Hold seminars on the work of Leigh Griffiths


Brendan Rodgers’ words after the Kilmarnock game about there being no sentimentality in his team selection encouraged many of us to think Scott Brown would not start against Salzburg on Thursday, but even if this is the case, the captain is sure to play a key role in the game, just as he did at the League Cup Final earlier this month.

At Hampden he disrupted Aberdeen’s rhythm in the latter part of the game, ensuring they got nowhere near Scott Bain’s goal.  If we are defending a positive result late in the game against Salzburg, the same job will be required.

Sport thrives on characters like Leigh Griffiths, who joked yesterday about Ibrox stewards, who now mark the posts after Celtic visits to prevent Leigh from adorning them with a Celtic scarf.  We follow football for the game, but the game is enhanced by the personalities who play it.  Those whose job it is to sell our game should hold seminars on the work of Leigh Griffiths.

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  1. Gordon





    Lustig , Benkovic, Simunovic, Tierney





    Forrest Rogic, Calmac, Christie,Sinclair.





    Edouard.Hot Smoked on 11th December 2018 4:15 pm




    ….and our reserve team:










    Gamboa Hendry Ajer Izaguirre





    Morgan Brown Ntcham Mulumbu Hayes





    Griffiths. I would love to see these line ups play against each other as I don’t think the result would imo be easy to predict correctly , which is a great testament to our squad strength , just a thought back to lurking :)

  2. Good evening CQN



    Someone posted on earlier thread about our players walking around the track at the bigot dome getting pelted with all sorts.


    Think about it, where do our Subs warm up, usually in front of your own fans. Where are they going to warm up at this fixture without getting pelted with all sorts of missiles.



    Celtic please do not take these tickets






    D. :)

  3. Last word on Brexit


    Benjamin Zephaniah recently quoted the only true thing in this whole Brexit saga. One thing is for sure, no matter which way it goes, the working class will get screwed.


    What a guy





  4. As the window transfer window will soon be opening who will sevco beat to the signing of another destined to quickly disappear superstar.


    Which of the following teams will be devastated to lose out to sevco ?


    Real Madrid,Barcelona,PSG or any of the top four in England?



    Just my imagination CSC

  5. DAVID66 on 11TH DECEMBER 2018 6:13 PM



    Dont think that matters about taking tickets or not. They will still get abuse/stuff thrown as they have to get to a warm up area & if its the corner then…god help them. Sinky might not like it if he is sub !!!




  6. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    It;s affordable vigen


    Not to mention the investment available to an all island strategy in the one market

  7. If the UK leave Europe and owes a fee for stopping paying in but Scotland then vote for independence from UK and take on %debt for walking away (see what I did there) but NI votes to leave UK and join Ireland but gets a rebate for stopping being a drain on the UK; how much does NI pay Ireland to join , how angry will Scotland be and whose round is it anyway???



    PS Irish taxpayers will not pay any more for the deal. Paying for the capitalist feck up of the noughties is a generational debt already(extra 1-7% in tax)

  8. cant believe you ghuys, giving the sectarian anti pope anti catholic anti celtic bigot any airtime, dallas is a proven celtic hater,tell him to to go forth and multiply.hh,

  9. If I recall from the ft article and something that fascinated me. The Irish economy is 6 times the size of the norths.

  10. Commentator talking utter mince in Barcelona v Tottenham.


    Talking about Vermaelen being rag dolled by Kane and Son yet Barca goalie makes first and easy save from long slow shot on 37 minutes.





    Forgetting to mention that Barca have fielded mostly reserves.


    No Messi,Pique,Busquets,Alba or Saurez

  12. BP, Hiya pal. Been better but plodding on. Writing my Christmas cards just now. Can’t wait for Thursday night, I feel no fear for a change. I think we will be fine. I hope he starts with the same line up as Saturday.



    Are all the doggies fine? MIT has went a wee bit quiet. Take care.

  13. FAN-A-TIC, didn’t know that but the young boy that got robbed of the ball by dembele?What a goal?

  14. Coneybhoy: “Paying for the capitalist feck up of the noughties is a generational debt already(extra 1-7% in tax)”



    That’s never mentioned by the media here, conveniently swept under the carpet to promote the idea that “things are getting better”.



    A United Ireland is affordable, but will take time to embed itself as an all-island economy.

  15. JTT53: that’s been the case for the last few years. Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts have been hugely disappointing.

  16. Posted at 15:5215:52




    Red Star Belgrade 0-2 Paris St-Germain


    PSG have one foot in the last 16.



    Goals from Edinson Cavani and Neymar have done the business for the French champions.



    Let’s be serious, PSG should not be scrapping for qualification on the final matchday with the cash they’ve blown.



    Article Reactions


    BBC don’t do irony.


    Seems only foreigners win by splashing cash.

  17. ALMORE-I agree regarding hibs and the minis,but think the sheep have punched above their weight ?

  18. JIMTHETIM53, yes they all are fine, been to the local pets at home store today for Christmas presents, all the customers dogs get a Christmas present from us for their valued custom, and yes mike has not mentioned seamus for a while, maybe scared off by big jimmy,??. glad you are okay,hh.

  19. FB: fair enough. But I think the sheep have been hugely inconsistent since criminal fc entered the SPFheLL, especially last year when McInnes was being touted as the newco ‘s newest manager until he was ‘deemed’ not good enough.

  20. ALMORE-agree mate,just going by their league finishes and semis and final appearances.With a better manager who knows ?

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