History goes on the line, our Celtic lives


There is a theory that overwhelmingly dominant teams devalue competition as others invariably play for the runners’ up spot.  It is not true.  The double treble winners have given the League Cup a value sponsor’s Ladbrokes could scarcely have hoped for.  Being the next trophy Celtic can win or lose, Scotland’s second cup competition is more valuable than at any time I remember.

When Celtic are eventually eliminated from a cup competition, there will be celebrations across the land, as the rest realise one of them will win a trophy.  The only experience Celtic fans have like this in living memory is the Scottish Cup wins in 1995 and 1965, the importance of which are still discussed and cherished.

The heightened importance of the League Cup is not limited to fans of other teams, it is more important to Celtic fans than at any time since the 1997 final.  For so long, winning trebles seemed impossible, even to dominant Celtic teams, but now we’ve done it twice, we want to do it again.  We want this League Cup.

Being six points adrift from Hearts in the league is far from satisfactory, but tomorrow’s League Cup game at St Johnstone is more important than Saturday’s league game at home to Aberdeen.  We need to be ready for it.

On Sunday, two groups of Celtic fans will run through the city for the Great Scottish Run, wearing green Celtic FC Foundation tshirts.  The blisters and cramp that got us there will be a distant memory.

There is nothing quite like running through the packed streets of Glasgow with that big logo on your chest, it engages people like nothing else.  It is an opportunity to represent something bigger than any of us.

The work of the Foundation is invaluable to some of the most deprived and needy in Scotland, Ireland, England and throughout the world.  It is an important part of our Celtic lives.  If you can donate to support the work, please do so here.

Thank you.

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  1. MIKE IN TORONTO on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2018 12:19 PM






    Well done Seamus ?

  2. I agree Paul.Listen to Lenny,not slabbering Huns.The Treble is on again.Tomorrow starts it off.


    We will be fine


    Any news on Benkovic.

  3. Today, the podium



    Tomorrow, the blog



    Then, the Club ….



    The Mineshafter Revolution!




    Mwah, ha, ha

  4. 50 shades of green on

    At the end of the season if we have won the league cup and blown 8 in a row, I dont think many will agree with you Paul.



    League wins are fast becoming necessary due to our start, I wouldn’t prioritise the league cup over the league ever.



    Having said that, we bloody better win in tractor town on Wednesday ?

  5. Turkeybhoy on 25th September 2018 12:30 pm



    If their legal establishments are anything like their Films,its a wonder MIT is not on all day.





    You had a bad popcorn experience, TB? :-))

  6. I have Man U ,TV,here on my box.Its on Tap TV,if anyone has it downloaded.


    Celtic TV,and Scum TV also on it.

  7. Natknow,


    Just from experience.Look at the bumph about a Film,think,that sounds OK,put it on,up it comes,The National Film Board Of Canada.


    Cant get to the AFF button quick enough.

  8. 21-5-79…? on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2018 11:33 AM


    The Liam Miller tribute match is not available in the UK & Ireland, overseas only. MUTV are showing it, so why not CTV?…?



    Poor show

  9. I disagree entirely that tomorrow’s game is more important than Saturdays league game.



    If we don’t win the league this season, then think about the utter depression after helicopter Sunday and multiply by ten.



    This treble treble malarkey is feasible when Celtic were in fine form. Right now we’re struggling, big time.


    We will recover from maybe losing a league cup , if we lose the league it will be our worst nightmare. ….. we were 1/ 15 on , to win the league.


    Just my opinion .

  10. Turkeybhoy on 25th September 2018 12:36 pm






    Just from experience.Look at the bumph about a Film,think,that sounds OK,put it on,up it comes,The National Film Board Of Canada.



    Cant get to the AFF button quick enough.









  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Not so concerned about this game, but there are issues that need to be fixed.


    The slow tempo, sideways passing clearly isn’t working and opponents have worked out how to play against it.


    Either the manager doesn’t see this or he thinks it is a good idea to keep doing what isn’t working.


