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  1. 16 ROADS. on 16TH DECEMBER 2018 7:37 PM


    RON67 on 16TH DECEMBER 2018 6:55 PM


    but why not go with morgan and johnston and play CMcG in the position he had been playing.




    Yes , why not.




    Why not say so before the game started?


    HH. ?



    we might have got a more favourable result if i been on the blower.



  2. 16 roads. on 16th December 2018 7:49 pm



    THE_HUDDLE – I understand what you are trying to say, however it’s all about winning trophies when all is said and done.


    Can I ask you a question while you’re here?


    Do you think that we will retain our league title this season?




    I think we will but at the moment i don’t think it will be pretty or enjoyable until its won.



    I’ve been very disappointed with how our style has dropped since the first season, which I know that’s selfish considering what we’ve won but it is what it is.

  3. RON67@7-45


    I know what you mean.


    But what I’m saying is it’s not individual players but team balance and tactics that is the problem.


    For clarity i think Nt’cham and Brown are capable of playing in the same team but not in the formation they are used in.


    Central midfield looks like an area where no-one’s roles are clearly defined.


    The StJohnstone game both McG and Nt’cham had definitive roles that combined offensive and defensive duties and also were both available for an outlet pass.


    It allowed Rogic to be creative without fear of a turnover costing us.

  4. Thats another way someone has found to beat us. It seems to be getting easier to get a result against us

  5. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Have any league wins been enjoyable ? When Tommy Burns was in charge the football was magic but no trophies



    Are we greedy and want beautiful football & silverware ??



    Is rubbish football with trophies worth more than beautiful football and not so many trophies ?

  6. Fluck Dubai in January get them all down to Seamill for 3 weeks manager and directors included.

  7. THE_HUDDLE on 16TH DECEMBER 2018 7:55 PM






    Fair enough, thanks for the considered response.



    HH. ?

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on 16th December 2018 7:59 pm




    Ronny and WGS were lambasted for winning league titles but not in the Celtic way, though I backed both as I believed they did it on a shoestring budget.



    I enjoyed BRs first title win, won playing good football. I enjoyed winning title 2 though didn’t enjoy watching a lot of the football week in week out.



    I’ll always enjoy winning things. Ideal world we play good football and we win. Worst case would be poor football and not winning things.





    “It’s Christmas time, and there’s plenty need to be afraid…”



    Band aid.





    “We are the very definition of Christmas – giving Shite hope at this time of year…”



    The Celtic Give Shite Hope Charity Drive.





    “Big Franc Sauzee wid be fuckin’ proud. Ooft, ya c#nt, git in there.”










    GORDON: 7/10




    Bound by the Celtic Distribution Law – a sub-category of particle physics that states any Celtic keeper at any given time in the game, no matter if trailing, must play the ball to the wings and provide the axle for a series of side-to-side passing moves across the back line wasting half a minute before finally launching it to the opposition.



    Big ghuy was dropped last season after failing to abide by this maxim, now seems a rigid adherent. Unfortunately. must be tempted sometimes to go quick with a direct long throw or kick. I know everybody reading this has occasionally urged him to in the most colourful manner…



    Made some decent stops to keep the score down as his defence disintegrated and reminded me to watch John Wayne in ‘The Alamo’ over Christmas.




    AJER – 4/10



    Hardly noticed the big Praetorian giant; which is saying it all. Got chased and turned all game like Prince Edward at an after-theatre soiree and his physical presence was non-existent. Uncomfortable day.




    JOZO – 5/10



    Still lingering at less than 100% focus; hasn’t looked in control of his own game so unable to command a defence. That partnership with his ‘little brother’ isn’t looking as tight as it sounds; maybe they should try speaking the same lingo to each other…





    BENKOVIC – 4/10



    I’ve noticed he sometime starts over-confident; gets caught napping like today and is suddenly playing catch-up against sharper forwards. like Thursday. Like today.


    Spent the match dragging himself up to standard; never made it. This SPL hiatus isn’t the stroll in the Parkheid (see what I did there ‘Celtic Park’ pedants?) he might have envisaged.




    IZZY – 4/10



    Wore the permanently confused look of someone trying to decode a shopping list written in a mirror. Didn’t seem to grasp the basics of overlap, cross, get back, block, failed to cover adequately or cause any danger so just roved around the left wing like a lost dug waiting for a whistle.





