Hitler, HMRC and how we were all played yesterday


Do you know the story of the Hitler Diaries?  A shamelessly brilliant German got into the business of selling forged (and some genuine) Nazi memorabilia to sympathisers.  In the 1980s, his masterstroke was to handwrite 60 volumes of, largely mundane, diaries, which he claimed were the personal memoirs of Adolf Hitler.  He sold them for millions.

The Times was the first UK publication to verify the authenticity of the diaries, paving the way for their publication by their sister paper, the Sunday Times.  Both papers had a bit of form in this area, promoting and buying rights to fake Mussolini diaries.  The Hitler Diaries were a sensation when the Sunday Times ran them, at the time, it was regarded as the story of the decade.

Within weeks, the world knew the diaries were fake and wondered how the Times group could so easily be duped, after falsely promoting yet another fascist dictator’s documents.

An entertaining dramatisation of these events, Selling Hitler, was broadcast in 1991, which portrayed Nazi sympathisers and a few historians as gullible fools, but it reserved a different verdict to the Sunday Times.

The newspaper paid £750k for UK rights to fake documents.  On the surface, this looks ridiculous, but the point the TV dramatization made was that the authenticity of the ‘news’ was neither-here-nor-there, enough people bought the newspaper to make the exercise an overwhelming commercial success.

You and I may think The Times made a fool of themselves yesterday by getting a story so wrong, that HMRC took to Twitter last night to protest, “As widely reported today and to clarify: HMRC won against Rangers’ tax avoidance in the Supreme Court, and did not miscalculate anything”.

But we are missing the point.  The Times newspapers know that the authenticity of the story stands independent of its commercial viability.  Their story yesterday was a commercial success, perhaps their biggest in Scotland for years.  Fake news has been successful news for Times publications since they bought the Mussolini diaries in 1968 and nothing has changed since.

And yes, gullible loons are still prepared to believe any revisionist nonsense. The truth is, Hitler, Mussolini and Rangers were each solely responsible for their own destruction, no matter what Times Group newspapers erroneously imply.

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  1. Parrott for Celtic ?



    Would he “SUCK SEED” ?



    If he left his present Club….would he have “flown the Nest” ?



    So many questions….so few answers .



  2. Good light to shine on the journalistic standards of “The Times” Paul. Scunners the lot of them.




    Thanks for the reply, as BIGBOY has pointed out, “The first thing a proper Admin would have done was to cut salaries to the bone.”



    …and yet this lot come in and help them carry on spending!



    sued for negligence – not surprised.

  4. Will signing Parrott protect the nest egg ?


    Will he repeat any old rubbish ?



    If I had a talking parrot, the first thing I’d teach it to say is “Help! They’ve turned me into a parrot!”




    Thanks for your comment. The use of a social media platform to convey a serious message is not presidential or apt for a formal government body like HMRC.



    Ps : I wish they would PM, Snapchat or WhatsApp me instead of continually sending the dreaded brown letters . it would seem much friendlier and informal while they put the boot in.



    Cheers and HH.

  6. Pure Ragin so they are on rangers media, its almost as if they’ve been liquidated all over again! Had to explain to a colleague who is keen on them that you can’t get liquidated twice, it only happens the once and your deed. Personally I’m really hoping for more financial disaster for whoever is playing out of Ibrox, shut them down for good, most deserving.

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 15TH NOVEMBER 2019 1:54 PM


    Marspapa- seems he’s a blogger, was papped oot of Anfield, for wearing a Man Ure top 😂



    I wonder if he’d wear a Roma top doing the Lazio tour!! 😀

  8. here’s a fairly typical (uncensored) comment from RM…..






    Posted yesterday at 12:14



    “we need to create as much publicity as possible about this. It’s a travesty how our club has been treated”



    they all think that, quite remarkable.




    Dont Roma and Lazio share the same stadium ? Most Italian teams from the same city do share.

  10. rock tree bhoy



    I see Phil included a piece (mais pas de la resistance) from Roddy “Debenture” Forsyth.


    Maybe Roddy is hoping to get ole seat back at Ayebrokes!

  11. RTB



    Maybeez it was down to choice of administrator Craig Whyte volunteered administration and won the right to choose duff n Phelps.


    I suspect if Her Majesty’s rc had got their way which they nearly did the cost slashing and bone chiselling of all staff and costs more in line with what you and bigboy say should have happened,would have happened




  12. If I knew how to do it, I would have a photoshop of a Sevco 32 Red Shirt shirt saying:


    11m In The Red

  13. Celtic Mac – Roddy Forsyth – I used to think he was intelligent – clearly, I was wrong,



    An Tearman – still a really odd way to start the admin of a busted flush club,



    by sanctioning the spending of more money on a new signing.