    I actually think the players realise it isn’t working but they stick to plan. They look bereft of confidence.


    Come on Brendan. You may not have got all the players you wanted, but the ones who are here are capable of beating these teams.

  12. Seems there is no chance of stopping the Hun mouthpiece,Kris Boyd.


    “Teams have lost the fear factor”,he tells us.


    Some teams possibly,but not yours.They came to Celtic Park,with extra Nappies in Bells hamper,sat back,defended for their lives,had one shot on target,and got a football lesson.Oh,and got gubbed.



  13. ” I wouldn’t prioritise the league cup over the league ever.”


    I don`t think anyone has done so. If we lose tomorrow, we CANNOT win the League Cup. If we lose on Saturday, we CAN still win the League . I think that is what Paul was saying.



  14. No one wants to lose, but give me a choice between losing a LC game and a possible treble or losing to Aberdeen and falling further behind in the league and there is only one answer. Aberdeen game far more important for me.

  15. Morelos, Jack cards rescinded. McGregor, Naismith and Broadfoot – No reds. They are at it bigger than any time in recent years…..

  16. Lots of comments about the side to side ,forwards,backwards passing that is killing us at the moment.If you look at every top team,from every league,they employ this type of game.With one big exception.Midfielders have got to show for the passers.Get into space.Recieve and turn and go at their opponents.In our games,just how many times does our build up reac.h a stage were the ball ends up with our wingers.Now in the old days,they would take their man on,too many times,ours are content to lay the ball off.Midfielders.Armstrong did it,Calmac was doing it,Rogic is brilliant when he does it.They are not doing it at the moment.The back 4 have no out ball.It will come back,they were too good at it.The goal against the scum a good example.Recieve,go at your opponents,Rogic at his best.


    Have faith.




    No one is saying that.The next game is always the most important.When you start picking and choosing your games,or not fielding you strongest teams,thats when the rot sets in.This is a one off.Saturday will take care of itself.There’s another 31 after that.

  18. The irony of French-made blue passports that cannot be imported to the UK because a no deal Brexit means that no trade agreement will be in place to allow the blue passports to enter the UK.



    smiley twittery thing



    Saor Alba








    Sensible post T, unlike others on here. Many lack the perspective you have given us.




    The bottom line is that, in comparison to previous displays, our recent displays (this and the end of last season) have been of a poorer quality. It is about our lack of ability to turn shots on goal into actual goals. We are still creating chances and having a lot of shots at the goal, but many are not of the clear-cut variety. This was the same with Dembele at the end of last season and the beginning of this season, so losing Dembele wasn’t the reason.




    We have a number of creative players, but no one of the Lubo or Naka variety that can, in a crowded attacking midfield area, deliver a killer pass to split a packed defence. Nor do we have a Henke who can find that half-yard of space needed to be in the precise location required to receive that killer pass and make it count.




    It was interesting to see Boyata attempting a number of long cross-field passes against Kilmarnock; maybe because those in front of him in the midfield were not getting into the areas to receive a pass; maybe he was tired of knocking a 10 yard pass to Lustig or Tierney just to get it back again. Both Rogic and McGregor have been misfiring recently and although Johnstone shows a lot of promise, he’s not yet fulfilling the role required to get by the defender and penetrate the penalty box; it will come, but it will take time, possibly by cameo appearances rather than starting the game.




    The manager and his coaching team are also at fault for not varying the tactics enough when the passing game is too slow to penetrate a crowded midfield and defence. The trio of Brown, Ntcham and Mumumbu would certainly add strength and vigour to the midfield and Ntcham would be able to move forward in a more attacking role; a role I think he is very good in. That means dropping McGregor, Forrest or Rogic but until we can start taking games by the scruff of the neck and winning some battles then we are maybe 1 flair player too many in the attacking sense just now.




    The hard work must start in Perth tomorrow night and the players on the park must step up in terms of energy, commitment and passion to show the fans that they know that at this time they are in a bit of a dog-fight.




