Hibs Armageddon dividend, gift the young will never know


Well done to Hibernian fans for turning up in sufficient numbers to increase turnover to £8.0m from £6.9m the previous season, allowing the club to turn a profit in Armageddon season, despite some mediocre performances on the field.  The challenge for chairman Rod Petrie is to ensure the elevated income level results in the club outperforming village clubs, who survive on a fraction of Hibs income.

Hibernian should tower over St Johnstone, Inverness, Ross County and Motherwell in the race for second place.

Debt remains high at £5.5m (if Celtic’s debt was a similar proportion to turnover it would be circa £40m) but with the wages to turnover ratio at 49% there is scope to both bring debt down and get better value for money on the field.

30 friends, family and supporters of the Tommy Burns Skin Cancer Trust will be leaving Celtic Park on tomorrow afternoon heading to Dingwall where they will start a 400 mile cycle round every Scottish Premiership ground returning to Celtic Park on Sunday 15th September at 3:30pm. Their goal is to raise £100k for Melanoma Action and Support Scotland (MasScot) who are looking to introduce Scotland’s first ever mobile skin cancer screening unit which is bound to save lives given the success rates when diagnosing melanoma in early stages.

You can follow the team @TommyBurnsSCT and on Facebook this week as they begin this amazing fundraising event. Please support the team if you can at MyDonate. Packie Bonner and Frank McGarvey are signed up and Bertie Auld is getting involved in the final day.

You can participate in the last hour of the cycle, from St Mirren to Celtic Park, leaving around 2:30 on the Sunday, by emailing scottmcgarvey@gmail.com.  Scott will get you organised and help with a fundraising page.

Our thoughts to Jock Stein’s surviving family today, 28 years after his death, as another former Celtic manager prepares Scotland for a World Cup qualifier.  Those old enough to remember his time have a gift which the young will never know.
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  1. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    Twists n Turns


    Well done on looking after yourself :))



    HOOOOOOOOOOOOOPY BIRTHDAY Oscar (celtic warrior) Knox



    Who would have thought when his name first came onto the pages of CQN that this child would have such an impact on so many lives,



    I know that when I am starting to feel a wee bit down with any health issues I have all I have to do is glance at my right wrist and see the wee mhans wristband and my troubles fade,



    Thank you Oscar for being you.



    Last but not least Jock Stein R.I.P



  2. The Token Tim in support and praying for Wee Oscar on









    That was my 1st Euro away trip. Went on “Biff’s Bus” from Heraghty’s bar.


    Seem to recall singing “Always Look on…”, but cant say for definite (wonder why??) or if that was the 1st time we sang it.



    Mikey G did score a belter from around 25yrds out. The residents of Ekeren (a wee town on the outskirts of Antwerp) did not know what had hit it. The Celtic support marched almost en-masse from the town square to the ground. People were leaning out their windows on their equivalents of tenements taking pictures etc.


    Im sure there was a TV camera crew taking film of us outside a cafe/bar singing our lungs out as usual.



    Loved that trip. Didnt enjoy the ferry trip Ostend – Dover later that night anywhere near as much. Most guys had faces the colour of part of our strip. then of course there were the other nutters sitting swallying laughing at the misery of most of the rest of us!



    have to admit that my next Euro away trip was not quite as much fun. Well the going there was, but the game and returnd journey far less so.


    That 2nd trip, was the very next round.



    Neuchatel Xamax.






  3. Token. Great party our ferry trip back next day was better. There was a band on board who started to play



    Next nite in London watched the Huns getting pumped out of CL in a pub It was a strip pub and the girls got lots of Belgium coins in their tip glasses. We Weren’t watching them but golam dropping ball and Huns losing :)))

  4. Big Jock………..never ever forgotten.



    Eternally grateful for what he did for our Club.




  5. We went by train and train broke down outside Dunbar. We were towed to Berwick and joined the 125 to London. Put in 1st class as no seats elsewhere Party all the way to London

  6. TTT



    The Tommy Boyd bus was full of rockets on that trip to Ekeren , apart from my good self ….cant remember how you never went on that bus

  7. The Token Tim in support and praying for Wee Oscar on




    haha i’ll bet you actually were watching the huns game too :-)



    canny beat the ole Euro away trip memories.



    No trips for me this year though, well the group stage games anyway. last 16? well loets see who we draw :-)






  8. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    “My proudest moment? Every Friday morning when I look at the board at Celtic Park and see my name on the team sheet for tomorrow’s game.”


    Jock Stein (when a Celtic player & team captain)



    “Unlike many other Celts, I cannot claim that Celtic was my first love … but I can say that it will be my last love.”


    Jock Stein in a speech at a Supporters night in 1955

  9. traditionalist88 on

    Scottish football would be one of the stronger leagues outwith the big 4 if sides like Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen could realise their potential. Bad management on the pitch and in the boardroom has allowed relative newcomers Like ICT and Ross County to steal their place in the top half but you would hope the traditionally strong sides will get come back over the next 5 years. Certainly Hibs being based in the capital have an appalling record so I wouldn’t laud them too much, increasing turnover is great but what did a 9-0 aggregate loss to the mighty Malmo do to the reputation of the Scottish game?



    I guess we hoped it was that early in the season no one would notice. Or better still pretend it was Hibernians from Malta.