    BROON – 5/10



    Battle-hardened Captain Marvel never seems to like his matchdays in Edinburgh despite owning and living in the Castle. As Lord of the Manor he seems reticent to agitate his subjects too much by destroying their hopes on the field of play – presumably especially at this time of year when his Christmas banquets are traditionally stocked through the gratitude of peasants delivering offerings of bread, vegetables, birds (not ‘burds’, Leigh) in baskets to the Castle gates.


    Managed to escape a straight red with an over-exuberant tackle in the first-half, the dodgy ref subsequently demoted to goat-fluffer from goat-pumper. Still there as a presence but lacking outlets of flair and invention all around him; he was the panto stage without the backdrops, props or competent performers.





    SAM JACKSON – 5/10



    Like Broon, was at least there. Trundling around like a muthufucka, on the ball a lot, but wore that unsettled expression all game; ‘Muthufucka, what?’


    Failed to get to grips with their midfield or play around the press. Had the air of a Muthufucka not muthufuckin’ happy with his lot or the system.


    Could be off like a Muthafucka in January; if BR wants to keep him he must play him as he needs to find that muthufuckin rhythm.


    As a bit player, muthufucka ain’t interested.





    CALMAC – 4/10



    Anonymous, the fifth Mousketeer. Wandered lonely as a jakey minstrel between the line, looking for space that wasn’t there, harassed off his game by an energetic Hibs, couldn’t muster his own passing game or find the half-turn movement that opens opponents up. Played with his back to goal too often, joining


    in the pit-a-pat keep-ball in our own half. Brief flurry in second-half which is when we looked dangerous.


    But ten minutes was all we got.




    SINCY – 2/10



    I met a guy who fought on the Somme who remembers when Sincy was all lightning feet and screaming danger. And that was at a seance. All the promise of a real-life Sonic The Hedgehog but is delivering with the venom of a shagged-out rattlesnake after a rattlesnake orgy under a searing 100 degree Texan sun.


    As I feared for some months, he is being haunted by the ghost of one-season genius/every other season gormless, Bobby Petta. Had one great piece of play today, finished with a whipped low cross across


    the goal-face begging to be tapped in. Then… nada. (see what I did there, fourth-year pupils studying for yer Spanish prelims? away and study instead of reading this shite…)





    FORREST – 5/10



    Looked likely. Then suffered from the same malaise as the rest. Wonderful movement and positioning on a couple of occasions led to him being open to deliver a killer ball for a tap in. Failed miserably and on those moments the game turned. Nothing worth celebrating this week for the frustrated Prestwick Flying Flasher.


    Thus an entire Christmas weekend passes of cockless merry-making – as Charles Dickens would have said in A Christmas Carol – for the blushing fair maidens of Prestwick town





    EDDY – 4/10



    PENALTY! PEN-Al-TY you sleekit, Hun wi’ a whistle. Replays from behind the goal show the contact that caused the stumble and fall; shame on the Tims who cried wolf.


    nothing ran for our French wonderkid (yes, just a boy) and that is just not his role. We need a frontman to bring our the best in him. Asking an inside-forward


    (see what I did there traditionalists/confused nouveau soccerites?) to play up there and be used like a lone-striker/targetman is fruitless.









    MIKEY J – 6/10



    Energy, good son, keep knocking at the door.




    MORGAN – 6/10



    Energy, good son, keep knocking at the door.




    HAYES – 2/10



    Ran up and down a lot, resembling a shell-shocked Tommy tearing around no-man’s land. Sometimes he took the ball with him, mostly he forgot. Took a few corners in the modern


    Celtic tradition – with less danger than a three-year-old careering around brandishing a plastic sword.



    After eight pints, I turned to the giant sweary turkey sat next to me at the bar and asked it if it would survive Christmas.


    It raised a turkey eyebrow and shot back, “Will that hopless fecker Hayes survive January?”


    I conceded the point with a nod.


    He shrugged, supped, and asked, “Are you an assassin?”


    I glanced away. ‘I’m a soldier’.


    He shook his big turkey heid. Sucked air in through his beack, sighed, “You’re an errand boy. Sent by grocery clerks. To collect a bill.”


    He’ll taste great next week.





