History calls tonight


History calls tonight, with the captain making his 400th Celtic appearance – an astonishing figure in the modern era, while Brendan’s men could equal the Lisbon Lions record of 26 unbeaten domestic games, achieved in season 1966-67.

For me, it’s also the first time I’ve seen Celtic in the flesh in 4 weeks, which itself feels like an historic gap.

Several weeks ago we discussed St Johnstone in the context of being in a league of their own, equally adrift from the top three and those below them, but that’s no longer the case. They are now 3 points behind Hearts with a game in hand, and with the way Hearts results have been heading recently, Saints will fancy their chances of finishing fourth.

After taking points off Aberdeen, Newco and three others in December, the roof fell in on St Johnstone at Dens on Hogmanay. Like all Celtic Park visitors, they will defend deep and play on the counter, but we know the task. Expect history books to be updated later tonight.


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  1. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Ernie Lynch



    Recovering Scotland’s Slavery Past…Tom Devine




  2. Clogher Celt,



    Thanks for your reply. I’ll have a search for The Lovesick Maid.










    It’s not a subject I’m well read on, might be investing in a couple of books to read up on it.



    Being away so long I’m not up with who’s of the hate lists in Scotland, I like most of the stuff I’ve seen from Neil Oliver, decent enough telly.



    Bring on the Saints

  4. 50 shades of green on

    Right its aff to the game time, before I go can I just leave you with my favourite Burns quote.



    ” I’m not special I’m just like the guys on the terracing, but I got lucky I lived the dream and got to pull on that jersey for a living”.




















    What do you mean its no that Burns.




    H.H and good luck to Broonie the night.

  5. For a That an’ a That….


    ….a Tim’s a Tim for a That……..





    SANDMAN on 25TH JANUARY 2017 1:35 PM


    Burns getting a raosting on the day he deserves a toasting.




    Around a couple of decades ago I discovered in my late grandfather’s attic two tomes dating back a couple of hundred years – complete works of Burns with appendages, etc.




    Offered £280 for them at the time at a local auction house, a very gracious Glasgow book dealer later informed me they were around 7-10 times that value but he didn’t have the cash or contacts to deal.




    So I kept them, safe, but unread.




    Another decade on, in a fit of curiosity, I decided to through them over a period of time such as this – dark winter’s nights, across the Burns celebrations. I covered about 70% of his material and the enlightening additions by notable luminaries such as Lord Byron.




    One thing became clear – the Burns of Scottish mainstream legend is pretty well removed from the mind that speaks through the actual works. I recall being amazed at the dynamic ‘Scots Wa hae’ and finding out the details of the phrenology carried out on Burn’s skull after his death in a bizarre attempt to quantify his genius.




    And genius he was – a John Lennon of his time, sadly portrayed nowadays as the carousing poetic bedlamite to suit the fantasies of fat wee masonic kilt-wearing cooncilors so they can get pished-up at the boolin’ club and toast the Bard as ‘one of their own.’




    No he wasn’t.




    The stuff that’s regurgitated now – the moose, wee wullie winkie – is like remembering McCartney for the Frog Chorus. His real work – his sublime, agitating verse in that sardonic voice of his day – is too edgy for those muppets keen to quell the rebelious undertones of it.




    Were you at the game, caller? – Have you actually read deeper any of Burns’ works, caller?




    I ignore the buffoonery of Burns’ suppers and prefer to think of Burns as a rockstar out of time; the man had wit and a wicked grasp of the zeitgeist, allied with a talent for metaphor; to deride him through the prism of the 21st century information age because of the banalities of a lifetime’s media caricature is to miss the fine gift of his artistry completely.




    You’d be as well dismissing John Lennon as a busker who got a lucky break.




    Anyway, onto the fitba’ an Young Dallas – the sleekit jakey whistler’s wean fae the D’eils baws who’ll govern the Hooped cause tonight wi’ his paw’s een and his masonic spleen.




    (see what I did there, Burns’ fans?)

  6. Right just off to pick up BSR and head to the Gazebo before welcoming home the Hogmanay heroes to Paradise.


    Love being a Tim.


    Best bet, the Quiff to score at any time.




  7. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    enjoy the good times bhoys – when mackay regains full fitness, the team in second will have an ok player and a tired oldie

  8. Evening Everyone, from a cold and snowy Dresden!


    Very rarely post, but a couple of members of the Dresden CSC will be with you in sunny Lisbon this coming May! Hope to meet up with a few CQN’ers going over there!


    Just a couple of points for folks traveling, please be careful if using a taxi from the airport. Unfortunately, most tourists are being ripped off, so if you can, use the metro. Plenty of signs and very cheap!


    If you do use a taxi, ensure you get a price prior to going into town. Ask for the meter to be started and ask if there’s any extra charges. If you don’t , the meter will read €X but a chart will be produced and ‘extras’ will be added. On some occasions, resulting in 3x the price!!


    Anyway, enjoy the game tonight, safe trip to everyone going to Lisbon and I’ll wear my Res12 T-shirt with pride…..even though the XL is a bit tight!!


    Hail! Hail!

  9. Margaret McGill on

    Best of luck tonight Celtic. History Indeed!


    CQN always reminded of Burns everytime I log in and awe the Holy Willie’s.


    A bit of perspective on the Scots in America……



    A few years ago I visited a rather unknown historic battle site …


    Alamance Battleground State Historic Site


    Maybe the first battle or prelude to the American revolutionary War in 1771.


    So many Scots had emigrated to North Carolina and so many Scots had joined the British Army after Culloden that there is a story emanating from this battle that Old Scottish friends and family members found themselves on opposite sides in this battle and then the war.


    Not a lot of people know that a la Michael Caine.

  10. I see that Trump has chosen as one of his first foreign policy initiatives an attempt to inform himself on the complexities of Norn Ireland politics.



    To that end, he is planning to watch and take part in one of the parades by the Association of Loyal Orangewomen of Ireland.



    It could be a problem if he follows his usual habit of watching women wearing sashes as he usually goes backstage to watch them undress :-)





    Take your Pick, Donald!

  11. Margaret McGill on



    I think you got confused. “The Orange walks” is a Trump term of endearment in the US

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