Historic Scottish Cup Finals in 37, 65 and 85 portents for Celtic


Queen’s Park, Rangers (twice) and Aberdeen have all won the Scottish Cup three consecutive seasons, a feat Celtic emulated in last year’s final, coming from behind to beat Hearts 2-1.

Queen’s Park lifted the trophy 10 times in total but five of those wins came in seven seasons, between 1879-80 and 1885-86.  Defeat to eventual winners Dumbarton in the 1883 quarter final was their only reversal in the competition in five years.

Rangers completed their first hat trick in the Cup between seasons 1933-34 and 1935-36.  That run came to an end when Celtic won the Cup in 1937 in the final against Aberdeen, famous for being the highest attended game in European club football ever, 147,365 souls.

Again Rangers won the Cup three times, between seasons 1961-62 and 1963-64, and again Celtic picked up the trophy to end the run in 1965, in what is probably a more famous final against Dunfermline.  THAT header from Billy McNeill and two from Bertie Auld won the Cup for Celtic after seven years without a trophy and gave an indication into what was in store for the Jock Stein era that started two months earlier.

During the early 80s Aberdeen came to Glasgow and regularly bossed the occasion.  They won three successive Scottish Cups, two against Rangers in 1983 and 1984, and one against 10-man Celtic (Gordon, cough) in 1984, before another famous Scottish Cup Final and another Celtic win.

This time, the 100th final.  Dundee United took the lead, before that “piece of history” from Davie Provan and Frank McGarvey’s flying header.  Thousands of us got in for free as police opened the gates in what, incredibly, was a non-ticket game, a practice that ended in disaster four years later at Hillsborough.

Celtic are the first team to win three and then reach a fourth Scottish Cup Final, chasing their 40th success in the tournament.  Opponents, Hearts, hope to win their eighth Scottish Cup.  History calls for both teams, but the rule is clear, since the 19th century, Celtic win the Scottish Cup after any team wins for three successive seasons.  Any portent in a storm.

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  1. Embdae watch STV North? On the late news, I thought I detected a smirk on the face of the presenter when he announced the football results…😉🤭 Good man 👍

  2. Huns defeat last night , makes no difference to the league positions. So don’t see how it matters.


    Get our own house in order and forget about them

  3. Buddies 3 Baddies 2



    What’s not to like….



    GIRUY Lurkin’ Huns……….



    Come on Celtic. No time for sentiment or complacency!!




  4. Of course I did


    Was watching Liverpool game , then came on here to find out. To my great surprise 😄

  5. st tams – the way glasgow works, and from past player accounts/admissions, teams will get wee lifts when the other team loses games



    every little helps

  6. I think there’s no doubt they’ve taken confidence from our poor form so that works both ways. Celtic will take heart from them conceding three and going out of a competition they were huge favourites to win.



    Our players will feel more confident this morning.



    That said, we still have issues. We’re getting little from our best player and our gaffer seems hell bent on playing Broonie no matter what. I’m confident we’ve the best squad, I’m confident they’ll fold if we put a run together.



    I’m not confident in our manager though. I’m not confident in his ability to put a run together. Everything we’ve seen for months now point against that. We’ve put two wins on the board and he’s talking about being loyal and bringing back players that don’t deserve their place.



    So yeah, we’ve got things to sort out.

  7. Well well well what a pleasant surprise to wake up to this morning, whilst one swallow doesn’t make a summer I can see a tortoise moving in to second gear as the hare develops a limp☘️

  8. Good morning from a bright North Staffs ( reflects my mood).


    Pleasing as the result was last night it doesn’t change where we are – win on Sunday – we may be 17 points behind by then which is half the points we currently have.

  9. Jim Spence on Twitter:



    “They have now played eight minutes of the three added on .”



    “Semi final draw will be made once the heated ball has cooled down”



    PS I would think Steven Thompson and Chick Young will be overjoyed this morning.

  10. “GENE on 17TH DECEMBER 2020 9:47 AM


    Good morning from a bright North Staffs ( reflects my mood).”



    Good for you…..but the rest of your post dampens mine :-))

  11. Just a wee thought as it may no doubt be mentioned in the hours and days to come. If you here any of them moaning about the fact that when Kent was fouled late on it should have been a penalty rather than a free kick on the edge of the box (they’re correct, I think!) just remind them that they got their goal from the resultant free kick anyway.


    Back to workin’ and lurkin’…

  12. My team for Sunday is


















  13. Does anyone have a clip of Jim Goodwin`s Red Card incident?





    Thanks for that. I am sure it will come in handy.Huns are not renowned for their placid acceptance of defeats :-))

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    We have been poor at defending set pieces but Sevco were shocking last night.



    Hopefully last nights result will help us focus.



    Invincibles? aye right…

  15. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Zombies fans are a tad bit nervous this morning after was night, if Twitter is a measure of general fan feeling.



    Going on past 2 seasons, Zombies using respond well after a draw/defeat and will next couple games. But then drop more points 3-4 games later and repeat the cycle. It would be dangerous for us to become complacent and expect same this season………but lets hope that that seed of doubt has re-emerged in ‘Tavs’ and rest of their players. In sport, the biggest pressure is often to get over the line first….and they failed again.



    P.S – I don’t watch Liverpool or Klopp now that slippy G is over there and likely getting supported by contacts at Liverpool. Indeed I like to see Liverpool lose these days!

  16. My Facebook page has a lot of pictures of a sad faced kris boyd this morning . you know I don’t blame him , I blame the stations who give him a stage to spew his bigotry . They in turn are condoning sectarianism . Same with the national broadcaster , the sports radio stations ,and print media . Dont know How they are allowed to get away with it , Poor stuff indeed .

  17. SAINT STIVS on 17TH DECEMBER 2020 12:12 AM



    aye, i get that, however, when actually playing the game, did you ever hold a position , stop running or just not match an opponent because the coach told you.



    they are all professional players, why did they do so many things so wrong. so often





    True. But if a player is doing something so wrong so often, even in your words – why would they get picked continuously?



    Top managers get paid well for a reason. Ultimately, the buck stops with the manager.

  18. HOT SMOKED on 17TH DECEMBER 2020 10:28 AM




    Not a lot wrong with that team IMO.






    Apart from the SIX defensive players.



    Come on fellas we are playing a Scottish Championship team. We should hammer them !!



    More attackers in the park. Let them worry about us.




  19. Adi- true,through a pal,he’s obviously not been on the ‘elite’ referees, heid washing course…..

  20. It is no coincidence that the first time they concede a penalty they lose a game.


    The difference in the league positions is the penalty awards against us and in their favour.


    Morelos’s non red card was also helpful. Were there not 3 or 4 ocassions last season when players who should have been red carded against us and weren’t later received retrospective red cards.


    You would think that this blatant and shameless cheating would motivate the people who run our club to do everything in their power to hammer sevco into the ground.