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  1. SoT



    I think we might get Napoli so you have a “home” game to go too :-)



    Really looking forward to the draw in knockout stages anything can happen

  2. traditionalist88 on




    Really looking forward to the draw in knockout stages anything can happen





    Anything could happen! Perhaps we won’t capitulate against every half decent team away from home but maybe thats wishful thinking!




  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 17TH DECEMBER 2018 9:50 AM


    I never like us when we are boasting inappropriately anyway.





    Karma keeps her ears open for such boastfulness…




    At their best -Napoli are more than capable of winning the competition — at their we’re so good we don’t have to score to demonstrate it -worst -they are more than capable of losing to a team like Krasnodar and in true Napoli style gifting a team they’ve played off the park the winner in the 89th minute.

  5. Celtic are priced at 66/1 to win the Europa League. We won’t. However, there are 4 teams who are priced the same or higher that we could draw in the last 32 – Dynamo Kiev, Dinamo Zagreb (both 66/1), Club Brugge (125/1) and Genk (200/1). Fingers crossed we get one of those 2 Belgian clubs. Although we do then run the risk of being knocked out by a diddy-ish team ;-)



  6. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Jobo – agree that Brugge or Genk would be the preference in terms of qualifying chances – good to get to last 16 (although given our league form, I wonder whether going out in a blaze of glory in the last 32 might be for the best !!).



    Napoli, however, sounds like a really attractive tie – a couple of proper European nights to look forward to.






  7. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims, its draw day for the next round of the European football’s tourneys .



    Morning zombies its Monday for you lot.




  8. Agree, the 10 in a row song may be seen as a bit crass.



    However the ” We’re on our way to Baku” song is a belter.



    Away oot for some early door Chrimbo shopping.

  9. The perfect weekend played out in the SPL, in the Greek v Greek fixture Neil Lennon trumps Brendan Rodgers and SKY’s asinine coverage of Celtic continues with the script reading trio of Commons ,Walker, and McGinn.



    Beautifully played out, BR failed ‘experimental line up’ using every winger at the club, was mugged and McGinn spilled the same beans as the Daily Record forgetting to mention he’d made his mind up because on Aston Villa, as the money was twice as good.



    Celtic should come clean and put to bed the mythology that BR ‘wasn’t backed’ simply because we don’t pay the same salaries as some English Championship sides can. Then every time there’s a poor result we wouldn’t get the SMSM led Celtic penny pinching dross, and nonsensical ad hominen attacks on the board.



    The summer ‘problems’ have been caused by the signings we’ve already made without mentioning names in BR signings there’s a queue that we can hardly give away, let alone sell .



    We have the CB situation in flux, because of Dedryk Boayata , and the ever unreliable Jozo Simunovic, the full back situation is shambolic with Mikael Lustig unfit it caused BR to rethink the entire formation of the defence. The lack of a man for man swap for Lustig was never so evident than Easter Rd. Not Emilio Izzaguire’s fault he was played far too far up the pitch, but a stark reminder of why he’s an emergency player., and Celtic without Keiran Tierney is like tea without milk.



    The striker situation is even more acute with Odsonne Edouard learning the hard way in the SPL , an out of contract striker should have been signed before we knew what would happen with Leigh Griffiths. Squad fillers won’t win the league now, and the next four games before BR claws the transfer window open will shape our challenge for the title eight.

  10. Trad 10.35am



    At least we are in it to capitulate :-)






    Really like watching Napoli, that would be an exciting game to look forward too…. anyone but Chelsea for me

  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Colleague in the office just told me this one..,



    Her niece plays in a wee fotball team. Their coach (my colleague’s brother) called Hampden to take the weans (15 of them, all around aged 9) in for a wee party-day for a Christmas treat. So – a stadium tour and a children’s lunch.



    Was told they couldn’t take the booking as “they don’t accept bookings from football teams” !!!



    Hampden – home of the national game – doesn’t accept bookings from a wean’s football team.











