Historic Vatican visit represents us all


I like David Turnbull, when given a chance, he does a job for Celtic and he has a role to play in this season’s title race.  But talk about AC Milan being interested in him is surely fanciful.  Scots have done well in Italy recently, David could thrive there, but the demands at Milan would not make that city an easy place to prosper.

The Vatican is the most inspiring place I have ever visited.  The scale and intricacy of its buildings and statues are unlike anywhere else in the world.  My ‘audience’ with Pope Francis was with several thousand others and from a distance of around 100m.  Still, it was a ‘thing’.

It was an historic occasion when the Celtic party who met the Pope in person yesterday morning.  The doors to the Vatican opened to them because they represent you and me and our club.  He spoke of our founding goal, to “alleviate poverty in the city of Glasgow”.  A timely reminder of the work the Foundation will carry out this winter.

Sorry to hear of the passing of Shane McGowan.  His cover of the Celtic Song was an instant classic.  It’s impossible not to smile when thinking about Shane.

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  1. Paul 67


    Have to agree, the Vatican is something else .


    Stepping inside the Basilica , is breathtaking


    Rome , my favourite city , witnessing us defeating Lazio wasn’t too bad either during my first visit.



    RIP Shane , saw the Pogues a few times over the years , what a band .


    Best gig for me was supporting U2 at the old Murrayfield in the 80s .


    What day that was .


    Great memories.

  2. BIGCHIPSUK on 30TH NOVEMBER 2023 7:15 PM


    418 (7.13pm), I suspect you’ve forgotten to take your medication… ironically!




    I`m very careful about which meds I take and from whom.


    Thanks for your concern.

  3. Aberdeen keeper does a Liam Kelly and handles near the half way line. Because there are no lines with the snow.

  4. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Got a email from Celtic, who proof reads their stuff??



    “cinch Premiership action returns to Paradise on Wednesday, November 6 as the Bhoys take on Hibs (KO 7.45pm) and tickets are on sale now.”

  5. Firstly thank you to CQN for allowing me to vent , here goes , I can’t be arsed with everyone (Celtic fans , Scottish media , English media , pundits and enemies of Celtic) having a go at Celtic for being pish in Europe. I agree we are pish but hey ho. I am happy having a season ticket and going to the games with my dad and brother and all being well we can win the league and go again in Europe next year. No analysis from me , just a happy lifelong Celtic fan , hail hail 😀

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Decisions, decisions, decisions: the Huns v a pub team:



    Blank it completely?



    Tune in until they score then switch off as the commentator tells me the Huns would win the CL if they were there;



    Or tune in hoping the pub team provides an upset?

  7. Not only St Andrews Day, today is also the Centenary of the death of Scotland’s own revolutionary Socialist, Teacher and Celtic Communist, John MacLean, who died aged only 44. A special event, one of many, will be held tonight in Pollockshaws, a song contest, and on January 19 next year, The MacLean Centenary Concert, as part of Celtic Connections at the royal Concer Hall, including such as Eddi Reader and Billy Bragg, and many in between. Not to mention a new collection of poems; ‘Now’s the Day, Now’s the Hour’ Poems for John MacLean.


    Doubt you’ll see a statue of John MacLean in George Square…..

  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Nah, switched off.



    Turned off the volume, but my eyes did not lie.



    They’re playing a pub team and will be world beaters in the morning.



    Is there no end to this folly?🤔




    BRRB – Who asked you anyway?



    D :)

  10. CL random thoughts rant; please allow; trying to make sense of it.



    We can’t compete in the CL


    We are from a poorly financed league


    Our shareholders make a fortune


    We are solvent


    lazio are solvent my bollix


    Ange got lucky with injuries and knowing a market nobody else knew


    Ange fugged off at the first chance


    We played great in the CL this season


    We have 1 point


    Some knt is making money from the poor knts who go to away euro games


    The model which gets us into the CL but unable to compete in the CL is sustainable


    Buying a 15M player from England buys you f all


    J McCarty is still being f paid


    BR is class


    The CL is not what Jinky won.


    A shipe wangers team progressed in the EL.


    ML is not a recruitment expert.


    Attracting players via a ‘development model’ does not get you players who can cop with Immobile.


    We play Ross County.



    f if i know.



    new competition please for 3rd tier teams!

  11. glendalystonsils on

    Huns down 1-0 against a team in green and white . Might watch it after all . May even pour myself a beer!

  12. Euro ref .


    They’re not guaranteed an added time pen .



    I watched bits of the game in Limassol.


    Both teams were murder .



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