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  1. FAIRHILL BHOY on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 7:25 PM


    DAVID66- I hope you’re feeling better soon buddy





    FB – Thanks. Still something not right another trip to A & E manana I think.



    Anyway a great result tonight let’s Pump this Livvy shower on Saturday.



    A shame about the wizard of Oz going off injured, maybe a wee rest needed for the big fella who has been outstanding of late.



    D :)

  2. Drama at work caused by e Chinese kept me away from first half. Just about to read back.



    JHB been on yet? Is he confident we can hold on to a top 3 spot? Maybe a good run in one of the cups?

  3. Good night all round tonight. From what I saw from Hesgoal ( which was so frustrating) we looked unstoppable in the first 30 mins probably some of the best stuff in years.


    Sincerely hope TR is ok and fit for the weekend.


    We did our best in a spell in the sending half to gift Hibs the ball at every available opportunity but nevertheless a great victory and now our third away game in a row with three victories.


    Two points behind now with us having the momentum.


    Was speaking to a Sevco pal of mine who was informing me of serious problems at Ibroke.


    Seemingly a raft of players are displaying a raft of displeasure in the wages awarded to Lungstrom a there are several up in arms… Happy days then!!


    If this is true hopefully they will continue on stumbling from one game to the next dropping points.


    Well done Broonie for the Dons goal and I’m the end no great surprise Beaton giving them a seriously controversial penalty.


    Beaton is a disgrace .. I would love to know the stats with how many decisions he has given them over the years.


    Also conversely how many wrong decisions against them he has given.


    Probably zero.


    Bring forward VAR ASAP it’s the only way to stop the catalogue of honest mistakes.

  4. The game didn’t change when TR went off – it changed, like so many this season, because we are a 30 minute team, except against dross. Our tempo dropped off just before half-time and never recovered. Joe Hart had a few top saves and saved us at times. Over the piece we deserved to win as some of play in the first half-hour was sublime, but we allowed Hibs to completely dominate in the 2nd half – the question is WHY?



    The cheating goes on, we remain silent….



    So what do you want us to do.Complain about a penalty at Ibrox.


    That would be met with a wall of derision,and would make no difference.Probably make it worse.

  6. JHB…naw please hold yer breath…I notice u didn’t copy and paste the post I responded to…;-))




  7. MORAVCIK on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 10:00 PM


    Is it only Celtic supporters who are aware of the cheating going on ?




    What do fans of other clubs think about this?



    They generally think it’s an old firm thing

  8. The hun penalty was hunbelievable…or maybe not…..we should be well used to it…….but we need other managers to go off their nut……


    I was delighted to win….hard place easter road…..second half was poorish….but we’re getting there

  9. A win at Easter Road, yes please



    Hart does what good goalies do, saves shots and looks assured. Glad we signed the big man.



    Juranavic done a good job for the team, but miss width out on the left when he is there.



    Ccv roduced a very good proformance, solid big player does all the defending and a goal threat from set prices perhaps.



    Starfelt had a good game and like ccv done the defensive stuff required.



    Regards Ralston its hard to ignore the fact he is doing very well most weeks. At 22 years of age he has got to be looking to push on, get the hours in on developing his final ball tony bhoy.



    Mcgregor produces another very good all round preformance as you come to expect.



    Rogic was 40 minutes of pure magic.



    Turnbull set up a couple of goals and done good, still has room to improve and should look to do just that.



    Kayogo score, linked up well, made good runs and cause plenty of problems with his work rate.



    Johnstone played well first half, dropped off second half but is looking good, better decision making with game time required And he can kick on.



    Jota worked his socks off and set up goal, always a threat and great outball. Again plenty of potential to develop further.



    Subs all done their bit





  10. `Celtic40me



    They are told by every ex hun in tbe meeja and some of our own that its an OXX FXXX thing……

  11. Jhb



    Suck it up. Make big predictions about Celtic and the Sevvies and expect a bit of stick back when things don’t work out as predicted

  12. who the feck is this Just a Hun Bloke



    smiley a held back on the bees acronym thing




  13. Hibs did not completely dominate second half, they did have a period of domination and yes Hart made a crucial save.


    However Celtic did regain control of game & saw it out comfortably.


    The Hibs goal which looked a handball to me gave them a huge lift and credit to them, they upped their game & caused us a few problems,


    No harm to see us having to defend for a period.

  14. Popped on iPlayer for the highlights, not always the best over here if I don’t download first. Oh well.



    Good day at the office (not the physical one!) and but for a Beaton beauty to save the day for them it’d be a point. Onwards and upwards.

  15. The buns can’t handle the pressure



    The buns can’t play in front of fans



    Celtic will collapse like a house of cards when they don’t win one league

  16. So Goldson dived 5 mins or so and was not given a penalty, nor was he booked. The penalty given is an absolute joke.



    Bring on our highlights please.



    Ps Did Glass say anything about the spot kick that stole 2 points?