Hold seminars on the work of Leigh Griffiths


Brendan Rodgers’ words after the Kilmarnock game about there being no sentimentality in his team selection encouraged many of us to think Scott Brown would not start against Salzburg on Thursday, but even if this is the case, the captain is sure to play a key role in the game, just as he did at the League Cup Final earlier this month.

At Hampden he disrupted Aberdeen’s rhythm in the latter part of the game, ensuring they got nowhere near Scott Bain’s goal.  If we are defending a positive result late in the game against Salzburg, the same job will be required.

Sport thrives on characters like Leigh Griffiths, who joked yesterday about Ibrox stewards, who now mark the posts after Celtic visits to prevent Leigh from adorning them with a Celtic scarf.  We follow football for the game, but the game is enhanced by the personalities who play it.  Those whose job it is to sell our game should hold seminars on the work of Leigh Griffiths.

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  1. TERJE VIGEN on 11TH DECEMBER 2018 6:43 PM







    “The problem with the 6 Counties is that subsidy. I cannot see any way on God’s Earth the Irish Government wanting to inherit a €12.1 billion subsidy”.







    I hope this isn’t behind a paywall.








    St Stivs of this parish posted on can same article.cant recall date.


    But I think ft article showed bill to unite would be consumed easily



    Good chat tho,finton o Toole in irish Times is good too.




  2. The problem for Hibs, The Sheep and the Minis are US! We will usually be a step ahead of them. Coming second, the odd bit of silverware, a decent run in Europe is the best they can hope for.



    As for Sevco, I wish them nothing but extinction.

  3. Hearts, Hibs and The Rangers have all recently been promoted to Scottish Top flight.


    Given that, it shouldn’t be anyone but Aberdeen who’ve been the second best team in the country in recent years. Now that the three recently promoted clubs have consolidated their positions, the Dons are stuggling to retain the prize of being the second best team in Scotland. Still only one of two clubs never to have played football outside of the top division. ?


    Can you name the other one ?



  4. BATEEN BHOY-– Aberdeen have did the best they could have done since the newco came about,remember newco can still get into semis and cup finals and they didn’t ?


    Is it Dundee,Motherwell or them?

  5. FB


    I am no sure if I understood the question.


    Us and the sheep are the only two who have never played outwith the top division, so if that was the question….

  6. p.s. It’s not a trick question




    Well done to the Loon fae Stoney. ? Surprised you took the bait though.?


    If anyone get’s it wrong, hang your heads in shame ?

  7. TET-I’m sure your correct mate ,just wish I had seen your answer before I gave mine ?


    Feking Dundee,Motherwell ?????

  8. So Aberdeen have beaten Livingston. I used to have a big soft spot for Livi. I worked for one of their sponsors and got lots of Match Day Hospitality. But I’ve gone off them since they laid that artificial pitch. Stuff them.

  9. TET.


    Funny you should mention youtube. As i typed my last post, a youtube link appeared in the text i had typed. Completely random, and bizarre. I certainly didn’t type it and haven’t been on you tube all day. In fact, all week.


    I deleted it without posting it – nae idea what it linked to. Thought it best not to click on something which appears out of the blue like that.


    Wierd. ?

  10. I doubt smart appliances are smart enough to pick up on what I’m thinking. Even I’m only sure of that about 5-6% of the time ?

  11. The more you watch Van Dijk the more incredible it is that wee picked him up for so little and no one else noticed him or wanted to take a chance



    He makes everything look so easy

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