    However, we must still keep the start of the season in perspective; Hearst have had a flyer but I fully expect them to drop back; Aberdeen are a point behind us with Sevco and His only a point in front of us. We are still well in there despite Sevco and Hibs apparently having great start to the season with ours putting us in crisis. It’s only six games gone and another 32 to go. The performances have been disappointing and we MUST improve, but we are not in crisis yet and are a long way from it I reckon.





  20. We’ll win the League: this poor start is but a mere hiccup.



    Brendan and co are clever coaches, strategists and tacticians.



    As celticbynumbers’ wonderful analyses show: although our KPIs are presently on the wane, we have the talent to sort things out.



    Despite our less than glittering performances, most of our play is still the best in the country.



    Our problems are temporary; once we re-discover our mojo, we’ll be fine.



    Right, nurse: where’s my lunchtime medication … ?

  21. NB



    Britain clearly did not think the whole Brexit thing through. But, if you guys get stuck and have no place to go, Britain may wish to consider applying to become a Canadian province.



    Canada is a Nice place (except for our films, apparently)




  22. “tomorrow’s League Cup game at St Johnstone is more important than Saturday’s league game at home to Aberdeen.”



    sorry Paul but thats just nonsense.



    The league has and always will be the most important tournament.

  23. TURKEYBHOY – I respect your view on this. But, in my opinion, you only have to look across Europe where clubs involved on four fronts have for many years, out of necessity, prioritised games. Look at how the EPL top teams approach the English LC (and perhaps now even the FA cup). Here in Spain it is the same. Look at the 9 changes Villareal made for the Sevco game, not unusual in the Europa League which is not seen as lucrative or prestigious for teams from the big leagues.


    You can’t peak for every game, nor can you field your strongest team every time. Last year I read somewhere that some of our players played more games than any other players in Europe.


    There is a very high price for chasing domestic trebles and European glory. Mental and physical fatigue, burnout and injuries – not to mention little time to actually train and work on tactics.



    Trebles are nice. But we’ve now done two. I’d be happy to see young players and fringe players getting games in the LC to allow the core of the first team time to focus on training and recovery. If we lose so be it.

  24. Mike …..a lovely offer …but I have a feeling Scotland will find its way to the light…



    there are a load of my family in the Vancouver area …had an uncle who was Harbour master on the island ….been there twice …awfy braw …



    smiley woof woof thing




  25. Junglevip.


    I don’t agree.


    In 8 league games last season we failed to score and in 8 leagues games we scored 1 goal.


    8 goals in 16 games.


    3 goals in our last 5 league games this season.


    Last season’s problems have continued into this season.


    And we sold our most valuable asset.


    Although peter lawwell might disagree.


    He thinks Peter lawwell I our most valuable asset.


    Just ask peter.

  26. From Twitter



    BR agreeing that playing a more settled side is needed because our second best is no longer better than their first best in SPFL games. The opposition have improved.



    BR: “I take full responsibility for our 2 defeats. I made big changes for those games. Perhaps I made too many.” #STJCEL






    On the potential of a rift in the squad, Rodgers was clear.



    “We are very unified as a club. We have set high standards but we are very much together.”



    “We’re not happy losing games but we’ll get back again, working hard.”



    The Celtic gaffer then followed it up with a cheeky dig.



    “He [Boyd] would be better suited trying to get back in the Kilmarnock team’’




    Celtic are looking to defend their League Cup trophy as they come up against St Johnstone on Wednesday night. They will have to put in a good performance against a resolute St Johnstone side if they are to get anything out the match.






    MY last word the next game should be the most important whatever and whomever the competition.

  27. Paul67



    Takes a good manager to admit his mistakes.



    Think we’ll see a return to a more predictable eleven for what is the most important game of the season since we thrashed Sevco .



    Still fancy Brendan’s Celtic on grass against anybody in Scotland and another


    Sevco humping in the semi awaits the Kiris Boyds of Scotland.

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