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  1. Huns goals, wasn’t even a freekick never mind a booking.



    Bbc Scotland pundits 3 huns who struggle to put two structured sentences together, say it’s a pen so that’s that then…..

  2. Sportscene Panel say it WAS a penalty…hang your head in shame…you are all an embarrassment….an absolute embarrassment

  3. Squire






    “At first I didn’t think it was but then I remembered to always trust the ref and that he sees things I don’t.”

  4. 12 points from last 4 games including 3 tough away games is not to be sniffed at. Exceptional work from all the Bhoys.

  5. SUPERSUTTON on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 12:22 PM


    I liked Petec’s prediction of a 6-2 victory.



    I’ll settle for half that. 3-1 will do just fine.





    The facts say it ended 3-1. But I think Petec was more correct. It should have been 6-2.



    Important saves by Hart. Not ruthless enough in front of goal with VERY easy chances missed.



    I’ll take 3-1 though.

  6. MADRARUA on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 11:00 PM


    I see the Scotsman doing a hatchet job on Celtic supporters tonight.






    My Hesgoal link was playing up at start so I can’t comment on the silence.



    I did hear the latest 70s revival of RITGloamin which is hardly the most inclusive of ditties.



    Andrew H Smith is not a journalist with an axe to grind against us.

  7. AIPPLE…remember wen I accused Robinhood of shitty practices….A Senate committee agrees….not that I expect anything to happen

  8. BBC Scotland are an absolute embarrassment.



    How they all came to that conclusion/collusion says more about them.



    Dishonest scum.

  9. Kyogo goal.



    Jota got his legs swiped from him (a foul) but rather than beat the ground in anger he sprung up, ran forward and got the assist.




  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Turned on the Bigoted Broadcasting Corporation’s offering to see my team.



    Sevco on firstof course.



    Illuminating stuff.



    Their goalie is poor. McGregor’s knees clearly gone.



    Balogun isn’t a footballer.



    Lundstrom? Remember people on here quaking at his signature?



    That man cannot run.



    Tavernier can’t defend.



    Morelos due a refund from Jane Plan.



    Beaton as expected.



    No foul for the goal and no penalty.



    I’ll reserve the largest slice of my contempt for James McFadden.



    So called Celtic fan is a forelock tugging little creep.



    Enjoy your shillings son.

  11. Hart save near the end was great goalkeeping. made himself big but the really impressive thing was how he also sprung back up, ball spinning in the air to find it in the sky and get back in position.



    That was class.

  12. SuperSutton,



    I put a wee deep sea diver on @ 101/1 and I thought it might be coming in @ HT.




    Disnae matter a Brilliant night – and seeing Broonie rip the Sh!t right out of the Cokeheids celebration was priceless.

  13. TheLurkinTim on 27th October 2021 11:13 pm



    Pete….explain to us your opposition to vaccination?







    Piss off rocket.

  14. BANKIEBHOY1 on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 10:44 PM






    They are told by every ex hun in tbe meeja and some of our own that its an OXX FXXX thing……




    Time for us to get behind the guys we know have our best interests at heart in the media, like Paul67.



    No more toleration of two bob contrarians and cheap-skate self-agrandising conspiracy pushers

  15. THELURKINTIM on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 11:10 PM



    I remember yourself and a couple of hundred thousand others, yes. I still have some funds in Robinhood.

  16. Sakala was not fouled.He threw himself towards the ball in an attempt to header it.


    To all those on here claiming we should call everything out,where is the protests from the Dons camp?.Hearts boss got suspended for complaining.When the whole panel on Sport scene say its a penalty with replays available,that’s what you are up against.Including a Tim,Mc Fadden.

  17. You told me never to converse with you again. I don’t intend to.



    A Great Night for Ange and the Bhoys.



    G’night all.

  18. So keeping it with the fitba next up in league we have the following.



    Us vs Livvie


    Dundee vs Us


    Us vs STJ


    Us vs Sheep



    Two euro games in there as well. 12 points surely? One game at a time, I know.



    For shoites and giggle and JHB thems have the following over same period.



    Murderwell vs Thems


    Thems vs Ross County


    Thems vs Hibs


    Livvi vs Thems



    Takes us to to end of November.

  19. Corkcelt,



    Agree we need to do something different as the SFA are now playing an active role to win rangers the league.



    It needs to involve the other clubs , fans in order to bring Ian Maxwell, Willie Young and Crawford Allan to account. Madden, Beaton , Collum, Clancy , Walsh etc are now impacting results in favour of one team every week.



    The league is basically corrupt. Sad to say it’s Lawwell creation which can never be forgotten or forgiven.

  20. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Koeman sacked by Barcelona, this surely must be the chance for ally mcoist to get back into football management. . . .




    Indeed. She also has the look of a most loyal wife that makes dinner for her flute playing husband after a hard day of hatred and the makeup of someone covering a black eye.