypsy traveller’s?



    Just after Boris Johnson’s walkabout at Chequers last year with then Irish TD Leo Varadkar, there was a gap of a few days, then the announcement of a Brexit deal that put a border in the Irish sea, then a wee while after that, Michael Martin TD was putting out statements about…



    “Irish descendants who live in UK should get themselves an Irish passport if they don’t already have one, because of changes that might be coming after Brexit.”



    These comments were featured in “The Celtic Star” website as I gather someone’s relatives are closely involved with the processes re Irish passports.



    All of the above might be moonshine?



    Or maybe I’ve just drank something very very very powerful by mistake?



    Who knows?



    Thing is, Tims have to stay safe and don’t be fearful, but you have to realise that we live in a hostile


    environment 24/7 be smart keep your guard up and don’t be cheap and complacent as we are collateral


    damage if the worst comes to worst, it looks to me like the Celtic PLC have cut a deal somewhere and with someone and maybe the details of the agreement should be buried after the deed to prevent you all in all of


    your innocence and your children’s innocence from becoming victims of your own success as Celtic supporters and sometimes like this time it was better to duck.



    Celtic supporters are not stupid some might be deliberately stubborn and refuse to even comprehend what I’ve said above and that would be your prerogative and entirely your own business.



    But just look at the huns supporters at the weekend. And that was them in a joyous mood.



    Imagine those same huns supporters watching tens of thousands of Celtic supporters toasting 10 in a row AND the Ibrox clubs possible implosion as a consequences of that 10 in a row. Just stop and think what would’ve happened if the amount of huns supporters that I mentioned above marching up London Rd in a Savage like anger as tens of thousands of Celtic supporters were virtually dancing on the Ibrox clubs grave.



    Maybe we won’t ever know in this lifetime what happened in the 10 in a row season.



    Maybe some people in another Kingdom foresaw the carnage that would’ve been visited upon the best fans in the world, so they used their ways to drive Celtic FC onto a bumpy hard shoulder and lose the 10, but gain more than the Celtic supporters will ever know whilst in their time on this world stage?



    Going away now to complete the rest of my liquid dream. Good luck.

  21. 314 years we have been in the act of union. with England. Lots has happened, Can someone. Like Celtic 40 explain comments like, this is what we can expect with an independent Scotland


    what has suddenly changed in the last 14 years that makes you think we are in any more danger than the last few centauries?

  22. MURPHY JACK on 17TH MAY 2021 1:15 AM




    Thanks to the ineptitude of Dermott Desmond and Peter Lawwell, you’ll never know.

  23. NOO on 17TH MAY 2021 1:29 AM




    The Act of Union 1707 was agreed upon on the premise it gave us (Scots) tariff free entry into the biggest market place in the world (namely slavery).


    We exit this filth of a UK Union and rename our slavery streets where the UK Unionists rampaged at the weekend. We exist this bastard of a UK Union and reclaim Scotland’s parenthood within the EU.