Hitler, HMRC and how we were all played yesterday


Do you know the story of the Hitler Diaries?  A shamelessly brilliant German got into the business of selling forged (and some genuine) Nazi memorabilia to sympathisers.  In the 1980s, his masterstroke was to handwrite 60 volumes of, largely mundane, diaries, which he claimed were the personal memoirs of Adolf Hitler.  He sold them for millions.

The Times was the first UK publication to verify the authenticity of the diaries, paving the way for their publication by their sister paper, the Sunday Times.  Both papers had a bit of form in this area, promoting and buying rights to fake Mussolini diaries.  The Hitler Diaries were a sensation when the Sunday Times ran them, at the time, it was regarded as the story of the decade.

Within weeks, the world knew the diaries were fake and wondered how the Times group could so easily be duped, after falsely promoting yet another fascist dictator’s documents.

An entertaining dramatisation of these events, Selling Hitler, was broadcast in 1991, which portrayed Nazi sympathisers and a few historians as gullible fools, but it reserved a different verdict to the Sunday Times.

The newspaper paid £750k for UK rights to fake documents.  On the surface, this looks ridiculous, but the point the TV dramatization made was that the authenticity of the ‘news’ was neither-here-nor-there, enough people bought the newspaper to make the exercise an overwhelming commercial success.

You and I may think The Times made a fool of themselves yesterday by getting a story so wrong, that HMRC took to Twitter last night to protest, “As widely reported today and to clarify: HMRC won against Rangers’ tax avoidance in the Supreme Court, and did not miscalculate anything”.

But we are missing the point.  The Times newspapers know that the authenticity of the story stands independent of its commercial viability.  Their story yesterday was a commercial success, perhaps their biggest in Scotland for years.  Fake news has been successful news for Times publications since they bought the Mussolini diaries in 1968 and nothing has changed since.

And yes, gullible loons are still prepared to believe any revisionist nonsense. The truth is, Hitler, Mussolini and Rangers were each solely responsible for their own destruction, no matter what Times Group newspapers erroneously imply.

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  1. We’ve had talkin’ dugs, singin’ dicks and other assorted trolls……………………..



    They come…………THEY go.







  2. When George Orwell made Napoleon the pig talk, he has been feted ever since.



    When Hrvatski Jim made Seamus Larsson in Toronto talk he has been denigrated ever since.



    Ah well, at least CQN doesn’t give out The Promethius or the Retro Hugo Awards



    My mantelpiece is groaning with the weight of the trophies that it has to hold.




    No doubt.


    Cellic tap on and oot noo.


    I.m on a mission, i got to find a coconut dug


    a talkin horse


    a handsome hun.


    Which will be the most elusive?


    On second thoughts maybe i’ll just look for the man with


    the pink pills 8-)))))


    H.H . Mick

  4. The wee pics from earlier…..I’ve now added the identities to them…..here’s a wee bit of added history/background.



    1. Langside Hall…just off Pollokshaws road on Langside Avenue.



    Originally a bank (I think Bank of Scotland) and was built in Queen Street. However at turn of 20th Century it was dismantled and moved brick by brick to its current location and rebuilt (a bit like Rangers with the obvious difference that it was rebuilt)!! 😊 I didn’t go inside because it was shut due to lack of heating.



    2. Pollokshields Burgh Hall Maxwell Park, Glencairn drive, Pollokshields



    A good old Maxwell in whose park it stands…Built as a masonic hall by Maxwell I believe it still hosts such events ……and possibly funerals for a club not that far away. I didn’t go inside because I wasn’t dressed properly….my trousers legs were of equal length. (NOTE: Sadly (snigger snigger) it fell on hard times in the 1980s and had to be taken over. The transaction cost the purchaser £1.00….starting to become a habit wae them)😊



    3. Rowandale Nursing Home. 620 Shields Road



    On Shields road…Up till 1990ish it was a church (don’t know the denomination) but as you can tell by the name it now looks after those one further step away from meeting whatever lies beyond the veil. I didn’t go in …in case they thought I was a resident.



