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  1. Commentators watching a different game, saying Hibs are playing well – they’ve hardly had the ball so how they can make that comment beggars belief



    We are in complete control of the game and the only problem is the obvious one of the score line.

  2. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    This has been a good game so far despite the score. I’m expecting us to score. We’re playing a good passing game. But.



    We need to put in a few hard tackles to let them know we can dish it out.

  3. Bring Balde oan



    This is His kinda Game.



    He wull Mak a Big Difference..



    This is a Game fur Brawn not Finesse.



    Hibs are determined tae Keep us oot..



    Thou shalt not pass Stuff.




  4. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    NatKnow – Supporting Wee Oscar


    1st hard tackle by us will result in a yellow if not a red, its the sleekit uses of the brotherhood Mibs that sickens me

  5. Calum Murray was the ref in the 3-0 Cup final win v Motherwell in the pouring rain. He was absolutely atrocious that day, think he is trying to match this today.



    FFS Pukki!!

  6. This formation is not potent. We lack a central presence.


    Kayal a man short in midfield and every forward wide or deep.

  7. Long ball down the wing, Hibs keeper mistake to come out, Forrest in first, rounds him, crosses for Pukki, tees up and hits wall of Hibs players – big chance missed

  8. Keeper came out, Forrest took it past him, cut back, Pukki shot cleared off line. Should have scored

  9. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Cool,mate. As long as someone got them to you.



    No excuses for being pash now!



    This from a fella who scored a massive 23 the last time results came out…..

  10. Corner headed away


    CM cross again cleard


    Sammi cross blocked


    Pukki fouls defender to relieve pressure

  11. Hibs being given free reign to kick Celtic, who have played any football on display



    Don’t think the linesman is incompetent, in a clearly offside , goal I think he’s





    Samaras and one or two others need to up their games



    Fisher excellent debut, interesting to see if our gulf in class will be enough to overcome


    the hurdles.



    Celtci 2 – 1 if Murray doesn’t seal it for Hibs.

  12. Done enough to be two goals up. Missing good chances.



    Pukki generally playing well. Was he lacking confidence not taking his chance first time, or overly confident.