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  1. JACKIEMAC on 27TH OCTOBER 2021 8:32 PM


    ange has got a great rain cheater on






    bbc will have their rangers tax cheaters on later

  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Bloody liberty Tom Rogic taken off injured after that magnificent performance.



    Should be 5 up. Outstanding.

  3. fourstonecoppi on

    this pish of passing to joe then let hibs players come on and the panic pass to defenders rips ma knittin’ btw




    According to the BBC- Sevco have committed 3 fouls and the Dons just 5 but there are two Dons booked already






    Their 2 centre mids. Mibbery at work no doubt

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Rogic off Gogic still on after being allowed a few free swipes. Sums up Scoddish fitba. Yep

  6. What an absolutely awesome and powerful performance by Celtic. Superb. I hope its not too serious an injury for the Wizard of Oz. He was incredible.



    I see Broonie scored at the hate factory!!!!!!!



    Love it.

  7. I wonder whether Giorgios might’ve had this game killed off. We need to be more clinical.



    Love Kyogo and he’s a great signing but it’s clear he needs quite a few chances.

  8. glendalystonsils on

    Hope big Tam’s ok , he was scintillating before going off . Playing some great fitba although the defence still gives me the jitters at times . Maybe switch Jota to the left , he’s been quiet . Mibbe see our big Greek on too .

  9. Things to do with £15.00 on a wet Wednesday night ?



    Watch Celtic like a hot knife through butter or Hibs at Easter Rd.



    Sensational attacking football blew Hibs away with Rogic masterful in midfield. Defend / game manage the second half, with three points assured, I take AP’s new Celtic to score again.



    Only a Zombie wouldn’t CSC

  10. Must manage the game in the 2nd half – no need to go charging on – the match is won – if we score one that is ambition enough. We’ve seen Hibs score out of nothing when not being in the game – let’d not concede again.

  11. some haltime reading in your virtual programme, look how young they all were.


    we all know mccallum scored the first goal, but maley hat-trick is hardly ever mentioned.









    It would appear as if the newly-formed Glasgow club, the Celtic F.C., has a bright future before it. At any rate, if the committee can place the same eleven in the field as opposed the Rangers last Monday evening, or an equally strong one, the Celtic will not lack for patronage and support.


    The Scottish Umpire 05.06.88




    Celtic played their first match on 28th May 1888. The opponents, a team called The Swifts, were a Glasgow Rangers XI. Celtic won by 5-2.


    The club had assembled a team that comprised both young Lanarkshire talent and established players of some repute. Professionalism was outlawed in Scottish football, but some of these players were undoubtedly paid to play and rewarded for signing on. The 11 featured 3 players who had previously represented Scotland (Kelly, McCallum and Dunbar ) . 7 were born in Scotland, 2 in Ireland and 2 in England. The average age was 22.


    Here is the line up:



    Goalkeeper: Mick Dolan (Drumpellier) 19


    Dolan joined the newly formed club from Coatbridge’s Drumpellier FC . The town of Coatbridge is noted for its strong Irish connections. Most of Dolan’s career with Celtic was spent in the reserve team.



    Right back: Eddie Pearson (Carfin Shamrock) 25


    Pearson returned to Carfin Shamrock shortly after the establishment of Celtic.



    Left back: James McLaughlin (Hibernian) 23


    McLaughlin became Celtic’s first choice goalkeeper during his 2 years at the club. He was later a top class referee.



    Right half: Willie Maley (Cathcart) 20


    Willie Maley, a legend in the game, joined Celtic by chance. A party went to the Maley family home in Cathcart to ask Tom to join the new club. Tom was visiting his girlfriend, Willie was at home. The visitors (Brother Walfrid was present) suggested that Willie should also join Celtic. Willie was at Celtic for 9 seasons as a player, winning 3 Scottish League Championships (1892-93, 1893-94, 1895-96) and the Scottish FA Cup (1892). He made 2 international appearances for Scotland in 1893. He then managed the club for 43 years, winning 30 trophies.




    Centre half: James Kelly (Renton) 22


    Kelly was Celtic’s big signing. One of the leading players of his day and a World Championship winner with Renton. Controversy surrounded his signing, as inducements and payments were undoubtedly involved. Kelly went on to play 139 games for Celtic, winning the Cup and League in the process. He was also capped by Scotland. He later served as a director and as chairman of the club.



    Left half: Phil Murray (Cambuslang Hibs) 22


    Murray was an Englishman who later emigrated to the United States.



    Outside right: Neil McCallum (Renton) 19


    The Shadow scored Celtic’s first ever goal. Another Renton star lured to the club.He later played for Blackburn Rovers and Nottingham Forest as well as guesting for Glasgow Rangers.



    Inside right: Tom Maley (Cathcart) 23


    Handsome Tom was another coup signing. A player (and all round athlete) of great repute. He later enjoyed some success in management.



    Centre forward: John ‘Jake’ Madden (Dumbarton) 22


    Jake ‘The Rooter’ Madden, a shipyard worker and professional footballer (though no such thing existed officially in Scotland at the time) appeared in the inaugural celtic game in transit from Grimsby Town back to his hometown club, Dumbarton. In 2 spells with the Celts he played 118 games and scored 49 goals. He was capped twice by Scotland, scoring 5 international goals.


    Madden then made a huge contribution to the evolution of football in Czechoslovakia, coaching Slavia Prague for 25 years.




    Inside left:. Mick.Dunbar ( Hibernian ) 24


    Capped for Scotland in 1886 when he was with Cartvale. Was at Celtic for 5 years, making 32 first team appearances.




    Outside left: Charlie Gorevin (Govan Whitefield) 24


    An Irishman who later emigrated to the USA where he played both Gaelic and Association football.





    Celtic’s scorers were McCallum, Kelly and Tom Maley (3).

  12. glendalystonsils on

    Just before big TR went off he was hemmed in on the line by 2 Hibs players , Most mere mortals would have hit it off one of them for a shy but big Tam beat the 2 of them and strode into Hibs half to set up another attack . genius .

  13. onenightinlisbon on

    Superb performance from the team.



    Dare I say it, this reminds of of how we played under Rogers when we were unstoppable.



    Hibs, like every other Scottish team we have played are allowed to foul with impunity.



    Score a few more Celtic, we might need them….

  14. the long wait is over on

    Love to see us score again early in the 2nd half.



    Pulling a goal back and TR going off has given them a lift they didn’t deserve.

  15. Chloe Craig,from the Ladies team who play the Huns at the weekend,saying,”Nothing better to be playing them at home,so we can hear the tunes as we walk out with the Hoops on,and that badge on our chests”


    Bless her.I will be watching.

  16. JHB…after yer antics earlier on about facts…and not nuanced facts….I humbly suggest you shut the fuck up ;-))

  17. prestonpans bhoys on

    And the English game which is being shown on two sky channels exciting Preston six shots three on target, Liverpool two shots none on target. Which game would the subscribers want to watch😈

  18. Some incredible football – actually missed two sitters and should be out of sight.


    Disappointed at losing that type of goal and must get the next one to close this out –