    Original pictures with added summaries can be found at https://tinyurl.com/t7ly5my



    Right …have a great time everyone. That’s me done for a while….got a wee project underway and like everything I do it starts as a sapling seed and the following morning it has taken on the dimensions of a giant redwood. But this one is important, really important ….. for the future and survival of mankind….in fact intelligent life across the universe are awaiting its completion.



    So, see you sometime in the future hopefully…if I’m successful….and if not?



    Well we’ll all just be dispersed across the universe in wee quantum parcels but taking great comfort in that the life-forms that follow us will find the bare bones of my project and in a moment of revelation learn from the complete and utter balls up we’ve made of it all, decipher how to recreate us all, reinstall our individual consciousnesses and allow us to completely destroy our saviours and start the whole quantum fluctuation off again in ‘Big Bang 2″…..However being an optimist at heart I expect that my labours fuelled by the honed intelligence passed down through the unique combination of Gypo Murphys and Tinker Stewarts to be a raging success (modesty is another legacy I have nurtured) that will see us instead all join hands in a wee dance to a future of love, laughter and free Buckfast…..so I better get on with it ….



    Bye for now and Hail Hail (and a happy new year when it comes….which will probably be at the end of December/start of January…fingers crossed)




  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Three jobbies sitting on a wall..



    Which one is the Musketeer ???

  6. Following on from my story of my father enjoying watching Celtic Vs Laziio tonight I got this. Due to his aphasia it’s hard to pick up the thread as words don’t come easy to him. You have to kinda translate.



    Wee story from dad tonight.


    He was at Mass this morning in the front row and the priests (cos there was 2 of them) came out of the sanctum thingy and as they passed Dad one shouted “My god, Willie Doogan!”


    Dad said he recognised him as Father McMurphy from Donegal whom he hadn’t seen in a long long time. (He actually said 40 years ago but not sure on that).


    So with that he came over to Dad and gave him a big hug and patting him on the back.



    Dad said “do you know what happened next?”


    “No!” Says I.



    “Everyone in the chapel started clapping.”



    He was absolutely delighted with it all.



    Mum said “he thinks he’s a big shot down there now!” Lol

  7. Art of War,



    Yer mere name worried the Life out of me.



    Magical yer Dad was up for Lazio.



    God Bless and dinnae worry I wullnae run out on you next Time.

  8. How good is Romanian fitba in the Future?






    Scarey Good.



    The SFA – go.



    Dark and deceivers of the game.

  9. Good morning CQN from a sleepless in the Garngad



    MM – you have no chance of finding a handsome Hun.


    That’s like trying to find a Hun in the Garngad. 😂



    Art of War – great wee story about yer dad.👍



    Only another week until the Celtic are back.






    D. :)

  10. Oh by the way how feckin thick are these Hun monkeys.



    A list of creditors as long as your feckin arm and amounting to about 140 million but somehow the tax bill put them under… Thick un educated, blind with hatred, ugly mother feckers.



    Any lurkin Huns GIRFUY. Yeez are deed and I hope Sevco go the same way never to come back.



    D. :)

  11. SFTB



    ‘Great Scottish period of forgetting’ lols 2012-9.


    Quite brilliant T.


    1987-2011 The great Scottish forgotten period(bolted doon narrative to the 33rd degree)- no insight,investigation allowed to alter this.Your right it’s fragile..





  12. ART OF WAR



    Lovely story about you Dad.



    (Sanctum = sacristy- I was an alter bhoy in my youth!)

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    She knew what it meant …………..



    Age of consent ?


    Sixteen .

  14. I watched the Duke of York interview and I thought Mmmm what a shifty character.



    I know nothing about him except that he is a sponging tosser and also a very very shifty and nervous looking character.



    All IMO of course.



    D. :)

  15. Apologises as its taken from the Daily Rag ( ranger)…but its Funny !





    You’re welcome Rangers, a letter from HMRC – OldFirmFacts


    The taxman insists it’s time that Rangers fans showed some gratitude, in a letter seen by OldFirmFacts





    06:00, 16 NOV 2019







    “You’re welcome” – HMRC (Image: Jeff Holmes/Getty Images/Sky Sports/BBC Alba/YouTube)



    Pity poor John Lewis. Every year they invest millions in a Christmas marketing campaign that dominates the national conversation for days. Every year they stick to the same successful formula, in which a popular song is performed in a twee fashion by a popular musician (Lily Allen, Ellie Goudling, Elton John) while a charming creature with vaguely human features tugs at the heartstrings (Monty the Penguin, Moz the Monster, Elton John).



