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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Good to see the back of Kennedy and Lawwell. Part of the clique that killed us this season.

  2. Feck, even got noisy horrible huns in Inveraray.



    Must be Campbells.😃

  3. Being sentimental is a particular weakness of mine. I think it’s a trait shared by many on here and across our support.



    But while watching this




    and being hugely grateful to all that Scott Brown has given to Celtic…….. it only serves to highlight once again how abject our Club has been and seems to have become.



    CFC Inc can only hide behind this schmaltz for so long. Already it’s been too long.



    HH jg

  4. Take a bow Peter Lawwell.


    Today is your day.


    The day where the combination of everything you done to undermine the club and shareholders came to fruition.


    You will leave Celtic as the employee who was the most financially compensated ever in our history and done more than anyone to bring in a ‘new old firm’.


    Sadly it took to this season for most people in our support to throw away the blinkers.


    I hope the sevco fans will appreciate in song what you did for them.


    Take a bow Peter.

  5. In other news, Pog …. if you’re about, thanks for your calorie limiting advice & encouragement from earlier this year.



    This morning saw me hit 40 pounds off in 4 months. I’m now pretty close to reaching my end target.



    And…..but!!!… I do spend many of my waking hours just thinking about eating and drinking. Taking it one day at a time.



    HH jg

  6. For the past 40 mins in Central Southside, lots of sirens……heading somewhere special I wonder?



    George square busying up……



    Back to us there are things to look forward to and ponder when we eventually appoint a new manager.



    New systems? What is the latest trendy formation?



    Who we selling ? Who can be turned around by new manager?



    Who we sign? From which market?



    Will youth get a chance?

  7. lets all do the huddle on

    only 1 of the 6 spfl teams scored today



    i know there was fk all to play for but thats ridiculous

  8. squire danaher on



    Good to see the back of Kennedy and Lawwell. Part of the clique that killed us this season.






    Bit of an assumption, this…..

  9. JHB on 15TH MAY 2021 3:15 PM




    Okay right…since YOU say so.





    You are so far up yer ain erse

  10. Lambert14..









    Big Jimmy..



    That horse that beat yer tip the day John Leeper.


    Frankel and Snow Fairy is its Da and Ma..



    Some breeding that..

  11. To ANYONE..


    My apologises for the Horse “Tip” finishing a credible 2nd…and NOT Winning as hoped.


    IF those who backed it to win, I will personally buy you all a Pint of Beer IF you appear at the next Beer frenzy ……….and ONLY IF You bring Kylie Minogue with you ?


    My apologises Bhoys and Ghirls.


    is it still okay to say HH to you all ?



  12. squire danaher on

    LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE on 15TH MAY 2021 3:45 PM


    only 1 of the 6 spfl teams scored today




    i know there was fk all to play for but thats ridiculous






    I like to have a bet now and again on football but not as often as previously.



    Rule One of gambling is Never bet money you can’t afford to lose.



    Rule Two is Never Never Never bet money on football teams who have, in your words, “fk all to play for”.



    By nature and personality – essentially wee boys who have never had to grow up, and basically can’t even be trusted with their own passport – footballers generally are immature and lazy barstewards.



    If you remember even MONs treble team of 2001 managed to lose their last 2 league games.

  13. SEAN THORNTON on 15TH MAY 2021 3:47 PM




    Yes I knew that…but my horses DA was Mister ED


    HH Mate.



    Polis helicopter in city centre OVERHEAD….Just to ensure that the Mankies arent disturbed when causing Mayhem.

  14. squire danaher on

    BIG JIMMY on 15TH MAY 2021 3:50 PM



    No shame attached re horse. You never held a gun to anyone’s head forcing them to back it.



    I am an EW punter these days and would’ve stepped in had there been the dead 8 runners as I thought 6/1 was a good EW ‘bet to nothing’.



    Your Bhoy is a big strapping horse and will improve with experience. Time maybe will tell that he was beat today by a good wan. One for the notebook.



    Enjoy your horses and have a safe beer 👍

  15. I’m not a fan of bans…..but as much as I think they do not produce the desired result. We might call out Shortie for all its partisan bias – hun jeer-leaders.




  16. It’s like VE day here. Fireworks exploding.


    And the billy boys wafting in from all directions.


    I can’t wait for independence so we can end all this anti-catholic nonsense.


    Today is a day for celtic supporters to stay home.


    Stay safe.

  17. Just seen their “gathering” on the BBC news. To say, I’m in a wee state of shock is putting it very mildly. Sheer madness. If there isn’t a huge increase in the pandemic in Glasgow over the next few weeks (and it is already growing again) I will be very happily surprised. Have they no sense? Daft question, I suppose. But how could their Board and the Scottish Government not have stopped this potential catastrophe?

  18. 55k season tickets next year…. Celtic need our support and we’ll continue to give it.



    £70m in player sales (we’re at £18m already this year).



    A wage bill that will have a £400k per week space for new players.



    We’ll have a workaholic, modern and progressive manager.



    Sevco will be unable to sell any players and will beg their rich fans for another £20m+ to pay the bills and wages.



    The new huns are the same as Gretna…. A basket case that will die when they have nobody else to beg money from to beat the cafflics.



    Hun trolls… GTF

  19. onenightinlisbon on

    LAXALT on 15TH MAY 2021 4:18 PM



    Sounds like a plan….



    The suits will like the sound of the tills ringing.

  20. Laxalt – today,(at this point in time we wont get 55k season books.


    we are awaiting direction.



    70m i player sales.maybe my friend.i would be a little more prudent.



    400k wage gap- as above



    sevco will sell imo,couldnt give a hoot really.true they just like mintys mob they cannot funtion as a business without big “geordie” fleecin the nobrains.



    agree with you on hun trolls laxalt :-)




  21. Thank you Scott Brown and good luck in your new venture ( but not against us😁).



    Shite season. Nuff said.



    Here we go, one in a row.




  22. JHB ,I see you have thrown in the towel,as to us recapturing the league title next season,Rangers won it this season fair dos to them,if our club didn’t make a hash of things ie Dubai,Bolengoli ,and keeping a manager who obviously lost the dressing room ,LENNON,he should have been sacked payed off whatever and replaced by another manager,Rangers wouldn’t have had it so easy ,so good riddance to Lawell ,Kennedy,Strachan ,Big Mick will probably go back to being a youth coach up at lennoxtown,Me throwing in the towel,I look forward to next season.