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  1. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    13:07 on 19 October, 2013


    Some of the challenges by Hibs players , ignored by Murray are eventually going to lead to a serious injury to one of our players.





    I’ve been battering that point for years.



    Duty of care from the SFA,and we get kicked to f..k every week.

  2. How the hell are we behind in this game. Kris, Sammi & Pukki had great chances. Still confident.

  3. Stokes from wide plays it to Samaras wide .


    There lies the issue.


    For all our possession we rarely make opposing goalies work

  4. Afternoon Timland from a warm hun free mountain valley.



    One of the worst refereeing performances I have seen for some time.



    We are going to end up with a serious injury.



    And there will be silence from the club, a feckin joke.

  5. We have dominated the first half even though some of our players are not performing well and a usual the familiar honest mistake means we are 1down

  6. BSR



    Agree with u.


    There is no element of doubt , cannot be dressed up, no excuses can be given .


    Plain and simple offside which a blind man could see.


    Linesman is quite simply guilty of corruption !

  7. GivehimthemoneyPeterCSC on

    a dogged display from the hibees giving our midfield no time….



    Midfield needs to get on top of the game if we are going to win this….Kevin Thomson is a man posessed and we are looking surprised



    Darnel looking nervous but playing not too badly



    Calum Murray…oh dear! Linesman -one in the same…only 2 yards offside

  8. Not many chances..that’s admitted..






    We hiv missed. Three Good Uns… In Ma opinion.



    Look, Celtic have had the bulk of the Game..






    This is no a Boxing Match..



    Ye canny win a game oan ..”Points”!



    Hibs, can win this.. they may nick anither goal..



    We Are Spinning oor Wheels..



    Ah am Beginning tae Hae ma Doots aboot .. Pooki.



    Ah know.. but..



    Ah think that he is Far to Much of a Lightweight fur the S.P.L.



    Bring oan Balde..and Get rid of Kayall.that Guy should not be even Getting a Game..



    He is Finished.




  9. Don’t know who our CF is in this game. We seem to have 3 players swapping between top of midfield and left wing. Looks pretty and created enough chances but..



    Need to decide who is no9 and stick to it until we get ahead.



    On our defending – twice we headed across our own goal, we lost one goal


    Apart from those pieces of overconfidence, defended well.



    Kayal being Kayal and getting wrong side a lot but seems to be improving as the game goes on. Hope he has a good second half as he could be playing on Tues.

  10. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    Changed my mind 3-1 instead of 4-1 to us unless brother Murray steps in to give them a goal then 3-2 to us simples.



    the quicker we are out of this hun infested league the better though

  11. Actually playing not too bad. some nice moves. Very toothless though. Pukki should just stay in the box and let Sammi and Stokes do the donkey work outside.



    Their goal pitifully, and obviously, offside.



    And once again we are seeing why Scottish football will not move forward. At least three bookable offenses by Hibs players go unpunished by the ref. Encouraging them to keep clogging. Thomson’s on Kayal – a sneaky elbow in the back when the ball was in mid-air – was particularly dangerous.



    Of course, commentators praise ref for “letting game flow”.



    One can only imagine the reaction had it been Celtic players committing these offences.

  12. good solid display by young Fisher.Has had a lot of the play and looks sound.


    The main impression is his refusal to be intimidated by much more seasoned pros.


    That for a 19 yr old is impressive.


    Somebody needs to teach Craig a lesson

  13. Watch out for a quick penalty to Hibs in the second half so Callum Dallas Murray can put the boot in even more

  14. Celtic being closed down and kicked every time we have the ball. Murray letting them away with it.


    Commons certainly should have scored and Sammi and Pukki missed good chances.


    But we need to step up a gear

  15. GivehimthemoneyPeterCSC on

    Premiership- who cares?



    Team will be tired after international week so hopefully lenny can rejig and energise his very limited squad

  16. Disappointing to see Hibs’ tactics – echoing Dundee United’s earlier this season.



    Apart from us, are there any footballing teams left in Scotland?

  17. “Hibs are ahead through sheer doggedness, determination and organisation”



    Naw they’re not, they’re ahead through and offside goal.



    I wonder what that assistant refs name is. Murphy per chance?



    Pukki is not a striker, he is a footballer though. Quick feet.


    Normally a referee would be over cautious in this weather and eradicate the challenges we are seeing.



    Thompson clear elbow in Kayal’s back and the kick on VVD was a disgrace, never even gave the foul !



    Real sympathy with the linesman you could understand how confused he became, having to decide just how far offside Heffernan was. Obviously felt it necessary just to do nothing.

  19. the exiled time has nailed it on the head here……



    no matter the result or injuries we suffer today the silence from celtic park will be deafening. about time PL stuck his head above the parapet and spoke up. NFL can’t or he’ll be hauled up so ffs PL…………..START STICKING UP FOR YOUR PLAYERS AND YOUR FANS and maybe earn your wages eh.!!

  20. The ref letting things go does not suit us, as we have the feckin ball all the time, it’s getting out of order this every week we are getting kicked feck out of no protection what so ever.

  21. ItaliaBhoy


    13:28 on 19 October, 2013


    Apart from us, are there any footballing teams left in Scotland?



    Partick Thistle

  22. A barrel load of chances missed by mis-firing strikers, ole SydneyTim will have a boner at the moment.



    I recall a LC game at Easter Rd 2-3 years ago, 1-0 down at HT, won 4-1, Jamsie ripped them apart. Same again please.

  23. From what I see watching on iPad.


    How has there been no Hibs bookings -oh aye, it must be Murray as ref.



    Stokesy, you have team mates, learn to pass to them



    2 – 1 to the Bhoys in yellow



    Hail Hail

  24. HT Hibs 1-0 Celtic



    Bit of a scrappy game due to Hibs getting every man behind the ball and showing no ambition going forward at all. Their goal was their only chance of the half and it was at least 2 yds off-side. Can only think the ref thought a Celtic player played the ball back, but that was clearly not the case.



    We have had some decent chances, best of all fell to Pukki, but he failed to find the net when he should have scored. Our shape seems a bit off today. Sammi seems to be drifting all over the place. Stokes played wide left when Commons went off injured, and neither full-back has been able to get to the bye-line.The midfield has no punch, with Kayal and Brown playing similar roles and neither showing any creativity.



    Young Fisher has done very well. Some good touches and holding his own against their front-line. Pukki also had some good touches early on but he is not looking like a centre forward. We are lacking a cutting edge through the middle. Our approach is to get the ball wide and cut it back but Hibs have so many players in their own box it is impossible to find a man. Goals will come through the middle, but we need an out and out striker in there. Balde?

  25. If Neil disnae bring oan Balde..



    Ah wull be Disappointed.



    Oor attack is far to Light weight.



    Sammi, and Stokes are being.. Smothered by three players every time they get the





    Even ,although, Balde is very clumsy..



    He diz take a loat of Stopping when he gets the ball.’





    He kin cause Mak a Dent in the Hibs Curtain..



    Gie the Lad a Chancr Neil..



    Ye are Not doing yer Joab if ye leave this Line up



    As is, In the Second Half..




  26. If we had a striker, a proper penalty box striker, Pukki would run riot setting him up. As we don’t have one Stokes should be told to play through the middle and don’t wander wide

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