    Why pity them? When they chose Thursday November 14th as the launch date for this year’s ad, they would have had no idea that the adventures of a lovable dragon would be comprehensively overshadowed by a reboot of the nation’s favourite story: Rangers v HMRC.





    Yep, it’s back!. As the story broke on Thursday night that HMRC might just have got their sums wrong when it came to Rangers, the dormant ‘Accountancy and Sevco’ cottage industry sprung to life. With the words “multimillion-pound blunder by the tax authorities”, John Lewis’ thunder was stolen. If nothing else, the fact that it was only after The Banter Years appeared to have finished that it turned out The Banter Years possibly didn’t even need to have happened is a classic Banter Years twist.





    26 people are talking about this


    This might shock you, but Rangers fans weren’t particularly impressed. @ConnorM1872 asked “Are you telling me I watched Ian Black pinging balls through to Jon Daly for f*** all?” while@fraserm55 wondered “Can I sue HMRC for ruining my teenage years?”.



    Thankfully, one of my contacts within the MSM anti-Rangers conspiracy cult has leaked a forthcoming letter from HMRC which will be sent to every man in Scotland and Northern Ireland whose Twitter handle ends in ‘72’.



    It’s reproduced in full below.




    Dear Rangers fans,



    HMRC here. We’ve been inundated with irate letters from you since Thursday night – just 10 short of 1,700 at the last count.



    It’s only right then that we set some things straight. You appear to have been stirred into action by a newspaper headline reading “Tax officials blamed for the downfall of Rangers”.




    First of all, this headline is misleading. ‘Tax officials thanked for the downfall of Rangers’ would be more accurate if the last seven years of tweets from @sevcohater67, @zombiesevco67 and @sevcosevcosevcothisisallihavepleasedontleavemesharon67 are anything to go by.



    Secondly, you’re acting like this was somehow a bad thing. Like the minor inconvenience of having to climb up through the lower leagues while watching your greatest rivals rack up trophy after trophy is somehow not worth all the good things that came out of it.



    Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. Do the words “We’re the Rangers, we’re no strangers to collecting silver in May?” mean nothing to you? How about “We’re the Queen’s eleven, from royal blue heaven, we don’t do walking away”? That’s right, the guy with the dancing shoulders would never have released his musical masterpiece “We Don’t Do Walking Away’ had we not intervened.




    Still raging with us? How about the first game of your journey, when a team simultaneously featuring the captain of the USA’s national team and Kyle Hutton required extra time to beat Brechin at Glebe Park and a ball got stuck in a hedge?



    What about Bilel Mohsni’s meltdown at Fir Park? In fact, what about Bilel Mohsni full stop?




    You’re seriously telling us you didn’t enjoy any of this? Not even Maryn Waghorn demanding that a schoolboy “Say it to me face” only for the schoolboy to remain completely unrattled and say it to his face?



    No laughs to be had losing to Annan Athletic at Ibrox? Fran Sandaza falling for a taxi driver pretending to be an agent not tickling your funny bone?




    You seriously mean to tell us you weren’t even amused by the Elgin City dancer, ‘Same old Alloa, always cheating’, Charles Green being interviewed on his hospital bed by Jim White, Charles Green’s Christmas video, Dundee United fans singing ‘Zombie’ by the Cranberries for an entire 45 minutes during their 3-0 win against you at Tannadice, Ian Black pretending to pick up the corner flag after being sent off in that same game, Emílson Cribari, Sébastien Faure, Kevin Kyle, The Newcastle Five, John Brown demanding to be shown the deeds, Craig Whyte’s ‘Chewin’ the fat teacher’ accent, Craig Whyte’s smile, Craig Whyte’s words, losing the Ramsdens Cup Final to Raith Rovers, celebrating the Petrofac Cup Final win against Peterhead with a straight face, 1,888 Sevco blogs and the AGM gazebo



    4:03 PM – Nov 24, 2016



    You guys need to lighten up. We were p***ing ourselves.







