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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    AIPPLE on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 11:28 PM



    moreover she does fall into the category of ‘have you seen a handsome hun’😵

  2. Maybe Stevie G has a chance of the Barca job before he goes to Anfield 😂


    I also thought the Hibs goal was a handball.


    There were a few very faint whistles at the start of the minutes silence but overall was well respected. HH ☘

  3. Silver City 1888 on

    More important than the manager, our success can be put down to having a high quality, English goalkeeper at the back, filling the defence with confidence and keeping them organised. I still hold that, if we’d kept FF, we’d have won the 10. Oh, I was trolling you with the English bit. Any top goalie would do.

  4. callum davidson,



    always interviews like a wee boy caught stealing pik a mix from woolworths.

  5. Had a look on Bears Den,not one thought it was a penalty.This from maniacal bigots.Just shows you what the agenda is on Sport scene.

  6. glendalystonsils on

    Just watched a clip of the Sevco ‘penalty’ . I thought I could no longer be shocked any kind of hun mibbery , but I was wrong . I am SHOCKED!

  7. Rangers


    (Founded 1872) Having shared the first championship with Dumbarton, Glasgow Rangers went on to become the most successful club in domestic football in the World, but went bankrupt in 2012. They were reformed and joined the 4th tier.

  8. From the extended highlights we seemed to blow them away like a hurricane early doors.


    Kudos to our Tony and big Cam for their gritty and delicate goals respectively – delighted Ralston continues to disappoint his denigrators.


    Even on highlights, the persistent Gogic Rogic fouling was a disgrace.



    Just wondered if CelticByNumbers had ever done/contemplated analysis of the ‘rescue penalties’ that seem to get awarded to thems with nauseating regularity? Be a nice data point to the honest mistakes work he flagged recently.



    Well done again Big Joe for a couple of neat stops – this is Premiership winning attitude and form bhoys!




  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    AIPPLE on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 11:59 PM


    Nobody has conceded fewer or scored more goals than us.



    Exactly time for my cot👍

  10. Fairhill bhoy.


    Good victory tonight so thats a bonus.



    Re yir post👇



    An t- the former manager of the former rangers didn’t register with you.com on buddy,there was absolutely no need for the former rangers pish.



    ==Thats your respected opinion fb.


    There was no lie told.it was a truth.it all happened.



    Just someone else’s view,just as respected as yours in my view.it differs from mines/your/emdi reading.but the important thing is Its a Celtic man’s view on a Celtic forum


    I was trying to say earlier cqn I thought the range of views was good and respectful,class contributions and reminder posts which were both forwarded and respectful to Walter,father and Grandfather.i think the blog held up well as I said in comparison to other sites or modrin media.==



    But he’s a local on here and gets to be a smart arse,wideo and absolute tosser awe day long.



    == local, no to me fb :-) Your both Celtic fans posting on a Celtic forum,we do quite well here with freedom of expression,we also smile,shake head and scroll lol,(flook its done plenty wi me:-)



    Both of you are Celtic men i have not met.hopefully that’ll change.


    Thats the rational reality of it for me.:-)







  11. I don’t wish to be drummed off the site… however the Huns penalty is not so clear cut a MiIB cheat as i first thought.



    David Bates is tugging at Sakala’s jersey , he let’s him go just before he falls.



    I think it is telling that Bates doesn’t even protest.



    So…. in summary….


    …it might actually be a penalty ,


    but we know it is one that we would never be awarded.



    The Onlooker

  12. Re goals for/against;


    With their poorer defensive record than us, can we expect probing questions of Steevie and Bealie about their leaky rearguard at the next presser ?




  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Enjoyable evening.



    Good win.



    Another irrelevant piece of “hoodoo” BS consigned to the bin.



    Anthony Ralston – goal machine !



    Sevco probably safe for top four but might struggle for second.



    Oh and they’re skint.



    Night all.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything






    We share a city AND NOTHING ELSE




    We share a city AND NOTHING ELSE – except a bus and coach provider (which benefits one of their directors).



    Surely someone else we could use ? HH

  15. Just watched a recording of Sportscene. Never a penalty in a million years. So Shelly and Faddy both say it was a penalty. They also say that it doesn’t look much but from another angle, the Dons player is tugging his jersey. What other angle? If there’s another angle, show us it.



    Unbelievable bias by the BBC and their lackies yet again.



    How can you discuss another angle showing it was a penalty then not show that angle? Incredible.

  16. Tom , you can see it …. just about… for a second ..


    from the normal angle shown on Sportscene .



    The Onlooker

  17. No doubt in my mind. Both pundits were tols to say it was a penalty and talk up a hidden angle.



    Jesus wept.

  18. McFadden is a no mark illiterate muppet, i think AP will drop in the cheating decisions very soon….

  19. martin o'seville on

    Walter did the same as MON in a European final, he opened up and got defeated.


    Walter parked the bus all the way to the 2008 Uefa/Europa final in Manchester.


    Walter opened up “slightly” and lost 2 goals.


    MON played 352 with a lot of running and hard work, on the road to, and in Seville.


    Which was obviously the wrong thing to do in the heat of Seville.


