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  1. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    Starting line up …


    Gordon ; Lustig Boyata Simunovic Tierney ; Brown Ntcham ; Forrest McGregor Sinclair ; Edouard


    Subs: De Vries Ajer Bitton Armstrong Hayes Griffiths Dembele

  2. I told you all, as soon as i post Paul sticks up a new blog.


    If anybody wants to read my pash click back, or if your


    really clever repost on here, i’ll be well impressed :-))


    H.H Mick

  3. MELBOURNE MICK on 10TH DECEMBER 2017 10:31 AM


    Hello again all you young rebels.




    Well how do i start, PADDYMACOZ put a post in during the week



    about his longtime friend Frank McAleer who had contracted cancer



    and was told it was related to his working environment early years,



    and with him being a long time pal and you all know Paddy doesn’t



    post much, as he said ” you post it Mick you talk better shoite than i do ”



    on the blog, i don’t think that was a compliment., anyway so much



    covered up by successive governments regarding asbestos etc.



    I don’t remember who started the Clydebank blitze post but it really was



    terrible viewing, a real eye opener for the young dudes on here.



    Anyway as usual i diversify, as a result of that heartfelt post for a friend



    lo and behold it led to another post from a relative of Franks, his nephew



    and i hope i’m not being too intrusive in family affairs, but it led to him



    contacting Frank through CQN after a few years out of touch, now to me



    that is what CQN is all about, not these daft arguments, trolls, flouncers



    I know all of them just want to be on here amongst the Celtic family, and



    for a great Celtic man and member of our club Frank is astonished that



    people he doesn’t even know or has met, are even discussing his illness



    but that is the power of our blog so kudos to everybody, sometime we



    should take a step back and think before we post in anger and i include



    myself in that.



    H.H Mick

  4. Hot Smoked



    Great stuff any win fae the bookies is a good win, I actually had a wee smirk at the Sev statement the other day when they said Murts was hear till the new year with your bet in mind :-)

  5. Been looking forward to this game all week, should be a cracker:))



    Welcome back Gerry fae the Brig:))



    I was a week without CQN down in Istanbul, looooong week:))



    Mon the Celts intae this lot..

  6. Thank you BOGNORBHOY


    Really need to start learning a wee bit more about this


    computer stuff, as for PADDYMAC he thinks a megabite


    is a huge chunk oot a burger lol.


    Auld age disnae come alone.


    H.H Mick

  7. Good morning CQN,




    Fit enough to log in and read back a few pages.



    May I thank the CQN community for the prayers and incredible messages of support I, and my family, have received since my situation became known.



    I am truly humbled to have been in your thoughts. Thank you.




    Status report is : 9 hour operation on Monday to remove cancer from my pancreas, has been successful. I am on the mend, currently exceeding protocols, thanks mainly to the fantastic NHS medical team at Glasgow Royal.




    When I was diagnosed 10 weeks ago, I vowed to remain as positive as possible nd fight it all the way. This I have managed only through the incredible support of others.



    In your chat last night much was said about funerals and attending them to honour the memory and life of those people who have past.




    I must be the luckiest man in the world,



    a) to get an early diagnosis



    But also



    b) to have been in an unbelievably humbling position to understand how my friends have sought so much to assist me




    CQN, take the advice of a very fortunate man. Honour your friends and family while we are alive. Rejoice in being with people you love. Tell them.




    How much might one manage to raise for Mary’s Meals and the Celtic Foundation if one,




    offered a South Stand seat, for each of our next four home games. I’m not going to able to attend them, but anyone wishing to donate to Mary’s Meals can.





  8. So here i am sitting in Ojai where just two days ago fire swept over the hills and burnt all the brush and bushes to ash.


    A great job done by the ventura county fire service ,kept people and houses safe .


    Alas they have more work to do as the fires rage elsewhere .


    Spare a thought for the people who have lost their homes .

  9. What’s the story with Kouassi? Starts 1 week out for 4 weeks, a sub for a couple of games…..we paid £3 m for this guy, big money for Celtic

  10. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on



    A worthy cause especially at this time of year.


    Yesterday Spartans had a food bank collection with free entry for match v Selkirk if you contributed (I’m a season ticket holder there anyway).


    Perfect way after a Friday session with the munificent Blane Valley Grey Brigade to clear the concomitant fuzzy head in the morning !

  11. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Eurochamps67 on 10th December 2017 11:51 am



    Aye, never mind all that rubbish about wee operations and minor inconveniences etc!



    When are you standing yer round?



    Seriously, Great to see you on here and hope yoir recovery continues apace.







  12. No surprises in the side given that its the same team that finished against Anderlecht,


    Rogic (who is not on the bench) aside. Assume he’s got a knock.



    The back four is the best we have Simo and Dedryk the best pairing at centre back, Lustig and Tierney the best full backs.



    Underperformers Armstrong and Dembele are benched, and now McGregor and Sinclair owe us a performance today.



    StrongestPossibleTeam CSC

  13. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    !!BADA BING!! on 10TH DECEMBER 2017 11:52 AM



    What’s the story with Kouassi?






    Don’t know the answer, but I bet Brendan does. He will know when Kouassi is ready,

  14. Eurochamps67



    Great stuff, puts everything into perspective all the very best



    Starry Plough



    Cheers, Cqn is a magic addiction



    Love wee Lenny but hope Brendan puts him to the sword today



    Mon the Hoops

  15. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Garcia Lorca and Fred Colon



    Thanks for that.



    RE Ebouie Kouassi – I was told that BR wanted him to improve his English so that he could communicate on the park and understand the instructions coming from team mates.



    I have heard nothing to suggest that he is underperforming.



    Could be that Brendan wants his English up to speed first so that he is confident when taking to the field and understands all that is going on around him.




    Wonderful post, when you have so many people wishing


    you well, it must be so upliftng, this is when CQN comes into


    it’s own, when illness occurs or when we are subjected to


    a media attack, i would like to think we are as one and i know


    you and everybody else wish a great Celt Frank McAlear well.


    H.H Mick



    !!BADA BING!! on 10TH DECEMBER 2017 11:52 AM




    What’s the story with Kouassi?








    Don’t know the answer, but I bet Brendan does. He will know when Kouassi is ready,


    He’s been here for a year, how many games has he started? Not double figures probably

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