  14. The times Hitler diaries shredded the credibility of the times.known pre Murdoch and strike as the standard,basically the times now is a non colloquial sun,Murdoch guff,



    Interesting to see it still can be at the beck n knuckle of Sir David of cheat.his 33 degree influence stretches far.jeez he even got his club historian to mention him more times than Hugh Adams in the first of Hugh Adams obituaries in the Herald.



    You bet yesterdays haver in the times was about Murray.he originated and rolled out as a business plan their ending.As TBB points out they had the choice,but Alistair went for the walterenomics answer and it was game





    Not a word bout the 6 years up to liquidation


    So 6 year later we revise history….Eh naw.lol


    Pity yeez didnae engage




  15. BAMBOO on 15TH NOVEMBER 2019 4:37 PM









    Dont Roma and Lazio share the same stadium ? Most Italian teams from the same city do share.






    Yes they share, I’m not sure if I would turn up wearing a Roma top doing the tour of Lazio’s trophy room 😀

  16. Last year was horrible on injury front. Was hoping for a better run this year but currently Elhamed, Simunovic, Bolli, Elyounoussi, Mikey Johnston & Bayo are out injured. We have been without The Griff, Arzani & Kouassi for so long they are almost forgotten about and even fringe players like Luca & Afolabi are injured. Not sure whether Bain is still officially injured or not but overall it’s starting to feel like a repeat of last year.


    Thank God we have a big squad with strength in depth.




    Are we unlucky, or do we have to change our trainig regime.



    I can’t think of another SPFL team having the amount of injuries we do and long term injuries too.



    Not all of tge injuries can be blamed on the amount of games played.

  18. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Speaking of Hitler, I can’t watch the ‘devil next door’ on Netflix. Well done the gb for standing up to the nazio.

  19. Swallow Swallow trying to dig up dirt on HMRC guy,you can imagine the usual insults,probably trying to get his details for the obvious death threats, only to discover he’s a Norn Iron protestant….😆😆😆

  20. I’ve always liked ‘walking’ …not so much ‘marching’ …but ‘walking’…or ‘sauntering’, ‘meandering’, ‘strolling’, ‘taking a donner’ (sometimes wae a donner tae share wae Donna)….you get ma drift. BUT from an early age I had a ‘PLAN’…a secret strategy in mind (well two if you count my wanderings with Donna, but weans might read this so I’ll leave out what you can get up to with ‘lamb spam’ and chilli sauce.)



    The hidden objective was always about genetic survival.



    There were loads of gangs around at the time and not being part of any of the in-crowds I occasionally found myself to be a target especially in those moments of scientific detective endeavour as I searched for evidence of skeletons concealed in the ‘acid pond’, Darwinian ascension of one eyed newts in the polluted ‘oily pond’ and worst of all the forensic examination of discarded ‘cow’ stomachs in the skip outside the Dundyvan Slaughterhouse.



    Though always fleet of foot, escape could be problematic if I was caught in an impermeable three sided trap….it was then that my planning would come to my aid.



    My roaming (and not in the gloaming exclusively) was to check out alleys, cul-de sacs, dead ends, one way streets walled exits and garage built-ups to ensure that I could make belt into their depths and as my pursuers smelt blood, make that final burst to freedom leaving the Lang-L-Toi, The Rio or whoever wondering ‘where the f… did he go to”.



    I occasionally have a laugh with them about those days….when I visit them in the Bar-L.



    Anyway, none of that is of any relevance apart from the fact that I still need to step out far and wide and Glasgow has some brilliant places to go.



    Lunchtime today I passed three magnificent bits of architecture, each with contrasting histories ……see if you recognise them. I’ll add the identities to the pics later. (I’ve had to blank the name of one of them from the image).



    BTW….one of them had a brilliant escape route for any 65year old fleet of foot…..with the added benefit of a nearby kebab shop!






    Hail Hail




  21. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    South of Tunis



    Hitler Diaries



    When the Sunday Times was on the press that Saturday, before the button was pushed, most people on the editorial floor knew there were very serious doubts on the authenticity. The historian, Dacre, had retracted his previous endorsement and more and more evidence was coming in from Stern in Germany that they had been duped.


    Rupe Murdoch, after 20 minutes in his office, right on deadline, said: “F***k Dacre. Publish.” and the presses rolled.


    I am convinced he knew the diaries were fake by that point.


    But as others have pointed out, it didn’t matter. The sales that Sunday were off the graph.

