Hitler, HMRC and how we were all played yesterday


Do you know the story of the Hitler Diaries?  A shamelessly brilliant German got into the business of selling forged (and some genuine) Nazi memorabilia to sympathisers.  In the 1980s, his masterstroke was to handwrite 60 volumes of, largely mundane, diaries, which he claimed were the personal memoirs of Adolf Hitler.  He sold them for millions.

The Times was the first UK publication to verify the authenticity of the diaries, paving the way for their publication by their sister paper, the Sunday Times.  Both papers had a bit of form in this area, promoting and buying rights to fake Mussolini diaries.  The Hitler Diaries were a sensation when the Sunday Times ran them, at the time, it was regarded as the story of the decade.

Within weeks, the world knew the diaries were fake and wondered how the Times group could so easily be duped, after falsely promoting yet another fascist dictator’s documents.

An entertaining dramatisation of these events, Selling Hitler, was broadcast in 1991, which portrayed Nazi sympathisers and a few historians as gullible fools, but it reserved a different verdict to the Sunday Times.

The newspaper paid £750k for UK rights to fake documents.  On the surface, this looks ridiculous, but the point the TV dramatization made was that the authenticity of the ‘news’ was neither-here-nor-there, enough people bought the newspaper to make the exercise an overwhelming commercial success.

You and I may think The Times made a fool of themselves yesterday by getting a story so wrong, that HMRC took to Twitter last night to protest, “As widely reported today and to clarify: HMRC won against Rangers’ tax avoidance in the Supreme Court, and did not miscalculate anything”.

But we are missing the point.  The Times newspapers know that the authenticity of the story stands independent of its commercial viability.  Their story yesterday was a commercial success, perhaps their biggest in Scotland for years.  Fake news has been successful news for Times publications since they bought the Mussolini diaries in 1968 and nothing has changed since.

And yes, gullible loons are still prepared to believe any revisionist nonsense. The truth is, Hitler, Mussolini and Rangers were each solely responsible for their own destruction, no matter what Times Group newspapers erroneously imply.

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  1. Greenpinata



    “The use of a social media platform to convey a serious message is not presidential or apt for a formal government body like HMRC.”




    Yeah I used to think that too. Mostly because I opened a twitter account and never got round to finding out how it worked ( I still don’t).



    But I am afraid Twitter seems to have grown up somehow and is used by Political Parties to get their message across, by schools to keep parents informed, and even my own work is saying we now have to use Twitter to publicise what we are doing and to give information away.



    HMRC made a very dignified response to the lying article about their “mistake”. They have followed this up with a letter to The Times drawing attention to the mistakes in their article (and by implication, the fact that they did not seek a balanced response from HMRC before publishing the lie).



    I, as a taxpayer, am glad that they took steps to prevent this lie gaining any more traction. The tweet was much cheaper than having to wait for the legal challenge from misinformed angry bears.

  2. I wonder if everyone appreciates the platform this Dear Green Place affords……………..?




    I doubt it.







    BrassNeckBlowTorch CSC

  3. Embdae else getting the idea,the huns are trying to minimize an Administration points deduction here?

  4. I Am is big in the Book of Isaiah.



    The adverts are Everywhere for


    I Am stuff.



    Self is the thang. You are self on so many posters to CQN. I’d suggest a wee Break….. who knows a lot may come bach.

  5. PeteC ” 8.08



    Your Dad was right about John Kennedy he had the makings of a Celtic Legend.


    I was privileged to be in the Nou Camp in March 2004 when a 21 yr old Kennedy was a colossus along with David Marshall in keeping Barca scoreless and knocking them out of Europa Cup.


    A short couple of weeks later he was rewarded with his first & only cap in a Friendly against Romania.


    His International career lasted 14 minutes when that absolute scumbag Ionel Ganea effectively ended his career. I can still see the tackle in my mind’s eye. Ganea was pulled back by a Scottish Player as he was going in to contest a ball with Kennedy. You could see the flash of anger in Ganea’s face and he took it out on Kennedy. He totally deliberately lunged at Kennedy’s knee & shattered it effectively ending his career.


    After years of operations he tried to make a come back but alas the knee broke down & he had to retire.


    As it happened I was also at his final game against Shaktar, he went for a ball & his knee went his man went on to score.


    That was the night when Massimo Donati scored an injury time winner from a McGeady cross, & we sung MO Mo Massimo for about 10 minutes after the game ended.


    I will remember that game for 2 reason’s. The deathly silence that fell over Celtic Park when John went down, each & every one of us knew it was over for him, & of course the madness when Massimo scored.

