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  1. A bad performance and result Today.



    Brightness was James Forrest and Mikey when he entered the fray.



    Watching on the olde Roger Mellie. Sky Sports must have been wishing the Sun wisnae oot on Leith – what a Clash for TV viewers.



    The extremely overworked Celts will have to dig deep to get the points in December.



    Looking a bit shallow in reserve.



    The Young Ones – the Celtic Key.

  2. Macjay



    Exactly …



    If nobody responded it would be like Sentinel Celts (that’s a wee joke) responding and insisting is the essence of a blog

  3. Fan a tic



    I wasn’t complaining I read your post






    What is your favourite Ultra Sonic tune ?

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Unfortunately , people get upset and insults and personal comment take precedence over an informed exchange of views.



    Just like the pub.



  5. The No.13 Shorts on

    Dear Santa, I want Paddy Roberts in the hoops for Christmas. League in bag. He’d turn Sinclair into a player again. McGregor would just get even better. And Eduard would hopefully find tbe ball ahead instead of behind him. ??

  6. Macjay 11.55pm



    I hope you read my coments on here the way they are typed … our virtual boozer where we can post about Celtic all dat long… I wasn’t here in the early days and am a Celtic Happy Clapper …. life is too short too get your underwear in a twist about fitba



    I nearly chucked the blog the other week as it went way away fae fitba



    Hope that son & daughter of yours are doing well

  7. The George Best programme on bbc2 is a difficult watch ….



    Hope our Leigh is ok



    Life is far too short

  8. Fan a tic



    Hope it didn’t come across as being cheeky :-)






    Obsession is my favourite if we didn’t have Brendan my obsession would be Neil Francis Lennon :-)

  9. Fan a tic



    Just read back… I was just having a laugh no malice intended. I enjoyed that very very long post :-)

  10. I really hope our Leigh is ok …. watching this George Best programme is frightening…… sometimes football doesn’t mean that much as the GB said …. “sometimes it is ok to be not ok”

  11. Petec



    Am off work till 24/12 when is the next snooker/pool day till I put you and our Garry in their place :-)

  12. Gerryfaethebrig,



    Noone knows anything Gerry.



    As the Family is undermined and the Faith (whatever side) is totally undermined. Then there is always gonnae be chaos ensuing.



    Yeshua Fulfilled Every Law.









    Whilst you can.

  13. this is just my opinion ,



    i dont trust br with money to buy players.



    hibs had players from raith rovers coming off the bench.



    we have a lot of injuries but so have all the teams we are not as good as we think we are imo.

  14. Anyone who is having dark thoughts – open yer self to what the New Testament said so many moons ago.



    for petes Sake just open at any point and Believe in what you are reading.



    Most have been Baptised after all.

  15. Petec 12.24am



    Family is everything ….



    I have been slagged on here for the love of my family …. I have tried to reign it in for one reason …. if it’s annoying others why do it (others were plural) …. I treat this place as a bit of escapism and talking rubbish about Celtic …. love your chat about the Metro … those days are gone with all my Doives :-)

  16. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Disappointed with the team today. All that’s left this month is to rally round them for two home games then keep our fingers crossed for Pittodrie and Ibrox. Roll on 2019.





    Christmas songs, who doesn’t love ’em? I heard a good one on Iain Anderson’s show earlier tonight, Katee Kross and the Amberjax “All around the tree”.



    It features some students of Bishopbriggs School of Music and charitable contributions from sales go to support East Dunbartonshire Foodbank.



    From across the hard border I wish it well, though savvy family will be required tomorrow to help me do my bit to help them.

  17. Tim Horton 12.24am



    I would trust Brendan with every penny …. 7 trophies in the bag outbid 7

  18. Tim,



    This may be a sticking point and you make an excellent point.



    There is nae doubt that Brendan makes players better.



    We have a lot of cash but we have to spend it well.



    I dinnae want a Robbie Keane windae.

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Macjay 11.55pm



    You come across to me on CQN exactly as I found you in person.



    Great company.

  20. Macjay



    My mother & father gave me one thing … a good judge if character



    Politics mean hee haw to me I treat you the way I met you … easy option



    In fact you remind me of my father he was a stubborn bam as well :-)

  21. Timbhoy2 on 17th December 2018 12:41 am



    Bhoys what about Brendan Rodgers ,making a bid for Tony Watt,in the January transfer window.






    One thing is certain.



    Never say Never.



    I to have reservations about Brendan Rodgers and our scouting network spending in the transfer market.


    Their signings to date have been a mixed bag.


    But the alternative to doing nothing is more frightening.

  23. How sad am I… watching they’re-run if QT from Thursday …. makes me worse that’s expenses cheating impostors

  24. macjay1,



    I have been very impressed with the Uber Catholic JRM and his knowledge of all the details of all that jibber jabber regards the BREXIT. :))



    My Dad just disnae like his way. I totally understand that.



    He is a facts dude and thats good. I’m sure philvis is Jacob. :))

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