    PS – Coach said – “OK, what if I tell you that it is one of the girls’ birthdays and I wanted to book it as a birthday party”. They accepted the booking…

  12. traditionalist88 on






    Trad 10.35am



    At least we are in it to capitulate :-)





    When PSG threatened to hit us for double figures in Paris I would have preferred to have been anywhere else but in that particular competition that night!



    Maybe with a couple of signings we can go a couple more rounds,




  13. For anyone surprised by yesterdays result- we have been poor away from home for most of this season. We have been poor in the away games following a European match for most of the season. We have been poor when there are more than 2 changes to the team sheet. We have been poor when Brendan decides to try out a new formation and we have been poor when part of the new formation involves playing players out of position. We still win the big domestic games though, so I’d be more concerned about Motherwell and Dundee than the games following them.

  14. traditionalist88 on






    All very true, therein lies the problem. Too many on here don’t seem too bothered that if this away form continues there is a very real chance we won’t win the league.



    Lets not get to May and then start realising that a couple of extra points here and there could have come in handy.



    Luckily we have a 100% home record but law of averages says it’ll be hard to maintain that so lets pick our best available team every week, consign the underachievers and those not good enough to the stand or find a buyer, find some quality in the January window and raise the bar again domestically to prove that this is just a temporary blip.




  15. Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell claims the Scottish Premiership club did all they could to sign John McGinn in the summer, but the player instead opted to move to Aston Villa, The Scottish Sun report.




    “John McGinn decided to go to Aston Villa rather than Celtic, that was his professional choice. I am satisfied we did all we could to bring him to Celtic but he made a career decision to go to Villa,” Lawwell explained.



    Celtic were long deemed the favourites to sign the midfielder last summer as McGinn had just 12 months remaining on his contract at Hibs and was lined up for a potential bargain move.

  16. McGinn only says the negotiations between Hibs and Celtic had been drawn out- he doesnt say that was Celtic’s fault for not closing the deal- a deal requires at least 2 parties to agree to it- maybe Hibs wanted someone other than Celtic to get him?

  17. 50 shades of green on

    Which Italian team will we get this time????



    I’m going for our old foes fae lisboa Inter.




    Who would I prefer? .. Genk or Kiev for a fighting chance or for the fans southern Spain and the yellow submarine mob, ( would also mean we wont wear that bloody yellow strip again ?)..




  18. Europa league, I would settle for winning the League here in Scotland it is back on for several teams and we are not playing well nor do we have a capable squad, we have many players on our books who should be nowhere near Celtic Park and the squad has been poorly constructed.

  19. Trad



    PSG have threatened to hit double figures against better teams than us, the game at Celtic Park was as good as any team I have saw … they were also good we they pumped us 3-0 circa 1995 ? Paul Le Guen & co

  20. John McGinn must be the most typed footballer on here never to play with Celtic …. John had the chance to sign with his bhoyhood heroes but choose Aston Villa ….

  21. traditionalist88 on






    PSG have threatened to hit double figures against better teams than us, the game at Celtic Park was as good as any team I have saw … they were also good we they pumped us 3-0 circa 1995 ? Paul Le Guen & co





    Easy to say that but looking at the season as a whole last season, domestically in France they scored 108 goals in 38 games, an average of 2.84 goals per game.



    Against us they got 5 at Celtic Park, and 7 in Paris. 12 in 2 games, a lot higher than they were averaging domestically.




  22. The John McGinn saga represents more than John McGinn. It’s an insight into a transfer strategy that’s a busted flush.

  23. Trad



    Stats can be manipulated, I rely on my own judgement …. plus booing Neymar just makes him try harder against us than Rennes or Nice :-)

  24. If “we” had signed the Celtic fan who went to Villa in the championship would Ryan Christie have been given the opportunity in a very busy midfield …. sometimes it’s better concentrating on the players who want to be there

  25. 50 shades 11.47am



    You are not in a good place when you think like me :-)



    Great minds ? … although fools seldom differ

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