  6. I have dipped into some other sites including Phil.



    I am astonished that even the thickest Hun would take on board this nonsense given that they are a different company.



    They seem to be expecting many Millions to be paid to the current Company despite



    1. It’s a different unrelated company



    2. Remember they didn’t actually pay HMRC so how can they be reimbursed.



    It seems to be now accepted that the whole thing is a Squirrel. However, we don’t know what story is it a distraction for!



    Is it the Ashley case?



    Is it fallout from King’s 20p offer for the remaining shareholders.?



    Is there a Tax debt?



    Is it to do with an adverse outcome from the “Memorial Wall”



    Is it Close Bros wanting their money back?



    Is it a full scale “Admin” ?

  7. Having a discussion with a Sevconian about anything to do with the demise of RFCil (or Sevco FC) is like discussing Quantum Mechanics with your dog.


    It is utterly futile and garners the same response no matter what you say.



    Just like my dog, if they hear the right words, not that they know what they mean, they get all excited and agitated.

  8. Or is the squirrel to do with Res 12, and a potential imminent decision by the SFA to refer to CAS? And getting their oar in first?

  9. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    It’s a squirrel no doubt, but it’s a very poorly thought-out one.



    Presumably Traynor wanted to whip up the sense of victimhood.



    But actually, all it’s done is to bring right back into focus on centre stage the hun’s cheating EBT years, the malfeasance, the complicity of the SFA, the Masonic cabal of David Murray and the banks, and the generic sense of entitlement of The Establishment Club.



    This is going to backfire on them beautifully. The stupid bastards have opened up their own Pandora’s Box.

  10. your a daft hun, walked the dog, brought it in,



    the dug turns to you and says, i think the moon is heavier than all the water on the earth, , or its gravity, from the rotations of the earth, and the mass of the moon pulls all the water towards the facing side of the moon , proved as a gravitational pull.



    and the hun says







    ive got a talkin dug

  11. FRIESDORFER on 15TH NOVEMBER 2019 9:50 PM


    Or is the squirrel to do with Res 12, and a potential imminent decision by the SFA to refer to CAS? And getting their oar in first?






    Did cross my mind.

  12. Ajax was a cracking strip when I wiz a Kid. ICONIC so it was.



    Deeelighted they Almost won the ALMOST Closed shop LAST YEAR.




  13. Hello again all you young rebels.





    Very funny.




    Think you’r bang on with that.


    As for a stickie getting all exited and agitated? what a horrible


    picture that brings to mind lol.


    Wonder if i’ll meet any today who’ll want to tell me they were


    victims, oh what fun awaits.


    H.H . Mick

  14. i just had a wee laugh myself moment,



    remember on here whaen we had people posting about their talkink dugs,

  15. Saint Stivs, In all fairness if my dug starting philosophizing to me, I’d also go fuck I have a talking dug.

  16. Bid Odsonne Edouard only scored 1 for France tonight….. to be fair tho, it was a last minute winning penalty.



    24 goals for the season now.

  17. For the benefit of the hard-of-thinking Sevconians who got/are getting all excited and agitated about the Times’ nonsense from yesterday, and are dreaming of what nasty, nasty people those guys called Hector are, could I remind them of the reality of their situation way back in 2012, as succinctly summarised by our host and this headline on that fun-filled day.



    “Rangers in administration without tax case


    13 February, 2012



    Rangers Football Club have today asked the Court of Session to appoint an administrator, unable to service their creditors. The freight train of their tax tribunal has yet to hit, these events relate exclusively to how the club has operated in other areas.”

  18. Two racehorses are stabled next to one another. One says to the other “A strange thing happened to me yesterday. I was a 20/1 outsider and this guy put 10 pink pills into my water bucket just before the race and I romped home by 3 lengths.”



    The other horse says “Funny you should say that, last week I was a 100/1 outsider and this guy put 20 pink pills into my water bucket just before my race and I strolled home 5 lengths ahead.”



    At that moment a greyhound happened to be walking through the stables and pipes up “I’ve just been listening to your conversation and funnily enough I was in a race 2 weeks ago and I was a 200/1 outsider when this guy put 30 pink pills into my water bowl I won the race by 10 lengths.”



    At this point one horse turned round to the other and said “Feck me did you see that – a talking dog!?”

  19. When I was young I always wanted a dug and asked my maw if I could have one? She asked me what sort of dug I would like and I told her I wanted a coconut dug. She laughed and asked me where I’d seen or heard about this coconut dog.


    I told her that I was standing at the bus stop with my aunty Jean and her pal when this dog walked past and my aunty Jean said to her pal “ Would you look at the size of the coak on that dug.”

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