  22. Lest they forget






    Full list of 2012 Creditors



    AK Ray, Ross Hall Hospital, Glasgow – £150



    ADI UK, Preston – £7620



    AS St Etienne, France – £252,212.39



    ASL, East Sussex – £2514



    Acies Group, Edinburgh – £2340



    Adrian Coll, Balloch – £1600



    Alan Duncan, Glasgow – £1400



    Alexander West Property, Glasgow – £2807



    Alison Walker TV, Bearsden – £600



    Alliance Video, Surrey – £204



    Aon Limited, London – £14,151



    Arena Imaging, Derby – £336



    Argyll and Bute Council – £406.80



    Arsenal Football Club – £136,560



    Astra Hygiene Supplies, Dumbarton – £61.27



    Audi Stirling – £396.05



    Azure Support Services, Macclesfield – £523,949.71



    Azzurri Scotland, Burnley – £34.63



    BTWShiells, Belfast – £2917.39



    Barr Environmental Limited, Cumnock – £264



    Base Soccer Agency, London – £52,560



    Bauer Radio Ltd (Radio Clyde) – £702



    Beyard Services, Beith – £5559.60



    Bhutta’s Newsagents, Glasgow – £567.45



    Big Think Agency, Glasgow – £14,265.60



    Blooms UK Limited, Glasgow – £70



    Brabners, Manchester – £12,999



    Brentwood Estates, Manchester – £42,963.06



    Brian Proudfoot, Glasgow – £2802



    British Gas – £1562.42



    BT – £1292.13



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    Business Stream, Edinburgh – £9727.22



    CNP Professional, Cheshire – £719.96



    CRE8, Gloucester – £68,406.70



    Cairn Financial, London – £4127.60



    Cairns & Scott Caterhire, Glasgow – £762



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    Camtec, Hertfordshire – £552



    Canniesburn Taxis, Bearsden – £269.69



    Capital Solutions, Edinburgh – £11,423.40



    Capito Ltd, Livingston – £1049.69



    Carberry’s Coaches, Portadown, Co Armagh – £1200



    Carnival Chaos Production, Edinburgh – £672



    Carol Govan, Glasgow – £600



    Cask Productions, Glasgow – £1980



    Cask Sports, Glasgow – £2919.60



    Catercare Scotland, Stewarton – £420



    Charlton Chauffeur Drive, Glasgow – £792



    Chelsea FC – £238,345.43



    Childcare Vouchers, London – £1143.74



    Chilli It, Chester – £416.52



    Chris Clarke, Kilmarnock – £150



    Christine Siebelt, Milngavie – £1100



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    City Electrical Factors, Glasgow – £215.40



    Clyde Productions, Glasgow – £180



    Coca Cola – £10,133.91



    Colin Suggett, Sunderland – £741.80



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    Colours Agency, Glasgow – £1980



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    Craig Services & Access, East Sussex – £900



    Culture & Sport Glasgow – £10,338.96



    Daily Record & Sunday Mail – £312



    DealBureau Commercial Finance, Southend – £10,000



    Decco Limited, Glasgow – £174.72



    Dell Computer Corporation, Berkshire – £272.85



    Direct Medical Imaging, Lancashire – £230



    Disclosure Scotland – £372



    Dominique S Byrne, Nuffield Hospital, Glasgow – £160



    Dr David A S Marshall, Bridge of Weir – £160



    Dundas & Wilson, Edinburgh – £24,027.84



    E.ON – £8827.14



    Eagle Consulting, Inverness – £40



    Eagle Couriers, Bathgate – £96.60



    Eden Springs, Blantyre – £644.64



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    Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Stirling – £9000



    Events Audio Visual, Clydebank – £300



    Exchequer Corporate Finance , Surrey – £4000



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    G Media Mangement, Cheltenham – £995



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    Glasgow Audi – £1041.62



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    Trade UK (Screwfix) – £77.01



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    Dunfermline Athletic FC – £83,370.13



    Heart of Midlothian FC – £800,000



    Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC – £39,805



    SPL – £22,500



    SFA – £11,089.04



    HM Revenue & Customs – £14,372,042



    Ticketus, London – £26,700,000



    Debenture Holders (various) – £7,736,000

  23. A total of 72 Rangers staff got EBTs which came to a total value of £47m.




  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    If you can handle it a wee trip off to Ibrox Noise is a parallel universe far far away….the blog writers are obviously zoomers but the comments are complete goons.😵😱

  25. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    !!BADA BING!! on 15TH NOVEMBER 2019 2:21 PM


    RTB- Cousin was signed just before Liquidation, I believe it was the last deal they done.Interestingly,Willie McKay was his agent, as he was Boumsongs…..






    I thought, in a delightful twist of the knife, that the very last player they were in for was a Turkish guy called Celic.



    Whyte. Green. Celic.



    That, huns, is the very definition of karma.

  26. greeninbingleyinoslo



    Of course it could all have been different if the Guardian had published…


    “The Hitler Dairies”




  27. Delighted John Kennedy has stayed at Celtic. My Dad watched CelticTV all the time and he said he was, as Kojo would say, a Brammer.



    There is so much knowledge there, fitba wise.



    Somethings Burning DEEP inside, methinks.




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