    Less than a month before Seville, MON went to Ibrox and played 4411, and played the long ball, and we won 1-2.


    After a year of trying, MON defeated McLeish as hun manager, by blootiring the ball over the huns heads, and beach ball Sunday was a good Tim day.


    After that win on that glorious beach ball day, I was convinced that MON would “outwit” the unbearable Seville heat, and park the bus (4411) and blootir the ball over the Porto heads, especially as Porto, and McLeish huns both play a 433 system, and MON might’ve got our 2nd Celtic Glasgow European trophy.


    MON, like big Jock before him, got it wrong. It happens to the best they say.


    Big Jock got it wrong in Milan European Cup Final 1970.


    MON got it wrong in the heat of Seville Uefa Cup Final 2003.


    Walter got it wrong in Manchester Uefa Cup Final 2008.

  20. Stephen Glass….’ they scored from a free kick that wasn’t a free kick, and a penalty that was never a penalty…..happy to get a draw, BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN HERE….’

  21. McFadden has sold his soul for a few quid. He is a mercenary and would have done a McCann if the huns had come in for him.



    BBC sport sound is still a swamp with sports dept not fit for purpose. Huns, EBT cheats everywhere. McFadden is welcome to them.

  22. Mornin Celts.


    Smile and spring in your step today.


    Small steps to the top of the mountain


    Onto Saturday


    God bless Celtic and all who support





  23. Good morning CQN



    2pts behind after the first round of 11 games I am pleasantly surprised preseason I feared our fate however, our antipodean-greek manager deserves much credit, his fortitude, gravitas, leadership qualities, belief- trust in his footballing ethos have all shone through the contrast from the bomb site in the management dugout last season is visible from outer space, clearly, the coaching team are also buying into Ange ball they were successful under Rodgers they were much-maligned last season, the good ship Celtica has a captain who knows where he is headed



    Rogic and Ralston are reborn under Ange, we all knew Rogic had a beautiful touch plus his vision and footballing brain is unrivalled at paradise, he was unplayable in the first half last night players need a manager who believes in them, at this point, Ralston is the best RB at the club to think last season he was available and played understudy to John Joe Kenny is footballing idiocy we paid Everton a loan fee ?



    When Dermot and PL decided that the cost of pursuing res12 was financially too great a burden for both Celtic and Scottish football to bear, they showed weakness and cowardice to the SFA and the new regime at Sevco we continually have been punished them for that weakness, I’m afraid the current ongoing in my lifetime referee bias will continue for Angeball is what we must trust in, Res12 was the winning poker hand Celtic fans have dreamed about for over a century and more, we folded the best hand we were even given for an IOU promisary note, oh how they must have laughed



    Ange and the squad have momentum now the second 11 round robin can’t come soon enough



    As for the MSM and its bias, ignore it, don’t watch it, don’t buy it, and don’t give it oxygen starve them, plenty of Celtic websites podcasts, Celtic social media is huge

  24. DAVID66 on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 10:23 PM




    DAVID, Ive just done a wee read back from last night.


    Sorry to read that you are unwell and I hope that you recover soon.


    HH Mate.

  25. LIONROARS67 on 28TH OCTOBER 2021 7:25 AM


    Res12 was the winning poker hand Celtic fans have dreamed about for over a century.




    What actual prize is/was to be won with this “poker hand”?



    The Res12 issue crops up year after year like “a dog with a bone’ – in fact any dog would have lost interest in this ten-year old brittle bone long ago It is a blog issue that 99% of the Celtic family neither know, nor, care about.



    It has not, nor, will not, make a blind bit of difference to either Celtic, or, TRIFC, no matter which way it’s cut, or, how long it drags on.



    It is a stick being used by an agenda-driven school-like debating society to beat the Celtic board. Those pursuing just want to be able to shout “nana na na nana” at DD, PL, IB….etc.



    UEFA has clearly stated there is no case to be answered as the alleged offence involved a club that is the process of liquidation and therefore beyond any sanction under their rules.



    Celtic were 100% correct to stay well out of the sh**-storm that led to the eventual downfall & demise of Rangers FC. The failure of the so-called “Requisitioners” to appreciate this is now past tedious.

  26. Great first half last night but deary me what happened in the second half , there was a patch of 3 minutes that we never cleared our lines , ball continually being hit into our box to be cleared only to a hibs player on the edge of our box , where a boot up the park was required . As I mentioned last week , we put ourselves in more bother than the opposition do with slack careless passing , What also stuck out was the fact we need steel in the middle of the park our wee bhoys need some protection , Micky Johnstone ,Kyogo ,labada , or jota are not built for or so fond of the treatment dished out to them ,they are not going to get the protection from the mibs that’s for sure . Overall a great result though but second half showed we still have some room for improvement . HH

  27. JHB on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 10:30 PM




    Absolute Pish….yet again.


    So Rogic getting injured and going off…did NOT change the game…according to you ?


    You then state that our “tempo dropped just before half time” ?


    Maybe that was because Tom Rogic ( who was running the whole show and dictating the so called ” TEMPO”), went off injured…just before half time…



    Is your real name ” CLOUSEAU” ?