    RONNY DEILA – 3/10



    Sorry, BR… Shuffled the pack, fumbled the aces, spilled the kings, creased the one-eye jakes and dealt a duff hand. Tactics got experimental. Lenny called his bluff, played a Hibs team fired-up from the off at high tempo, JUST like his Celtic teams used to perform in Europe against better opposition. Brendan didn’t read it, got mugged early, never recovered and ended up throwing on multpile wingers in a vague re-enactment of Mowbray’s last stand at Love Street. Clever? Noooo. astute? Noooo. We-could-have-told-you-so-and-


    we’re-muppets-with-an-opinion-not-paid-to-get-it-right-but-could-still-see-right-through-it? Aye…



    Like a Xmas party drunk who comes home and shoves a thumb up his sleeping wife’s erse, it all seemed like a great idea until he tried it.



    Could have gone two up to give Eddy support, force big Efe into defensive pressure. Instead, tried a Martin O’Neill three-at-the-back formation (without the superstars to implement it) and let Hibs run all over us and made the big ebony gentleman resemble Beckenbauer. T’was pish the week before Xmas, Brendan…





    OVERALL – Bollocks/10



    Shambolic, heartless, guileless and loads of other ‘less’. We gave Shite hope and now the momentum builds again to topple the Hoops. Every time we’re in a position to slam the door this season, we contrive to bemuse a nation of green and white acolytes with distinctly un-Celtic like performances. Four games to the break – four wins could all but bag up the title. Can these players motivate themselves to sort it and blow away the pretenders?


    Some days – like today – you wonder.



    ‘Mon Tae, the Hoops.

  10. It’s only my opinion but Ollie hasn’t been the same since Dembele left, it’s like he has one good game and two bad ones, again imo, he should have forged on and been first name on the team sheet every week, but if anything he seems to be regressing, did he take the huff when he didn’t get a move to Porto, if he did he ain’t doing himself any favours, only he knows.


    I am normally very positive but I am not seeing anything that makes me positive just now, our squad is very weak when our best players are out, it showed against Killie, Mwell, St Mirren and again today, we have a few hard games coming up, our away form is brutal and we have a fair few injuries, as I said I am normally very positive but if we come out of the month at the top I will be plesently surprised.

  11. FAN-A-TIC on 16TH DECEMBER 2018 7:56 PM



    fair point, but don’t agree that SB and ON can play in the same team .




  12. GFTB-he could have been sent off mate,add that to his passing and he is definitely not irreplaceable

  13. We were pish today.


    No hiding from it. Ye can make all the excuses in the world for it.


    We lack an investment in our team.


    Some of our squad us just not good enough.


    It’s a sad day when we sit 3rd whilst we pay players that are not fit to wear the hoops.



    Not their fault but the just get over the line of our board is embarrassing.

  14. Gerryfaethebrig on

    The Huddle & Fairhill Bhoy



    I think we are spoilt rotten these days, would love to play great football, pleasing on the eye every week .. but stuff that trophies are everything Brendan has made us all greedy :-)

  15. Sips-watched the Liverpool Utd game and Roy Keane was saying the same about Utd players,good players but not Utd players

  16. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I think most Celtic fans in here agree, we were mince …. sometimes it’s ok for us to be rubbish



    Loved the Hibees giving a nod to our Leigh



    “It’s ok not to be ok” ?



    Get well soon Leigh

  17. GFTB-I honestly don’t think it’s anything to do with being spoiled.


    It’s a blog and it wasn’t a good performance today,and not for the first time either

  18. The one thing that was really worrying today was after we went a goal down we never really looked like recovering.


    Not even Brown looked like he had the fight to change it.

  19. 50 shades of green on

    MICKBHOY1888 on 16TH DECEMBER 2018 6:59 PM









    Aye ok whatever you say matey, but keep ignoring the facts and before you know it’ll be May and the league cup and place in the last 32 of the Europa Cup are the only things we might be celebrating. Anyway you keep spending your money researching the Red Lights in Amsterdam and I’ll spend mine following Celtic home and away and maybe looking at things from a different perspective from yourself……






    You do know if we win our game in hand we go top dont you ? That is a fact matey. We lost a game today not the league.



    Before you know it it will be May and we will be celebrating 3 TREBLES in a row imho.