  16. Times editor Magnus Llewellin has previous for this with his Celtic Boys Club front line spreads which attempted to drag the club into the gutter. They were held up by the swamp as proof of guilt. He would have already seen this arrested sales decline and accelerated transfer of readership from Herald.



    The HMRC lies were attempt no 2 at protecting circulation ; it is still in decline 10% from memory including cancellation of my online subscription after his naked opportunism first time round.



    The Times & Sunday Times with Ibrox dinosaur Douglas Alexander waxing lyrical about Gerrard etc will now see it’s broad base slide. Once you go down this News of the World approach to journalism where you create the story the public deserts you.



    The Herald is finished —- The times is next. We own the internet. Voila.

  17. I hope we will all have some sympathy for the huns who will become unemployed when those rags close.



    I certainly will.

  18. BHOYLO83 on 15TH NOVEMBER 2019 12:35 PM





    I think it was confirmed he will be out for six weeks with the groin injury




    If that’s accurate then it’s a blow. For me, Elhamed has been our best signing and is a real defender. What a snip.



    Of course, we now have options at right back (even a third with O’Connor making his international debut this week).



    Is it time to find out how good young Frimpong is defensively? He’s certainly good enough going forward and could probably hold down a regular spot in an advanced role.


    This boy looks so quick and fit, I’m optimistic that he will also be good enough defensively.

  19. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Approaching the end of 2019 and the annual promotion of Celtic books in the Christmas market, I’d been hoping to hear word about the suggested follow-on from Brendan Sweeney’s Celtic – the early years.



    The occasional whisper I picked up indicated the five years to incorporation 1893-1897 were the subject. Hope it hasn’t become another Winds of Winter.



    It will be a fascinating read whenever it emerges, not least because one hundred and twenty years on, the same differences between business heads and community leaders are raised among any gathering of Celts.



    To the word mines!

  20. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Well! what a tough day trying to find a coconut dug, nothing, nil, zilch


    but i did find a chestnut hoarse when i passed the local racecourse.


    But a handsome hun phew, a never even seen an ugly wan.


    Ah well thats Oz fur ye, the orange ordure are in the minority and they


    keep a low profile.


    Fantastic news about Sir Rod coming to Australia next year, the princess


    wants tickets booked now, wonder if he’ll meet up with our CSC in rebel


    town? Paddymac has previous with our Celtic crooner, and what if Celtic


    come over again? feck me i’m getting ahead of myself.


    O.K calm down Mick…go and get a drink.




    H H . Mick

  21. The best laugh as the HMS Hun sank beneath the waves was surely the interview with the Porn Producer.


    Thats when it became hillarious.

  22. Philbhoy – No treason on my part, I don’t care, believe or recognise the Royal Family in any way.



    Probably the same as the old Rankers didn’t care for them either as they never paid the feckin Tax bill in the first place. 😂😂😂



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  23. Been watching all the Si Ferry interviews on utube recently, i think you


    bhoys and ghirls have probably seen them all, but kudos to young Si


    i think he did a great job.


    The one i watched recently with Alan Thompson was an eye opener


    when he said ” when i left Celtic park for the last time i thought to


    myself, well, this is it, very emotional, wow.


    And then there’s big bad John saying in his interview when the ragers


    decided not to sign him ” i dodged a bullet there ” lol.


    International break so plenty more to keep me going.


    Oh and by the by that bhoy Si was a very good player.


    H.H . Mick

  24. Is everybody waiting on the new blog from P67


    Well it should be on just as i post this.


    H.H . Mick

  25. BIG JIMMY on 16TH NOVEMBER 2019 9:23 AM


    Apologises as its taken from the Daily Rag ( ranger)…but its Funny…



    Brought back some great memories.😂🍀

  26. No, somethings not right, is there a blockbuster of a blog


    coming soon? is it about Res 12 or maybe the ragers 3 ?


    Right going for another rid biddy.




    H.H . Mick

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