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  1. G’day Celts



    TV show alert!



    For all those who love Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy etc, there’s a new belter out and I watched six episodes last night, “Ray Donovan” on show time USA.


    It’s intense, character driven with some amazing acting from Jon Voight who excels, it’s a must watch for the BB Bhoys n Ghirls.



    2-1 Celts eye on the ball Celtic!



  2. Well Sydney, I just love reading posts like yours, pre match. I will get treble the pleasure now if Pukki sticks one in the ole onion bag.

  3. Billy Bhoy supports wee Oscar on

    Any Tim’s in Olhos D’agua in the not so sunny Algarve – the game is showing in Cheers Bar.

  4. Good morning from a still dark eastern seaboard. Young Fisher getting a stary at FB today. Charlie at LB.



    CELTIC (4-4-2) Forster; Fisher, Ambrose, Van Dijk, Mulgrew; Commons, Brown, Kayal, Samaras; Pukki, Stokes


    Subs: Zaluska, Forrest, Balde, Ledley, Biton, Henderson, Rogic

  5. Cork. I will be happy to:). But he is hoopers cheap replacement


    The rest of the money went to PL salary which was a few squid under a million. Obscene

  6. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Mon the hoops. Big days for young Fisher and in a sense Kayal..



    Like Brown he sometimes sees the red mist..



    Brilliant players when fully focused..



    Love big Virgil..




  7. Sydney, Thats no reason to start bad mouthing Pukki, He is a Celtic player now we need to support and encourage our players. Give the Bhoy a chance to show us what he can do.

  8. SydneyTim


    12:06 on 19 October, 2013



    Balde is nowhere near ready for first team starts. Pukki needs games to settle in before we can judge how good he is. He seems to be forming a good understanding with Stokes so its a no brainer that they start together

  9. SydneyTim:



    Mate, I know you’re a good guy, I tell everybody who asks how good a guy you are, nevertheless, there is nothing can be done about the team till the next window. In the interim, supporting the team is more pleasing to those you share these pages with (me included) than whineing about the team and the size of the wedge of Pete’s hip when there is nothing can be done to fatten the former and slim the latter.




    12:06 on


    19 October, 2013


    Cork. I will be happy to:). But he is hoopers cheap replacement


    The rest of the money went to PL salary which was a few squid under a million. Obscene



    Much did Hooper cost ? Much did Pukki Cost ?

  11. Made me laugh


    From the Scotsman:


    Give McCoist some credit’ says assistant



    RANGERS assistant manager Kenny McDowall has called for Ally McCoist to receive more plaudits for his role at Ibrox.



    McDowall said: “A lot of people are giving it him in the neck, saying he’s got too much to say. Well, if Ally hasn’t been saying it, who is going to be saying it?



    “He’s trying to keep supporters informed in what is going on at the place, while looking after the football side as well. And some day he’ll get credit.” (Scotsman)



    Nice to have a wee light hearted moment before a game.

  12. C’Mon the Celts !



    Back to real football.



    A wee scoreline of 7-1 would be great today



  13. sydneytim



    Agreed re Pukki. Blade has looked promising. Guess Lenny feels he must persist with the Finn, who hopefully hasn’t shown his best yet.





    Hate it when fellow Tims have a laugh at Sooper.



    The guy is due our eternal admiration and McDowally is spot on. Ally is a conduit as well as a great RRRRReal RRRRRangers man, who has a dual role, surely he is due more money ?

  15. Anyone else having problems on BT sports, constantly losing signal ? Or is it just the teaming rain here playing havoc with signal ?



    May have to watch on the iPad



    COYBIG, hail hail





    The look in that dug’s eyes would stop me in my tracks; somewhere between “oh aye, just try and clap me” and hunger.

  17. Kit , how is the weather up the coast tonite?



    Transfer windows. Lol. We had 3 months to find a goal scorer but our club is run to satisfy our CEO salary package. When we change that our team might change



    Thanks vhman. I don’t believe everything in the garden is rosy



    Any way arriving at cheers the Sydney club for a few to watch the the game. Enjoy all. It is indeed special being one of us :)

  18. Pukki has scored two and has gone very close on a couple occasions and yes good to see him given a chance to establish himself. Stokesy great return to international football – clever footballer.




    My dog looked exactly like that only not so dark in colouring, tell you what mate, I’ve never know a gentler dog, until strangers got too close to the kids. Then the hackles came up and teeth were bared.

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