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  1. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    Major blow if Kris not available on Tuesday.



    Lot of our creativity comes from him.



    Always a goal threat from outside the box with his shooting ability which I wish we would do a lot more.

  2. Corkcelt


    Yes he did.


    But my point is I don’t understand the lack of a central force.


    Lots of pretty passing and very few clear cut chances are the hallmark of our playing style.


    Milan was a great example of why this system is ineffective .




    If you think we are a dynamic team then fair play to you.


    I personally think we are incomplete tactically.


    Lots of possession and no cutting edge.


    I have stated often we are very reliant on a great individual moment from our better players rather than a team strategy to score.


    Today reinforced that belief

  3. Pleased to see Lenny highlighting the disgraceful tactics of Hibs today, as well as the connivance of the officials.



    I do feel, however, that it is time the club made official its displeasure with the standard of refereeing. And by that I mean at executive level.



    What exactly does Iain Bankier do?

  4. Well… I enjoyed that.



    Funny how so many are jumping the dyke and coming across to the conclusion we need a striker. And after so many took so much pish out of those, who only a couple of months ago, were only saying… we need a striker.



    Scott Brown gets banned for three games in the champions league for a petulant kick that would never, had it actually connected, have raised a bruise that even a weak man would have raised his shirt to theatre a war wound.



    Some of those tackles today would have seen Scott Brown in the stands for 8 weeks.



    If we had a third ‘umpire’ it would have taken said third ‘umpire’ one viewing, and one viewing only, to determine that Hibs goal was offside. They do it in tennis, without disrupting the game; they do it in rugby, without disrupting the game; they do it in cricket; without disrupting the game. Football is obviously a sport above integrity.

  5. shoulder2shoulder on

    Commons oot for Tuesday now too,not what we need for this game,listening to radio Scotland and they have only just read out a statement from criminal sandy easedale WHY ??!!!! Who bloody cares about this nobody!!! Shouldn’t listen to this station but my only option to hear Celtic game today as dnt do bt n dnt know how to go about getting it online…young darnell did very well but jamsie bhoy Jus overshadows him with his “moment of magic”,must play v Ajax imo.







  6. We had chances this afternoon, just one of these days, again why does the manager make late changes, what can balde do in the last 5 minutes,cant understand him and the rest of his coaching staff at times,and what did the officials warrant for lennon to have a go at one of them after the game,no im afraid lennon should look at himself and not others for his errors.

  7. whotf are RANGERS shown on SKY ? The crest looks very like a crest of a team who used to play in scotland