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  1. Ledley seems to be playing further forward



    Vic now booked as well despite winning the ball there

  2. Okay – new rules – yellow card for a tackle? That’s Wanyama and Mulgrew both booked.




  3. Snake Plissken on

    When we miss all those chances this garbage were always going to feel they only need one

  4. Not one pub or club in the MEARNS showing the game. Too expensive apparently. Can’t help but think if it was Sevco playing in the top tournament ALL the pubs would be showing it. R.Soles

  5. The Bhoys are still doing ok – there are always going to be spells when the home team is on top

  6. My nerves are shot to pieces now. This is what happens when we don’t take our chances 1st half.


    Mon The Hoops!

  7. Any radio commentary anywhere. Clyde appears to have it but it won’t play for me.



    Shortbread online is offering the delights of some obscure bollox. If only we were playin in a big competition like the league cup…….

  8. celticrollercoaster supporting wee Oscar on

    31003 on 8 August, 2012 at 19:14 said:



    So you want a pub for the 5 CQNers that live there? :-)