    O and I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but I will give you the different perspective thing, I will go and support my team, and would never bring them down the way you do.,Celtic fan my rrrrrr’s…

  20. FB/GFTB…



    The Christmas window will speak volumes on our boards heights.


    We’ve got a ned crook spending more than us.


    I’m not one for throwing cash Willy nilly but investment when you have the income is what is needed at this point in time.


    We don’t get 10 the board will not be forgiven.

  21. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fairhill Bhoy 8.19pm



    Exactly … it’s a blog, I think we are spoilt think about the 80s & 90s probably lucky to have 8 trophies a decade never mind going for 8 on the bounce …



    We were minging today but at 12pm tomorrow we will draw a team in the EL which am afraid means more than the odd domestic defeat … just this armchair fans opinion :-)

  22. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Honestly … who cares about 10… the Huns cheated to all their titles .. I just want Brendan to keep collecting the prizes … the 10 @ row song is pretty cringey but if that’s what the bhoys & Ghirls want to sing who am I to be annoyed…. the 10 @ row guff feeds our ever decreasing main steam media (in my opinion :-)

  23. glendalystonsils on

    Andy Walker was unbearable today . Unfortunately , the way Celtic played gave him even more reason than usual to be negative about our team.

  24. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fairhill Bhoy



    Exactly …



    Most of us in here just want Celtic to win :-)



    Ma Celtic never needed to win :-) it’s all about our own Celtic experiences and like Big George & wee Big George I love you going to the home games with your father …. jealous in a good way ?

  25. some good exchanges of opinions on the blog today , I’ve enjoyed it better than the score today.



  26. GFTB


    Met BGFC and young G in Middletons Pub pre match. Then bumped into them at half time. Those two meetings made today’s trip to Embra worthwhile ?????

  27. GFTB….



    I care about 10 as I did when I was a pup and my kids do now.



    I know your a tad younger than me, although you look a lot older but


    Don’t listen to bullshit…we do 10 it will nail our colours to the wall which will silence the monkey huns.



    Off to watch the planet of the Apes.???????????

  28. The board getting it tight tonight from certain posters about investment.



    The team today nearly all was signed by the manager or has had a contract extended by the manager.



    That performance today was a disgrace Thursday wasn’t far behind . We’ve won 3 out of 9 away games this season against teams on a fraction of our budget an excuse we conveniently use when we play in Europe.



    Where is the value for money for the 59 million pound wage bill ?



    That defeat today for me stands firmly at the managers door as does the 3 out of 9 away games record does.



    The manager has beeen backed more than enough to produce a lot better than we’re seeing.

  29. Poor management decisions today.



    Knowing we were missing Lustig, Tierney, Christie and Rogic why did we play so many others out of position?



    Ajer never a right back, turning circle of the Titanic. Ralston or Gamboa must be capable of being tested against Hibs?



    When have we ever played Sinclair wide right? He combined well with Izzy against Killie, why not reunite and utilise understanding



    Wee Jamesie on fire all season, wide right so we’ve change to a front two?



    Never looked comfortable at any stage



    Brendan needs to learn how to win ugly every now and then

  30. The game finished 6 and a half hours ago. In the cold light of night (!) the only starting player I’d give pass marks to would be Craig Gordon. In fact, Celtic’s man of the match was arguable Mikey Johnston? However, 12 points still to be won this month. And although the ‘live table’ shows us in 3rd place, our game in hand at home to St Johnstone is enough for me to regard us as being 2 points clear at the top.

  31. AIDEN BHOY on 16TH DECEMBER 2018 9:08 PM



    I wouldn’t disagree with most of those points in isolation. The trouble is the Manager went to the Board and asked for a right back and John McGinn, he ended up with Youssouf Mulumbu. Klopp went to the Liverpool Board and asked for a keeper and a centre half to take his team to another level, they delivered. Guardiola did likewise. Rodgers was well and truly shafted.



    If you stand still, you go backwards, if you go a little backwards, you go sharply downhill, reverse momentum. Rodgers fluffed it today, and on other occasions it has to be said. The prosaic reality however is that we lost 3 key players in the summer and replaced neither of them, as well as failing to deliver a right back. And don’t get me started Boyata. Totally unacceptable by PL and his cronies, the Board have failed the Manager, i genuinely wonder how they’re getting away with it.

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