    So although predictions of armageddon were wide of the mark Scottish football is at a crossroads again and Celtic alone cannot save them all.




  10. The Token Tim in support and praying for Wee Oscar on

    Toor A Loo,



    think the “split” might have happened by then?


    I think we were going to games in the cars more then rather than the bus.



    Me, MK, MK, SQ, NO’B and TO’B all went on that trip.



    We stayed over in Gent rather than Antwerp where you lot stayed. Someone knew a Scottish guy (cant mind his first name, but he was Gillespie who played pro over there) who arranged our hotel – cracking big 5-star place. Wasted on us!!



    Is that the trip where DG got his shed “cut”?



    That bus wouldve been one big rocket :-)







    Mind seeing him after it. Brilliant.

  11. TTT. True mate. We kept on asking the girls to move their t@@s as we wanted to watch the t@@s on TV



    Ps do you get your wee one to bed ok


    I have wee sydney Tim lying beside me in bed watching Dora on iPad


    Been trying to get her to sleep for 2hrs in her own bed. Gave up:(((

  12. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Wonderful just reading them again.



    Thanks for posting them.



    Sometimes,I think our generation took the success of Jock’s teams so much for granted.



    The generation directly before and after us had a famine;we had a feast.



    Let’s hope we can all enjoy the longest feast of success in football history!

  13. Quite refreshing to see only a few of the ‘podium’ type posts today, first page is usually a scroll through without reading.



    Schools obviously back.

  14. A rare event for me yesterday. I met a fellow Tim whose assessment of Celtic players was very similar to mine!


    Of those we mentioned, here was our view:


    Forster: Not good enough;


    Lustig: Superb;


    Matthews: Superb;


    Ambrose: Brilliantly erratic; superb athlete;


    van Djik: Looks very, very promising;


    Brown: Celtic`s most important player;


    Kayal: Rubbish! Tries to impress the crowd;


    Rogic: Looks the business;


    Forrest: Very disappointing but might become a player;


    Stokes: Not good enough to have the attitude he has;


    Samaras: Samaras !


    Derk B : Early days but not expecting too much.


    The newIsraeli boy: Hearing very good reports (My fellow Tim is a friend of Lubo`s , I believe ie he didn`t say anything but another Tim mentioned it).


    So there you are, bhoys, nearly all positives but with a healthy smattering of negatives. Just as it should be.



  15. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    continuing with weird or retro celtic songs



    my my miss american pie at tynecastle


    mull of kintyre at hauf time at CP


    things can only get better at old trafford



    those were the days my friend


    no that wasnt one of the songs – although we did often borrow the tune when one of the huns was injured



    and one for the less PC amongst us


    the corporation buses are green white and gold!

  16. TTT



    That was some “shed” yer man DG had,


    good trip although I thought we were going to get turned back a Dover.



    Stayed in Waldorf hotel Antwerp , god knows how we ended up there some of the celtic officials were there also.



    Couldnt handle that anymore that road home from Dover lasted an eternity, major plus was oldco getting pumped out of europe




  17. The Token Tim in support and praying for Wee Oscar on




    Have to admit that the girls are pretty good at going to their beds.


    Have to read to them every night before light out of course. But generally they are not bad at all.



    to be fair was the good lady who initially decided on a “bedtime regime”.



    Take them up, tuck them in, read to them. Give them 5 mins afterwards to read themselves. then lights out. One of us then literally sat outside their door to ensure no nonsense and before we knew it they were sleeping!



    Obviously doesnt always work, but generally it does!



    Good luck mate!






  18. .






    Please Please Please..



    Try and Keep SydneyTim talking Aboot the Guid Auld Days..(I Will even Pay for the Drink) to at Least 31st of January 2014..



    l Cannae handle another Willo Window way SydneyGoodTimeTim..:-)




  19. TTT. Sounds good. But been trying that for a year


    Maybe get paul67 to read the Celtic accounts for her, that will put her starlight to sleep , works for me :))

  20. Weeron


    We did accept that he has some quality but his failure to come off his line and command the box were the guiding factors in our assessment. We also accepted that very few `keepers now command the box. There may well be a reason in the modern game for this.




  21. The Token Tim in support and praying for Wee Oscar on




    You shouldve been on the Xamax trip.


    We were supposed to be staying overnight in Neuchatel after the game. But when we got on the bus after the game, we took a quick poll “stay over” or “batter up the road”.



    The latter won!



    Only time we got off the bus between Neuchatel and Hamilton services where we got dropped off, was the calais-dover ferry! Although we had a unplanned stop-off at a hospital near Dover as one of the guys on the bus was seriously unwell, but again we were all told to stay on the bus. never did find out how they guy got on. Hope all was well.



    Think the only funny thing that happened on the journey home was big PO’R from muirhouse getting his nose burst from a lassie!



    She was from Middlesbrough but liked Celtic and was a massive Bernie Slaven fan (still not sure why she was on the bus though). Big PO’R slagged Slaven off and she turned and belted him one. Blood everywhere!


    Thankfully big POR was able to see the funny side………somehow doubt that would have been the case had a guy done it!!








    PS – I know ive asked this before, but whats your intials? I thought you were DO’R on previous posts, but im sure he didnt go on the Ekeren trip, as he went with us to Neuchatel!

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